March 2015


Education Featured Product: SIXINCH Trinity Lounge

Our Featured Project:

WKBW-TV has been undergoing some recent changes which included a makeover of their news room. With minimal need for storage and a focus on communication and collaboration the room was designed with an open space plan. Haworth Unigroup workstations with woodgrain tops and light neutral bases make the room feel warm but spacious. Paired with HON Lota seating, these  stations are ready for reporters!


For a Good Cause
Passionate people make for passionate employees!
We love that our employees are passionate about giving back to the community. Here is a sneak peak of what is most important to our team members... 



Team Member:  

Noelle Saladin, Director of Operations


About the Cause: 

Educate-A-Bull is an educational bull breed dog rescue founded in 2003. Their mission is to rescue,  rehabilitate and re-home bully breed dogs. Their goal is to educate the public to inspire a better understanding and appreciation of the breed. They also try to dispel damaging myths and to encourage responsible dog ownership.

Getting Involved:

"I rescued my first PitBull mix in 2010 and fell in love with her loyalty and affection, trademark qualities of the breed. Her rough start in life encouraged me to get involved in helping to save the lives of other dogs like her and to change people's perceptions of the breed. I took in my first foster dog with Educate-A-Bull in January 2014 and started volunteering for events. Not only did I find that nothing compares to the love of a rescued dog but I have met the most selfless and passionate group of people in rescue and I am proud to be even a small part of what they stand for."


Organizational T ip
Our Project Management Team Says:
"A pen and some paper is our way of remembering things externally, and it's much more permanent. You can also use a computer or a smart phone. You will only further complicate your life by trying to contain important dates and reminders in your head. Write down everything: shopping lists for groceries, holiday gifts, home decor, and important dates like meetings and birthdays."
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