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Wednesday, March 9th, 9:00am  
Taft Chamber of Commerce 
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Thursday, March 12, 4:00-7:00pm 
Girl Scouts Birthday Party
Stop by to learn energy-saving information that's good for the planet and good for your wallet.

Bakersfield Council Office
1831 Brundage Lane, Bakersfield, CA

Zero Waste Partners

Certifications only apply to the addresses listed below and not to the company as a whole.

Aera Energy LLC
10000 Ming Ave
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FedEx Ground
3105 Gateway 
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IKEA Distribution
4101 Industrial Parkway
Lebec, CA

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Our No Idling Partners are only for the addresses listed below and not the company as a whole.
Granite Construction
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Price Disposal 
8665 South Union
Bakersfield, CA 

4600 Resnick Drive
Bakersfield, CA

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Kern Green Award nominations are due by March 28th!

News from the Valley

With a lyrical name like Camelina, you it might come as no surprise that this little plant has superstar potential. That is the hope, anyway of local businessmen- Robert 'Too Tall' Simmons and John Sims.  

Six months ago the two men struck up a conversation at Pappy's Coffee Shop and found they had a shared interest in the potential of growing an environmentally friendly biodiesel crop here in Kern County.  Biodiesel has been heralded as a renewable fuel source that burns cleaner than traditional fuels, but it is not without its drawbacks.  For example, corn, a commonly used biodiesel crop has high water and fertilizer needs which stress increasingly limited clean water resources. 

With water availability becoming more of an issue, Simmons and Sims see Camelina as a potential alternative.  Camelina has been cultivated in Europe for over 3,000 years as an oilseed crop.  Unusually high in omega-3 fatty acids it has been used both as a vegetable oil for human consumption as well as animal feed.  It has been used effectively in soil remediation and it grows in the winter, making it attractive to valley farmers interested in a low water cover crop.  Add in the potential for pressed Camelina oil to be used as a biofuel and you've got a real rock star on your hands. 

This February local farmer Travis Fugitt planted a few experimental acres of Camelina.  Sims and Simmons are looking forward to seeing the results of this first round of planting and if all goes well with the processing of the seed, they think the future looks bright for Camelina in Kern. 
Green Scene Tip of the Month
Local couple Ben and Nina Ha made quite a splash this month when their goofy, entertaining and educational parody video "Baby got Kale" went viral. In the video Ben and Nina, along with their two children and a few friends, sing the praises of kale, edamame and brocolli.  
BABY GOT KALE by the Superha Family (A Baby Got Back / Anaconda Parody Rap About Vegetables)  :)
BABY GOT KALE by the Superha Family (A Baby Got Back / Anaconda Parody Rap About Vegetables) 

Ben Ha is a local doctor with Kaiser Permanente and a self-described 'flexitarian', meaning he and his family eat a mostly plant-based diet with occasional servings of minimally processed meat.  A plant-based diet is good for your health, but did you know it's also good for the environment?   People who eat a plant-based diet can shrink not only their waistlines, but also their carbon footprint.

Not ready to give up burgers entirely?  Dr. Ha encourages people to try changing their mindset about meat. Instead of seeing it as a necessary part of every meal, he suggests they think of it as an indulgence to be enjoyed once or twice a week. 

Follow Dr. Ha on Twitter for more of his favorite nutritional resources. 
Featured Green Business

4300 Resnik Court
Bakersfield, CA 93313
P 877.839.8952

By its very nature, Stria is an environmentally friendly business.  Converting paper files to digital ones reduces the need for vast storage warehouses and the carbon footprint that comes along with housing and retrieving paper documents.  

To get Green Certified, Stria took a close look at it's home office operation. They instituted an office-wide recycling program to keep paper, plastic and aluminum out of landfills.  They installed bike racks to make it easy for employees to bike to work and implemented a strict 'no idling' policy for all delivery vehicles.  The breakroom is stocked with five gallon bottles of water, making it easy for staff to use their own cups or refill reusable water bottles.

Signage throughout the office reminds employees to turn off lights when they leave the room, to limit the use of paper products and to recycle not only paper and plastics, but ink cartridges and cell phones.  

Stria's changes have not only helped to improve air quality in the valley, but have saved the company money. Because of their efficiency upgrades and conservation efforts, they used 1,300 less kilowatt hours during the peak summer season compared to the year before they were Green Certified. 

"Green is as good for our bottom line as it is for our environment," explained Stria CEO, Jim Damian.  

Get your business Green Certified today.  Start the process at  kerngreen.org
Kern Community 

GaB's Angels

Easter Basket Project 2015


Join GaB's Angels, a group of Christian families, in our 9th year of creating Easter Baskets for the children at the Bakersfield Homeless Center to enjoy on Easter Sunday.


This is an easy and rewarding Lenten family project that is not only fun but also teaches us to be more like Jesus.  Please respond to this email if you would like to help us this year.

Basket ideas: 

  •  Be Creative- including traditional Easter items as well as necessities. 
  •  We need baskets for both boys and girls ages newborn to 17
  •  It's best to do a basket that can meet an age group (i.e. 0-2, 3-5, 8-10, 11-13, 14-17)


The Basket Itself:

  •  It's great to try and reuse an Easter basket from the year before, however you don't have to choose an actual basket to fill:  
  •  Bags: Backpacks, sport bags or other type of bags are fun and needed
  •  Tub type containers that the child could use after Easter to put their belongings into are also appreciated.
  •  Sweets: Candy, cookies (homemade or store bought), snack items, Gatorade, Capri Suns etc.
  •  Toys: age appropriate and those that cannot be used as a weapon!  Balls, stuffed animals, dolls, puzzles, books, coloring books, crayons, bubbles, etc.
  •  Toiletry items: soaps, lotions, sun block, tooth brushes & paste, hair products, hair brush/comb, barrettes, bows, head bands, etc
  •  Personal items: underwear, undershirts, socks, flip-flops, blankets, etc.

Items to AVOID:

  •  Gum
  •  foods containing nuts
  •  toy guns or knives, or anything that resembles a weapon.

Please do not spend more than $20 per basket.

Please wrap basket in cellophane to protect the contents.

Please label your basket with a tag that includes the gender and the age range.  
I.E.  Boy age 3-5 or Girl age 8-10 (the age ranges are listed above)


Drop off all finished baskets at my home by 

Sunday, March 22nd.

13301 Da Vinci Dr., Bak, CA 93314


Need More Information:

Call Sheri Bowyer



This project is in memory of Gabrielle Ann Bowyer 


all children who have become Angels in Heaven.


Thank you & God Bless,


Sheri Bowyer & Family