Greetings, Karen.   

March arrives.

News:  I donated a copy of the Enemy Glory trilogy to the Abington Social Library  in Pomfret, Connecticut; the oldest continuously operating library in the United States. Carrie Wolfe, the library’s director, created this beautiful display and took this photo. Shared with her kind permission.

The Goodreads Giveaway continues through the Ides of March. Enter here for a chance to win a free copy of Book One of the Enemy Glory trilogy. 
 Creative life: Or, how to make time for a creative life. 

Your creative life is a sacred space, it is your imagination’s home, and like all sacred spaces, it needs to be separate from the mundane world. Good fences make good visions, or something like that. This is absolute. 

You accomplish this by compartmentalizing your life. It’s the quiet, measured life that allows for the spaces where the dark, playful, violent, stormy strange stuff happens on the page or on the canvas. It’s the contrast that draws the energy. And the compartmentalization, the strict apportionment of time, that keeps it pure.
The link goes to a blog post I wrote a few years ago that contains practical advice on how to make this happen – whether your creative life is fiction writing, music, art, cooking, magic, gardening, or anything else that requires solitude and intensity. I still swear by it.

Of interest: Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn lined up in the low eastern sky this morning. If this was a foot race between the three gods, who wins? Cunning? Strength? Or Wisdom? And why are they in competition for the heavens? Shouldn't they be allies? Should we be worried?
Karen Michalson