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March Funding Focus Newsletter Special Release #2
What is a Limited Submission?
A limited submission solicitation (RFA, RFP, etc.) places a cap on the number of proposals that Auburn may submit to a sponsor. Auburn coordinates limited submissions by sending out a notification via this newsletter and creating competitions in the Auburn University Competition Space (also known as InfoReady).To apply to any limited submission posted below, click on the above link and search for your competition reflected on the page. Please refer to the Limited Submission Procedures page for a list of requirements.
Limited Submission Announcement

This funding opportunity supports basic research in chemical and materials sciences to understand and control processes and properties of materials and molecules containing rare earth elements (REE) and platinum group elements (PGE). Key aspects of basic research in this field include understanding the role of REE and PGE in the functionality of materials and molecular systems; discovering innovative strategies to enhance their availability; establishing new approaches for more efficient separation from naturally occurring and recycled materials; and identifying alternatives to reduce/eliminate their use in energy-relevant technologies.
Applications are requested that address one or more of the following scientific Research Topics:
  1. Physical and Chemical Properties
  2. Geological Systems
  3. Separation Science
  4. Design and Synthesis of Materials or Molecules

´╗┐Please note that the requirements for this submission
differ from the standard limited submission.

Institutional Limit: 2 Proposals
Internal Deadline: March 31, 2021 4:45 pm
Pre-Application Deadline: April 12, 2021 5:00 pm ET
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