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Wednesday, March 3rd

Youth Volunteers: You Rock!

Prior to the pandemic and everyone moving indoors, GGLRR used regularly to have Pet Fairs, Santa Photos, and other events. If you've ever been to one of our events, you may have noticed some young eager faces in the crowd; those are some of our awesome youth volunteers.

Our youth volunteers volunteer for many reasons - needing volunteer credit for school requirements or college applications; a love of dogs and a way to get their dog fix; something they can do with a family member. It's far from a one-time thing for many of them; they volunteer often year after year.  Here are just some of the things our youth volunteers do:

Pet Fairs - fill in as Pet Fair Buddies; take the dogs on walks; answer potential adopter questions; help with set up and tear down; fill in for breaks; help at the main table
Santa Photos - undeniably the most fun event of the year, our youth volunteers hand out fliers to prospective customers; manage the line; act as Santa's helpers; help with set up and tear down
Puppy Socialization - handle, play with, feed and clean up after young puppies to help in their socialization in preparation for adoption
Making and donating things to sell at events - the great fleece blankets and scarves you see for sale at our events are handmade by volunteers, as are the leather leashes
Helping our less technical volunteers on social media (without laughing at us)

Are you a young person (or if you know someone) who wants to be part of Lab Rescue? It's easy, just contact Liz Frome at liz@jobshopsf.comWhile we aren't yet doing in person events, there are still plenty of things to do!
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GGLRR Dogs Up for Adoption

12 years old, male, neutered, Yellow Lab, 101 lbs

Background: His original owner (who failed to properly care for Rubicon) died in late 2020, and Rubicon was left in the backyard for nearly two weeks -- drinking water out of the pool. A family acquaintance stepped in to take Rubicon into her home and care for him. She has spent more than $2000 in vet and groomer care on him. "Rubes" is in so much better shape now than he was in late 2020.

What Rubicon's former caretaker (of two months) says: Happy-go-lucky couch potato. Lives for walks, fetch, and peanut butter. He isn't crate-trained for extended periods, but will sit in there calmly for 15-20 minutes while we cook, take out trash, etc. At night he likes to sleep under a table versus a nearby dog bed or a crate. During the day, he is given free access to the outside, probably spends about an hour sunbathing. He is housetrained, walks nicely on a leash. I do not think he has had any training beyond this, but he knows "sit", "down", "fetch", and "drop" (sometimes). He gets 1-2 walks per day about 3/4 mile. And we play fetch in the yard 2-3 more times throughout the day. We will play fetch with him, or play with the tug rope. He seems curious but indifferent to dogs he has seen on walks even when they bark at him. He's passed by dogs on walks and at the vet/groomer but we haven't seen him interact with one. His behavior while leashed seeing these other dogs has been somewhere between curious/indifferent. He does not bark back at the ones barking through the fences at him. Does counter-surf (especially for loaves of bread). He seemed interested in a cat while on a walk; not sure if friendly interested or prey-drive interested. He is a senior dog, but he absolutely lives to go on walks. He does have some permanent missing fur patches from his previous mistreatment, notably on his neck (collar line) and back left leg. He is incredibly sweet, and loves to spend an evening curled up next to you watching TV.

What Rubicon's Rescue Rep says: Yet another dog that we want to be at the center of attention of a wonderful family or individual. Rubicon could lose a few pounds. Gets along with other dogs. The perfect forever home recipe for Rubicon: lots of walks and exercise, frequent socialization with other dogs, lying at your feet (or on your couch) at night watching Bridgerton with you, sleeping on a dog bed in your bedroom. 

Medical: Recently got a major tune-up at the vet, including teeth cleaning and neutering. Rubicon is current on vaccinations. Still needs a heartworm test and microchipping.

Rubicon is located in: Menlo Park.

If you are interested in Rubicon, please contact Rescue Rep Dave at


12 years old, Male, not yet neutered, Yellow Lab, 85 lbs

Background: Family moving to Wyoming and they did not feel Maverick would be up for the long journey. Huh? With a name like "Maverick", we would think that he would be at home in Wyoming, "buffalo roam", and all at stuff. Guess not. Their vet recommended they contact us which they did. Boy, are we glad.

