APF Fellow Dr. Alex Zendel at the
APF Philadelphia Chapter
APF Board Member Nancy Schmidt, RN, and her husband, Dr. Richard Schmidt, hosted a great night for APF.

Guest speaker Dr. Alex Zendel, on an APF fellowship in transplant surgery at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York, was a medical field officer and commander of an IDF surgical tactical team. Four years ago, he volunteered at the emergency field hospital that the IDF set up in Nepal to help victims of the catastrophic earthquake.
From left:
Richard Schmidt, MD
Alex Zendel, MD
Ofrat Beyar Katz, MD
Nancy Schmidt, RN

At the event, Nancy and Richard Schmidt surprised Dr. Ofrat Beyar Katz, an Israeli Fellow in Hematology-Oncology at the University of Pennsylvania, with the news that they would sponsor her 2019 APF Fellowship Grant. In addition, two officers from Lower Merion Township, PA, will be able to join APF's Emergency & Disaster Preparedness Course in Israel thanks to the Schmidt family. Yasher Koach!
The Solomon Hirsh Nurses Education Fund
In March, APF sponsored three nursing school directors and the head of the Nurse Licensure Department in the MOH Nursing Administration for a two-week observation course at the University of Calgary and the University of Alberta. The purpose was to assemble the following information for future adaptation and assimilation into the Israeli Nursing Education system:
  1. Advance teaching methods, including online methods and simulation labs.
  2. Student engagement and promotion of active participation and innovation.
  3. Standards of clinical unit suitability for student practice.
  4. Assimilation of core concepts into the nursing curricula: multiculturalism, health policy, ethics, quality care and risk management, informatics etc.
  5. Development of teaching skills and competence.
  6. Educating students for evidence-based practice in an information-rich environment.
  7. Student clinical competence evaluation.
Thanks to our Board Member Deanna Sykes, NP, who organized and oversaw the visit, the Israeli delegation will be able to improve nursing recruitment and education in Israel.

"Todah Rabah" to Dr. Richard N. Hirsh and his family for their generosity and continuing support.
From left: Amir Goldshtein, APF Director ; Dr. Nava Gross Feldman, Director of Tel Aviv Sourasky Nursing School ; Deanna Sykes, APF Board Member ; Zofia Rapaport, Director of Advance Nursing Education School at Rambam Health Care Campus ; Nurit Zusman, Director of Barzilai Nursing School ; Sima Azulay, Director of Accreditation & Licensure Dept. at the Israeli MOH Nursing Division.
Former APF Fellow, a Self-Described "Doctor/Techie,"
Takes the Helm at Negev Major Medical Center
With aid from an APF grant to study at Yale University, Dr. Shlomi Codish has helped bring Israel’s largest healthcare service to the forefront of medical informatics and now heads the country’s second largest hospital.
APF's Emergency Course and the First Digital Health Mission in Israel Is Filling Quickly! Register Today
Mark your calendar: APF's 21st Emergency & Disaster Preparedness Course in Israel will take place from November 2 to 7, 2019.

Created in conjunction with Israel's Ministry of Health and the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), this one-of-a kind program offers healthcare professionals firsthand training from some of the world’s foremost experts.

This unique program always fills up quickly. If you have any questions, contact Amir Goldshtein at amir@apfmed.org or call 617-232-5382.
Israel has distinguished itself as the “start-up nation” for medical innovation. Join other healthcare professionals and their families and meet the pioneers behind cutting-edge Israeli technological breakthroughs while exploring Israel’s fascinating history, culture and cuisine.

The Mission in Israel will take place from November 3 to 12, 2019. If you have any questions, contact Amir Goldshtein at amir@apfmed.org or call 617-232-5382 .
2019 New Membership Renewals
(through March)
Marvin S. Belsky, M.D.
David H. Berkeley, M.D.
Alan P. Burckin, M.D.
Richard P. Cohen, M.D., P.C.
Yelena Dreyzina, D.P.M.
Lillman Dwarka, M.D.
Arnold J. Felsenfeld, M.D.
Arthur H. Gale, M.D.
Joel I. Gedan, M.D.
Joel L. Gellen, D.P.M.
Mark S. Goldfarb, M.D.
Annekathryn Goodman, M.D.
Harold B. Kaiser, M.D.
Martin E. Kessler, M.D.
Isaac S. Kohane, M.D.
Ira and Gillian Krefting
Robin Kroll, M.D.
Michael Lattimore, M.D.
Larry M. Loewenthal, M.D.
Michael E. Lubin, M.D.
Leonard Shapiro, M.D.
Zvi Sharf, M.D.
Nancy R. Simpson, R.N.
Arthur Sitelman, M.D.
Henry Tulgan, M.D.
Vivien Wong, M.D.
James A. York, M.D.
Jonathan M. Zenilman, M.D.
International Master's Program
on Disaster Management at Tel Aviv University
The International Multidisciplinary Program for Emergency and Disaster Management was established at Tel Aviv University in 2011 with the aim of providing the graduates with the knowledge and skills required to effectively deal with emergencies and disasters and their consequences.

The 10-months program enables students from all over the world to study in Israel, gain knowledge and competencies in emergency preparedness and management, and learn from leading experts as their lecturers and faculty .

The master's program has three major goals :
  1. To impart the academic knowledge and the operational and theoretical analysis skills required when dealing with emergency and disaster situations.
  2. To develop new, innovative and critical ways of thinking when examining intervention plans for dealing with emergency and disaster situations, as well as the ability to transform these plans into action.
  3. To provide the knowledge and hands-on experience to develop the skills needed for dealing with diverse types of emergencies and disasters, using tools and skills for capacity building, management, organization, evaluation, and analysis of such situations.

Click here For more information, or email Assaf Levinton, Administrative Director at emergex@tauex.tau.ac.il.
MBA in Healthcare Innovation at IDC Herzliya
2001 Beacon Street ~ Suite 210
Boston, MA 617-232-5382