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Deborah Wilder
CCMI President 
California Trucking Firms Need to Submit Individual CPRs
Recently CCMI’s inquiry to the DIR regarding trucking brokers submitting Certified Payrolls (CPRs) resulted in a clear directive that individual owner-operators and independent trucking firms are to submit their own CPRs. The truck broker is NOT an employer and so the alleged wages stated on the CPR oftentimes is not a wage, but includes compensation for the truck cab and/or trailer rental along with the Driver.
Drivers should be aware that Caltrans has a special owner-operator form that they use. All other public works projects in California require a separate CPR which reflects the actual wages received by the driver. For owner-operators, many drivers/owners just take a “draw” with no taxes or deductions withheld. Nonetheless, the hours worked, the classification and the gross amount claimed as compensation to the driver (not rig rental or overhead or profit), needs to be accounted for and listed on the CPR.
Just a reminder that not all trucking is covered by prevailing wages. It depends on what is being delivered and by whom. Just a reminder that concrete deliveries remain covered by prevailing wage rates.
California Law Mandates Wage Reporting for Employers with 100+ Employees
SB 973 now mandates that California employers of 100 or more employees must report pay and hours-worked by establishment, job category, sex, race and ethnicity to the Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) by March 31, 2021, and each year thereafter. The March 31 date coincides with EE0-1 reporting requirement.

Upcoming Training: There is currently no in person training taking place due to COVID-19. However, here is where you can still get some prevailing wage training with Deborah Wilder and CCMI
March 24th and 25th 9a.m. -11 a.m.- California Special District Association. Prevailing Wage Basics and Beyond for Public Agencies. www.csda.net Register under Workshops.
LCPtracker Academy: On demand webinars for prevailing wage compliance for contractors and agencies. Go to www.lcptracker.com and select Compliance Education. CCMI’s Deborah Wilder teaches all of the California modules.
April 15th Montgomery County, Maryland Prevailing wage training for contractors 8-10 a.m. (PST). Registration information to follow.

Want to schedule your own prevailing wage workshop?
We will customize a workshop or webinar for you and your Agency/Company. Contact us at: info@ccmilcp.com 
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QUESTION: I am a contractor in Maryland. The State has a mandatory training contribution relating to prevailing wage projects. I have just entered into a contract to do prevailing wage work with Montgomery County and they are saying there is no training contribution. So, what is the correct rule?
ANSWER: Actually, the correct answer is, they are both right. The State of Maryland claims jurisdiction of projects over $500,000 where more than 50% of the funds come from the State. If more than 50% of the funding comes from the County, City, School District, or similar public agency, then that public entity decides whether prevailing wage applies. Montgomery County has adopted prevailing wages for all projects over $500,000 within the County. When the State implemented a training contribution, the County Board did not adopt a similar provision. So ,if you are performing work where the State has prevailing wage jurisdiction, then the training contribution applies.. However, in Montgomery County, where the County has jurisdiction over the project, then no training contributions are due.

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