What Maverick's former owner says: We've had Maverick his entire life. We are selling our home and moving out of the state. We are unable to take him with us due to his age. Maverick is a very happy and playful dog. He spent each day in his outside run and would sleep in his dog house in his kennel run. He can "sit" and "stay" (if not too excited); he can even "shake" if asked. Every day we would let him out to a large play yard to romp with our other younger dog. I would play fetch with Maverick, but not so much recently since he can't really see very well anymore. He has shown some possessive with his food when it's time to eat. He can get growly when our younger dog tries to mount him or tries to get his food. Maverick is pretty indifferent to cats. Maverick loves attention and being petted. He just gets very excited. He loves treats. He is a very loving, happy dog.

What Maverick's Rescue Rep says: Time for Maverick to move indoors and be the center of attention in a loving and caring family. Maverick would be fine living with another dog and/or a cat. He is a little unsteady on his feet and has some problem seeing, especially at night. But he loves to explore his foster home.

Medical: Maverick is current on vaccinations and microchipped. He is currently limping on his front right foot -- almost like he is walking on his heel pad rather than the toe pads. Needs a full wellness exam, blood panel, etc. by our vet. His owner reports that Maverick is suffering from "degenerative irises" which explains his limited sight. Yeah, Mav needs to get neutered too.

Maverick is located in: Novato.

If you are interested in Maverick, please contact Rescue Rep Dave at


14 years old, female, spayed, Black Lab, 63 lbs

Background: Found as a stray in Hughson, California, her owners were contacted (cause she was microchipped), but they declined the opportunity to reclaim her. Their loss; our win.

What Ace's foster says: Ace is a very sweet and gentle 14-year-old girl. She was very hesitant initially when we had her, but has gradually started to warm up. Ace is more likely now to follow you around, is curious about what you're doing, will come up close and ask for affection. Lady Ace is definitely a fan of head and back scratches, as well as belly rubs! Despite her age, she has no trouble getting up on her hind legs and walking, even tackling the stairs. Ace spends a lot of time sleeping, though, and doesn't seem so inclined to go out for walks. We like to take her to parks and let her stand around and explore as she wants. She gets excited and wags her tail as she approaches other dogs. Lady Ace has had a few accidents inside so we are trying to give her ready access to the outside so she can pee when needed at her own discretion.

What Ace's Rescue Rep says: The Ace of Hearts! Looking for someone to chill with? Ace is the dog card you want to be dealt! We are hoping to find Lacy Ace a wonderful easy-going home with few steps but a nice sunny patio or deck that she can relax at. She an ideal dog to play poker with, to read to, to play the piano for, or to watch Giants games with. While she is in her twilight years, she deserves a loving and caring family to be part of her world.

Medical: For an older gal, Ace is in pretty good shape. Current on vaccinations, heartworm negative, spayed and microchipped. She is on pain-reliever/anti-inflammatory Galliprant to help her manage her arthritis.

Ace is located in: San Francisco.

If you are interested in Ace, please contact Rescue Rep Dave at


~2 years old, male, neutered, Chocolate Lab, 71 lbs

Background: This guy came to us from Marin Humane in Novato. The staff there reports that he was doing okay at their facility but that he is quite a strong dog and may have some dog reactivity, perhaps just silly-untrained-eagerness-to-pull-to-meet another dog. He was originally found as a stray in Oakland and spent a few weeks at the Oakland Animal Services. He was neutered at the Oakland shelter prior to transfer to Marin Humane.

What Norman's foster says: Norman is a fantastic dog. He's smart, high energy and obsessed with his humans. He's got the perfect temperament to someday learn complex tasks. He is super affectionate. He loves to be the little spoon if you lay on the floor with him and he'll stare into your eyes while you rub his ears. Unfortunately, he is severely under-socialized, so lots of common things throw him off right now -- especially strangers and other dogs. Norman will need to be excluded from encountering other dogs completely until he can be carefully socialized. I expect this will take a lot of time and effort. We haven't seen any aggression in him, but he barks to let everyone know that he won't stand for any funny business. It's typical for him to lunge and bark at strangers, but then seconds later enjoy being pat on the head by them. We haven't challenged him on separation, but he does whine within seconds of us leaving the room when he's on tie down. Indoors or out, Norman is 100% energy. He loves fetch, tug, and destroying soft toys. However, he is fetch-obsessed. It's difficult to get his attention away from his favorite toys. Norman talks a lot. We will continue to work on shaping this behavior in response to common triggers like our neighbors opening and closing doors, but expect that in his next new environment, if you aren't going to bark at the strange noises, he'll do it for you. Norman is very responsive to training, but he will need careful control of his environment for the foreseeable future. In our busy neighborhood, it takes 2 of us to walk him, one to steer and the other to scout ahead for any of his triggers. That said, even in the few days we've cared for him, I can tell the effort will be 100% worth it for his forever family. He learns quickly and he's an absolute joy to work with.

