March 7th, 2019
*Or maybe we do, because its usage is highly regulated … don’t use it in conjunction with your sales or promotions! Ah yes, March … green beer, Hoosier Hysteria, the playdown to college basketball’s Final Four (also trademarked, same rules apply), gearing up for the May primaries and … the second half of the legislature. Strategically planned to take your mind off the lingering winter weather, no doubt. Nonetheless, there continue to be policy issues afloat that impact your business!
La, La, La, They Can’t Hear You. The Indiana Legislature continues to turn a deaf ear to a proposed bias crimes bill that would actually accomplish the mission to allow a judge to consider bias as an aggravating factor when sentencing a person convicted of a crime committed with bias to race, religion, sexual orientation or gender identity.  Without that specific list, the SB12 that passed the Senate and now sits with the Indiana House is a watered-down version that is not boding well with business and community leaders. According to OneZone member John McDonald, CEO of Fishers-based ClearObject, “Technology is Indiana’s fastest growing sector, but we are in a death match for talent with other places and other states. There are not enough skilled workers to fill the jobs that we’re creating every day. We can’t afford to have anything be a barrier to that talent and recruitment.” We applaud the efforts of OneZone members to reach out to their legislators and make public statements about this important cause. Don’t give up the fight! Click here to find your Indiana State Legislator; call, write, and bang the drum. We’ve had too many “next years” on this issue.

More Amenities at The Yard. Last night the Fishes Plan Commission gave its blessing to a Thompson Thrift development that will include 70,000 square feet of office space and 10,000 square feet of retail including 50 townhouses and a hotel. Now headed for the Fishers City Council, the proposed development is for property next to   The Yard at Fishers District   culinary complex on 116th Street. Construction may begin as early as summer. Also, Make sure to join us for our March Caffeinated Conversation as we hear from RQAW and imavex about the SR 37 Project. First 40 people to sign up! You can register here .
What’s Going on in Carmel? Some political pundits have dubbed it, “silly season.” The upcoming May primaries have whipped up folks into a frenzy with headlines of dumpster diving and decades-old debt debate while development projects wait until mid-May. Meanwhile on social media, “Greyhound trail” (where students cross Smokey Row Road to get to and from their vehicles) has become an issue. (For anyone making the mistake of trying to drive across that Smokey Row before or after school, you know there is a policeman there controlling traffic. So suggestions of an underground tunnel or over-the-street bridge sound a little over the top. But hey, guess what?  At 92,000 residents, Carmel, Ind. was the largest city to make the “ Safest Cities in America ” list by  SafeWise , a professional review and comparison website that tests, reviews, and compares home safety products and home security companies.

Plus One: The March Legislative Breakfast is scheduled for tomorrow morning at 7:30 a.m. It’s not too late to register