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March 2022
Bryan Orander, President, Charitable Advisors
That Job Board Conversion? Stay Tuned
During the past month, we have been announcing our plans to convert to a new job board software package. We were confident we would launch the new platform on schedule but, unfortunately, our plans have been delayed due to unexpected technical issues. 
For now, please continue to place your job ads through the form on our website or by e-mailing Kristen at For your convenience, you can now pay by credit card after we e-mail your invoice.

It’s likely you’ve been on a similar software journey since tech innovations are increasingly offering us more opportunities to better serve our clients, donors, staff and customers. At the same time, some of us aren’t experts on technology or even on job board software. To use an old phrase, we want a system that tells us the time. We don’t want to design and manufacture watches. 
In anticipation of improving our job board posting experience, our team put together a long list of characteristics that seemed important to retain from our current job board along with features we wanted to add. We also were excited to learn about the latest options available for a small operation like ours.
We found a job board buying guide that presented several dozen vendors plus options we weren’t as familiar with. After reading the entire guide, I quickly went from being excited to overwhelmed. Plan B was to engage the expert who assembled the buying guide. He was knowledgeable and confident and made some recommendations that helped narrow the list. However, I now realize I didn’t ask enough questions about how he was connecting the dots between our list and those particular job board vendors. And it turned out that the information provided in the vendor’s buying guide wasn’t completely accurate.
Now that we’re able to view things in hindsight, here are 5 questions we will incorporate into our planning process for any software implementation moving forward:
  1. Was your system initially designed for our type of transaction/use?
  2. Do you have a streamlined version for small job boards, like us? Or will we adapting this from a big job board system?
  3. Who takes the lead on this software conversion?
  4. What will the vendor actually do? Are they training us to do the conversion, or will they do the conversion with our input?
  5. What level of tech knowledge does our team need? Even if the front-end looks nice, it doesn’t mean the backend has evolved to be user friendly.

So, as our journey continues, we have learned an invaluable lesson: Ask more questions, no matter how basic they may seem, at the beginning of the process. It’s the key to understanding what lies ahead as part of your software implementation.
In the meantime, continue to watch for that future update on the evolution of the job board.

Please contact Bryan Orander at or (317) 752-7153 with questions and comments.

Bryan Orander, President
Inclusion and Equity for Diverse Boards Cohort

Many nonprofit organizations are putting a priority this year on increasing diversity of perspectives within board membership and exploring how they can ensure the work of their organization is advancing equity among the people they serve, their community, and their staff.
Nexus Impact Center and the National Center for Racial Equity and Inclusion at Martin University have joined forces to develop and host a cohort of 10 nonprofits and 25 community members/leaders interested in joining a nonprofit board. The cohort experience will kick off in late March and wrap up next March. There will be large group gatherings quarterly and small group connecting on a monthly basis. The application deadline is March 11th.  Apply

We want to recognize board leaders
For most board members, board leadership roles come with a commitment and investment of time and resources to support a cause they care about. However, for the individual who steps up to serve as board president or chair, the role comes with the assumption of overall responsibility for the nonprofit and guiding the organization’s path forward.  

As we continue to share news of board leaders who have taken the helm, we encourage you to recognize and thank these individuals for tackling the role, because as a community member you recognize the value of his or her investment to help keep the sector strong.  

If you want to announce your organization’s new board leader, please send name, position and a head shot HERE.

We are open to other ways we can support and recognize board leaders. Send us your thoughts or tell us a story about a board leader who has made a difference in your organization. Share your ideas with Bryan Orander, president.
Ryan Hammons
Controller, Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust
David Rodgers
President, Rodgers Broadcasting Company
Looking for a new ED/CEO leadership role?                      

Charitable Advisors has supported 31 nonprofit leadership searches since early 2019.
With more transitions on the horizon, we are building a leadership talent database of experienced nonprofit leaders to make the process more efficient and effective for both candidates and employers.
If you are thinking about or planning to change roles in the next year or sooner, please consider submitting your resume and answering a few questions, in confidence.
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