What Norman's Rescue Rep says: Norman (named that by Oakland Animal Services) is a handsome pure Lab... I would guess 1-2 years old. He has a wonderful initial drive to chase and fetch the tennis ball (and squeaky toy) but he soon lost interest. He let me touch and handle and squeeze him all over. No food-guarding or food-aggression. Marginally interested in treats; relatively soft mouth -- I was pleasantly surprised. No resource guarding of the ball or squeaky toy either. Norman is quite a handful on leash; zero leash manners. He is over-eager to meet other dogs; major pulling on leash to get to the other dog. Took quite a while for him to (calmly?) get close enuf to another recently-neutered male pit who wanted to play with Norman. Norman didn't take kindly to the pit's eager play manners. He is clearly under-socialized with other dogs. I did not sense aggression, just youthful rough behavior that has had no guidance or structure or experience. Given his high energy and drive, I am not surprised he was not doing well confined in his kennel at the Oakland shelter. I really like Norman. The right adopter is an experienced handler who is ready take on the challenge of showing this guy the ropes. The wrong adopter is a first-time dog-owner who does not have a plan to manage Norman's rowdy/inappropriate behavior with other dogs. Adopter must be committed to taking Norman to training to help him become a well-rounded canine good citizen/ He is stunning, highly motivated to learn , and extremely active. Not for families with small children, cats, or anyone not-so-steady on their feet.

Medical: Norman is a very healthy, now-neutered, purebred Lab... current on vaccinations, microchipped.

Norman is located in: San Francisco.

If you are interested in Norman, please contact Rescue Rep Dave at


10.5 years old, female, spayed, Yellow Lab, 65 lbs


Background: Bella was surrendered to the local shelter because her family no longer had the time or energy to care for her. The shelter said she seems younger than her age, seems very sweet and is just a high energy dog. She barked at the other dogs and seemed super stressed, which is not uncommon for a dog coming from a home environment into a shelter.

What Bella's owner says: We have had Bella since she was a puppy. She is very happy around people but barks at dogs, especially the large ones. She has not lived with children or other pets. She is energetic, social and friendly with people. Bella is home alone 8-10 hours a day. She is mostly an inside dog and sleeps on her dog bed at night. She doesn't really play with dog toys (may be due to being alone for so many hours and not given the opportunity.)

What Bella's foster says: Bella is a very sweet, well-behaved dog with a very mellow demeanor in the home. We have been taking her on daily long walks. She loves the walks and has a lot of energy. When we see other dogs she will bark so we cross the street. She sleeps through the night on her dog bed outside of our room. She has been very good in our home recovering from her surgery. She enjoys fetching in our backyard.

What Bella's Rescue Rep says: Bella is a good dog with a sweet manner. She is happiest when she is around people. She has become bonded to her fosters and will follow her foster dad everywhere as he works from home. She does bark and can get reactive whenever she sees a dog so her new owners will need to work with a trainer. She is not a dog that should go to dog parks. Since Bella had not been going out for walks with her previous owners, she could use some leash manners as she pulls but is manageable. She loves treats and knows a few cute tricks like sit, down, shake and stay. Bella is comfortable being an only dog so no dogs or cats in the home please. She is super sweet and looking to spend her senior years with people who will give her consistent walks, belly rubs and lots of TLC that she so deserves. If you are looking for a dog to hang out with, as well as give you plenty of exercise on her long walks, then Bella is your girl.

