B OOK OF THE MONTH: Difficult Conversations- How to Discuss what Matters Most

This book, by Carol Dweck of Stanford University, discusses how to have a growth mindset. In a growth mindset, it is believed that intelligence and talent are not the limit of what a person is capable of, but rather a starting point. By encouraging growth through dedication and hard work, this view creates a love of learning and improves motivation and productivity in the workplace.

VIDEO OF THE MONTH: TED Talk- Drew Dudley on Everyday Leadership

There is a common perception in today's workforce that unless you are publicly recognized for your work in leadership that you are not a true leader. In this TED Talk, Drew Dudley discusses those everyday moments when leaders have an impact on people around them without even realizing it. 
ARTICLE : How to be an
Employee-Working 101

"If a man is called to be a street sweeper he should sweep streets as Michelangelo painted, as Beethoven composed or Shakespeare wrote poetry." 
- Dr. Martin Luther King

This article submitted by Tim Webb, Ellington, discusses employee engagement, job fulfillment and how to be a successful employee. 
Clay Major 
(Town of South Windsor)
Thank you Clay Major for sharing with us an excellent practice from South Windsor. Each week public works crew leaders receive an email from Director Michael Gantick with resources about how to be an effective leader and have a constructive relationship with their crew. Are you a director or crew leader? Consider inspiring the troops by starting a weekly email of your own!

We encourage you to share your success stories with us, no matter how big or small by sending an email to  Nicole Creaturo. We would love to share them here, with your TLP community.
T2 Professionalism Video Begins Filming!

We have begun filming our Professionalism in Public Works  video which we hope to release in  early May. Thank you to the towns of  Ellington, Hebron, Simsbury, South Windsor, Wethersfield, and the Connecticut Department of Transportation for participating in our video and sharing what professionalism means to you.

"If your actions inspire others to dream more, do more and become more, you are a leader."
- John Quincy Adams
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