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March 11, 2017

Dear Friends,

We have been enjoying the Spring-like weather here in the Northeast! Despite the snow yesterday (with more expected to come early next week) we are thinking about your gardens. And, the foods you will want to Organically Harvest once the warm weather is here to stay! 

Many of our customers and friends often ask us about smoothies.  It's the type of meal we can all use a couple of tips to help us perfect them! 

Here are a few secrets from Chef Ellie Krieger for making a truly fabulous smoothie straight from your very own garden:


Use frozen fruit -
I almost always use some frozen fruit in a smoothie, even if I include fresh fruit as well;  Melon and  Strawberries. It helps give the smoothie a thick, frothy consistency and then there is no need for ice, which can dilute flavor. Frozen extra-ripe bananas are one of my favorite additions because they also add a good amount of sweetness so you don't need any added sugar. To freeze bananas just peel, cut into chunks and put in a sealable plastic bag.
Include protein -
A smoothie made from fruit alone won't keep you full for very long, but include some protein and you have a satisfying treat. I usually use nonfat milk for a protein and nutrient rich base, but sometimes I also add in a dollop of yogurt and/or a scoop of nut butter or even a handful of almonds for extra texture. With all those great natural proteins there is no need for expensive, highly processed protein powders.
Add an enhancer -
This is where you can really have some fun. Try adding a tablespoon of toasted wheat germ for nutty flavor and texture as well as a healthy dose of B vitamins and fiber, or chia seeds for crunch and body as well as protein and omega-3s. Toss a handful of  Spinach into your smoothie to get extra nutrition without even knowing it is there. And for a refreshing herbal twist, add some fresh  Mint leaves.


   "Tomato Championship of Organic Harvest 2017"
March Madness Updates:

Organic Harvest's March Madness is underway! It's been a competitive week with our "pre-orders" tournament!  

winning 32 tomato varieties for 
the current 
pre-sale season were: 


Thank you to all of our fans who have entered our contest...may the best variety win! 

Please keep those pre-orders coming in! We have updated our shipping policy:
  • The order minimum is 6 plants (any combination of herb, vegetable, fruit or specialty plant)
  • Please order in increments of 3 plants beyond the minimum (6). For example, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24 etc.
  • This will ensure that we send you full boxes of plants thereby maximizing the value of the shipping cost.
Have a great week & please be sure to follow us on Social Media! It's going to be a Fantastic Season!

What better way to eat organic AND local than from your own backyard! 

Much gratitude,
Angela and Chris   

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