Medical: Bella had some masses on her when she came to Lab Rescue. We took her to our vet and they needed to be surgically removed in order to biopsy. One was a Lipoma, a fatty benign tumor that is very common in older dogs. The other tumor is benign as well, most likely due to spaying her at a later age. The vet says she is healthy, up to date on vaccinations and heartworm negative.

Bella is located in: San Mateo.

If you are interested in Bella please contact Rescue Rep Sandy @ and tell me why you think you would be a good home for her. Please leave good days/times for me to call. Please note our service area: GGLRR serves the greater San Francisco Bay Area.


4 years old, male, neutered, Black Lab Mix, 73 lbs

Background: Cuda was surrendered by his owner in late December to the Sacramento SPCA. His former owner stated that they could not afford the vet and that Cuda was having seizures. They provided no information on the frequency, duration, or intensity of the seizures. His former owners did say that Cuda lived with children (7-yr-old and 1-yr-old) and with another dog. Cuda was quite anxious at the shelter and they put him on a daily regimen of trazadone to reduce his anxieties. We have since discontinued giving him the trazadone. Cuda's former owners also reported that he was a bit of an escape artist.

What Cuda's foster says: Since his arrival almost three weeks ago, Cuda has gotten comfortable in our home. While he is still anxious, his tail is just starting to wag in happiness a little. He is now sleeping in his crate, but likes to spend his time outside in our backyard. His favorite spot inside is on the huge bean bag, which he generously shares with my son. He is not chewing anything, not really interested in toys, balls, playing in any ways. After few days of pulling and luring him to the backyard and walks, he is now enjoying his time in the safety of the backyard. He is fine alone there hanging out for a little while, as long as he sees us inside. He enjoys his running in the backyard, from gate to gate around the house, not sparing the raised flower beds. Cuda does not appear comfortable with leash walks around our neighborhood about walks outside, especially on the streets; he seems to be afraid of crossing the road; stares at every passing car. He is calmer on trails. No more accidents in the house after a few in his first days with us. He has jumped our on couch a few times but readily came off when prompted. He also understands "out" when he goes into a room he is not allowed. He is supposed to know some commands per his surrendering owner, but not so eager to obey now. Cuda is curious, but not engaging in play. Kind of an introvert dog. Hoping he will continue to come out of his shell. Cuda is doing fine with our own children.

What Cuda's Rescue Rep says: Cuda is still coming out of his funk after his shelter experience. He can be a little nervous with someone touching him. He is a bit of an aloof dog. Cuda will need time and space to settle in to his forever home. He does love running outside, so a big backyard that is securely fenced would be great. He is anxious (perhaps unsafe?) walking on the streets -- will need some ongoing care and guidance to increase his comfort with this. Would probably be fine with another dog in the home. No idea how he is with cats. Probably not ideal for a home with small children.

Medical: Cuda is current on vaccinations, heartworm negative, microchipped, and neutered. Cuda's original owner reported that Cuda suffered from seizures, but the shelter did not report any seizures during the five weeks he was at the shelter. He has had one seizure at his foster home and we have put him on an anti-seizure regimen of potassium bromide.

Cuda is located in: Cotati.


4 years old, male, neutered, Black Lab Mix, 79 lbs

Background: Originally found as a stray up in Humboldt Count in mid-2020 [Who the heck "loses" a blind dog? Give me a break!], we named him "Ray". We adopted Ray to a young couple in late 2020, but Ray's has exhibited some inappropriate behavior that they feel is incompatible with plans for a family. So we have placed Ray back up for adoption... hoping to find that very special forever home for him.

What Ray's current adopters say: Ray is a resilient and loyal companion with a puppy-like spirit. He is a balanced work-from-home partner who will patiently let you focus on work, while also reminding you to get up and be active a couple of times a day. Ray has even built up an impressive resume of tricks in such a short time including stop, stay, come, leave it, take, and even belly rub! His secret to learning so quickly is a stable routine with a healthy dose of exercise, regular mental stimulation, and plenty of treats and pets for reinforcements. While he initially demonstrated some resource guarding behavior with us (likely related to being a blind stray earlier in life), this improved immensely through hand feeding and a consistent breakfast/dinner schedule. Some of his favorite past times include receiving belly rubs, exploring the smells and sounds of the outdoors, and breaking down cardboard. That's right - although he's not very fond of many toys, he is very committed to recycling. He's also quite the amateur hiker now, with his longest trail being nearly 5 miles. He would love to keep this up and rack up even more miles. He would like to remind you that you'll be his eyes, so please be extra aware of your surroundings to steer him away from things like poles and pokey branches. While he relies on his strong sense of smell, sound, and touch, he can be easily startled by dogs and humans who don't live with him. Because Ray can react in defense without much warning in these situations, he may be best suited for a home with adults only and infrequent visitors.

