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March 4, 2017
Dear Friends,

Hello and welcome again to the 2017 season!  Our store is open and we are accepting pre-orders.  

Organic Harvest will be hosting it's own March Madness! It will be held as a "pre-orders" tournament instead of basketball teams. We will have our top-selling tomatoes competing! 
March Madness will run through the month 
of March &  will proceed as follows: 
-The first week of March, we will provide you with a list of
all of our tomato varieties (instead of 
64 "teams").  
-The second week of March, we will list the winning 32 tomato varieties for the current pre-sale season and then inform you of the Sweet 16.
   -The third week we will state who the Elite 8 tomato varieties are and then proceed to the Final Four.  

     -The last week we will list the Top Two tomato varieties and then leave you with the "Tomato Champion of Organic Harvest 2017"!


Without further ado...
 Our tomato selection  

 May  the b est variety win! 


And to keep it really interesting... you  can email us YOUR pick for your favorite variety at info@theorganicharvest.com
- The winners will win a FREE  "Tomato Champion of Organic Harvest 2017" plant with their next purchase! 
*All participants must enter by 3/9/17 11:59 p.m. EST


Please note, we are now accepting pre-orders
& have updated our shipping policy:
  • The order minimum is 6 plants (any combination of herb, vegetable, fruit or specialty plant)
  • Please order in increments of 3 plants beyond the minimum (6). For example, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24 etc.
  • This will ensure that we send you full boxes of plants thereby maximizing the value of the shipping cost.
Have a great week & please be sure to follow us on Social Media! It's going to be a Fantastic Season!

What better way to eat organic AND local than from your own backyard! 

Much gratitude,
Angela and Chris   

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