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This weather is madness - March Madness! To keep your spirits up, we are working hard to find new and exciting wines for you. In the past two weeks, we have brought in over 40 new wines, which is an entirely different kind of madness. Additionally, Easter is next week and we are excited to share our personal recommendations with you. Someday maybe it will finally be Spring!

Note : We will be closed on Easter Sunday - so get your shopping done early!
Friday's Tasting Lineup (4-8pm) :

  • Chateau Soucherie, Anjou Blanc Cuvee Les Rangs de Longue, France
  • Vigneti Zanatta, "Orion", Vermentino di Sardegna Italy
  • Honoro Vera, Rose, Jumilla Spain 2017
  • Masi, "Campofiorin", Veneto Italy
  • Penley, Phoenix, Cabernet Sauvignon, Coonawarra Australia
  • Susana Balbo, Malbec, Mendoza Argentina
  • Plus a Secret Sipper: TBA

We are still picking the wines for the Tasting on Saturday (3-7pm) .
We will post the lineup to Facebook prior to the tasting.
Cardedu, Monica di Sardegna Praja (2016)
Maurice Schoech, Cotes d'Ammerschwihr Vin d'Alsace (2016)
Vigneti Zanatta, Vermentino di Sardegna Orion (2016)
Castello di Torre in Pietra, Roma Rosso (2015)
Domaine Rouge-Bleu, Lunatique (2012)
Chateau La Rame, Bordeaux Blanc Sec (2016)
Chateau Soucherie, Anjou Blanc Cuvee Les Rangs de Longue (2015)
Domaine Pascal Granger, Beaujolais Villages Blanc La Jacarde (2016)
Grosjean Freres, Vallee d'Aoste Torrette (2015)
Domaine La Manarine, Vin de Pays du Vaucluse Carignan (2015)
Etienne Becheras, Saint-Joseph Le Prieure d'Arras (2013)
Vina Laguna, Perla Brut Rose of Teran, Croatia (NV)
Danzante, Pinot Grigio (2016), Italy
Stina Cuvee Red, Dalmatian Coast (2016)
Brime, Posip, Dalmatian Coast (2015)
Benvenuti Malvazija, Croatia (2016)
Pilato, Pinot Blanc, Croatia (2016)
Honoro Vera, Rose (2017)
Gott/Phinney,Shatter Grenache, Maury France (2015)
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This Week's Staff Selections
Madison's Pick:
2015 Stephane Ogier "Le Temps Est Venu" CDR
Known for exceptional and increasingly sought after   Côte-Rôtie   and Condrieu, "The Time Has Come" is a nod to Stephane's new venture to the Southern Rhone with this grenache dominant blend. The first vintage of this wine debuted in 2010. Deep red fruit flavors, some violets, a little spice and some peppery herbs. -$22.99
Patti's Pick:
2016 Leth, Roter Veltliner Terrassen, Wagram
Roter Veltliner, indigenous to Austria, is the parent variety of the Veltliner group. Suprisingly, Gruner Veltliner is not a part of this group, and hence is unrelated to Roter Veltliner. We don't see a lot of single varietal bottlings of this wine because the vineyard land that is good for Roter is good for Gruner (which is more popular and less fussy to grow). The Leth family is respected for their work sustaining indigenous varieties and is a leader in the Wagram for terrior expression. This wine is complex with a hint of spice and zesty acid to balance the textural mouthfeel of ripe yellow apples and pear. The finish is dry. Pair with sunshine and happy times! -$22.99
Katrina's Pick:
2016 Les Costieres de Pomerols, Picpoul De Pinet
With every heat wave we get in Minnesota, it seems a snow storm is waiting in the lurk to erase the warmth; it's time to take back the night! I'm talking stay-cation: iced shrimp, coconut face masks, and a bottle of Picpoul De Pinet. This bone dry, acid driven white wine illuminates any overcast day with its bright citrus notes and minerality. So remember, when you start feeling the seasonal blah's - crack open a refreshing bottle of Picpoul and remember the refreshing taste of summer. -$11.99
Darrin's Pick:
2015 Grosjean Torrette, Valle d'Aosta, Italy
Let me start off saying this isn't your casual, sitting around and sipping with friends wine. It can come off as a bit rough in tannins and overall acidity, but it stands out and stands up when called upon. This is a tart, tangy, cool climate red that does well with fish stew, fondue, pork and poultry dishes with significant herbal and roasted qualities. It's a n indigenous blend of 80% Petit Rouge and varying amounts of Vien de Nus, Doucet, Fumin and Mayolet. From star importer Neal Rosenthal, who never fails to deliver wines uniquely tied to the parcel of dirt that nourished the grapes.
Emily's Pick:
2016 Fable, Cabernet Sauvignon, California
By winemaker Dan Fitzgerald, this California cab is crafted to be high-quality at an everyday value. Drinking it is like having a black forest cake, but you drink the calories instead. Notes of canned black cherries and blackberry jam on the nose balance out peppery, mocha notes on the palate. It can be enjoyed with a juicy, fatty burger, or on its own for everyday drinking. I'm all about enjoying an expensive bottle of wine with a meal (or by itself, by myself), but this wine is perfect for when you want something tasty, but don't want the guilt of spending your whole paycheck. -$17.99