What Ray's Rescue Rep says: Ray gets along great with people and other dogs that he is familiar with. Surprising a blind dog is never a good idea. He requires careful introductions with new people and new dogs. Would probably do great with another calm/adult dog in the home. Not for a family with children. A blind dog relies considerably on his/her sense of smell, hearing and, obviously, touch. Caring for a blind dog requires a unique approach:

Medical: Besides being blind, Ray is in superb health. Current on vaccinations, heartworm negative, microchipped, and neutered.

Ray is currently located in: Oakland.

If you are interested in adopting Ray, please contact Rescue Rep Dave at 415-686-4248 or


9 years old, male, neutered, Yellow Lab, 84 lbs

Background: Bruno was surrendered to Lab Rescue by a family in the Central Valley. He was gifted to his owner when he was a puppy. For the first year of his life, he lived in the house but when his owner moved out of her parents' home to a house where dogs aren't allowed, Bruno remained with her parents (his grandparents) who didn't like having a dog in the house so they built Bruno a dog house in the backyard where he's lived for the last eight years. Bruno's grandparents are a little older now and can no longer provide for him so his owner reached out to us for help.

What Bruno's foster says: 
Bruno is the sweetest of Labs I've ever had the pleasure to foster, always wanting to be petted and near me. His tail is constantly wagging.
After the initial adjustment to our home, Bruno has become a good eater. He not only eats all of his breakfast and all of his dinner, but sometimes leads me into the kitchen between meals and asks for more. We are happy to see that he's interested in food because we feel his gums are feeling better than when he first arrived.

Bruno loves to go on walks. He pulls on while on a leash -- this has improved but is still a work in progress. He gets several short and medium-length walks every day because when he came to us he was not house-broken. We didn't know when he wanted to go out so we would error on the side of taking him out frequently. We found that he would rather go potty during a walk than being sent into our backyard.
Bruno lays down near me during my workday. He'll get up to follow me around or ask to be petted but is content to lay still for long stretches.

When we are out, Bruno is not reactive to other dogs (no barking) except for trying to mark where they have marked.  Bruno is a quiet dog. When we get mail or packages delivered, he doesn't notice. I have never once heard him bark or growl.  Bruno sleeps through the entire night, on a dog bed in the master bedroom, without being on tie down. He is not the first one to get up each morning.  We spend a lot of time on the floor together and all he wants is love. He is a gentle soul.

Bruno is learning how to be an inside dog. He needs to get better at communicating when he needs to go outside to go potty. He needs to learn to not mark on furniture and I am teaching him not to paw me for attention as that can hurt.

What Lab Rescue says: We reached out to a volunteer who rescues dogs in the Central Valley and she was able to find another volunteer to meet/evaluate Bruno for us.  Bruno hasn't been around cats so a home without them would probably be best.  He is a very lovable and sweet Lab that craves attention and has a tail that's in continuous motion. Lab Rescue just had him neutered so we hope after some time, it will curb his desire to hump other dogs, as well as marking in the home.  We'd like Bruno's forever home to be one where he will be in the company of his family, one where he won't be left alone for long stretches of the day.

The ideal home will be one familiar with senior dogs, one where he can be taken on lots of gentle walks, management of his senior joints with a daily supplement, and lots of love and attention. We don't know if he's a swimmer, but he very well could be, and that could provide some nice exercise for him.

Medical information: Bruno's teeth are in poor condition, and he is in need of some dental work, including a cleaning and likely extractions. Lab Rescue is in the process of coordinating that procedure. He has just been neutered, is UTD on vaccines, and heartworm negative.

Bruno is located in: Belmont

If you are interested in adopting Bruno, please email Kris @ Please include a little bit about yourself, your family, your dog experience, and what a typical day for Bruno would look like if he were to live with you.


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