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Ag Day at the State House

Please check your inboxes at the end of this week for a note regarding Ag Day at the State House on  Tuesday, April 4th .  
We would love to have a large presence of young farmers! Please reach out to Heidi ( if you're interested in attending but aren't sure what to expect or how to start. Heidi will coordinate with you and assist with preparation for your specific location and legislators.  
Ag Day is our chance  to speak up and share our story on the hill! If you want to take a look at some of the main issues MFBF has taken a stance on thus far, please visit the February News and Views

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MFBF's YF&R committee is looking to update our official logo in order to fit with the new national branding. Please reply to this email and indicate if you prefer option A or option B, below.
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Consider Joining Us at Our Next Meeting...
Our next formal committee meeting is Wednesday, May 24th, starting at 6pm  at the MFBF office. A newsletter that will be distributed in early May will seek your input and suggestions on how we should prepare for that meeting. Anyone is invited to attend but only county representatives can vote.
To see our agenda from our most recent meeting from March 8th, please click here.  
In the mean time, please spend time thinking of specific ways you'd like our group to do some fundraising, both within our organization as well as in the community. We also need to confirm specific ways to increase our food drive initiative for Harvest for All. Any and all ideas on how we can lend a hand with food insecurity in our communities is greatly appreciated! 
A big thank you to our counties who have already collected food at their Legislative Breakfast for the Harvest for All initiative. Bristol, Worcester, Middlesex and Essex counties have confirmed participation thus far with both food and financial donations to their local food pantries. 

2017 YF&R Tentative Social Calendar

April 4 - Ag Day at the Statehouse, Boston
May 10  - Cider Hill Farm Tour & Social
June 10  - Camping for a Cure for MFBF's PMC team, various locations throughout the state
June 6 - Livestock on the Common, Boston
July 12  @ 3 PM - Adams Farm Processing Plant & Northeast Beef Promotion Board Tour & Social
Aug. 16  - Island Creek Oyster Farm Tour & Social
September (TBD)- UMass Amherst area Tour & Social 
October (TBD)- Legislative road trip to Montreal
Oct. 19  - Valley Malt & Brewery Tour & Social
Nov. 30 - Dec. 1  - MFBF Annual Meeting in Framingham
Dec. 12  or 13 -Booth at NEVBG to promote YF&R
To add to this we still have Harvest for All activities and fundraising opportunities to nail down; stay tuned! 
2017 YF&R Formal Committee Meetings
Anyone is welcome and invited to attend and take part in discussion/planning. Only designated county representatives (2 spots per county) can vote. 
May 24 @ 6 PM - MFBF Headquarters in Marlborough
Sept. 6  @ 6 PM - MFBF Headquarters in Marlborough
Nov. 29  - Location/time TBD. Likely in Framingham before MFBF annual meeting.

If you would like to receive the twice-monthly e-newsletter that covers congressional and regulatory action related to agriculture from American Farm Bureau, please reply to this email and let us know. We will submit your email address to get on their mailing list for FBNews. If you decide it's not for you, you can opt-out at any time. 

To learn more about MFBF's YF&R programs and upcoming events visit 

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