Enter the 2021
Hi Friends!

The PJTC Mens Club is organizing a 2021 March Madness basketball pool.The NCAA has plans for the entire tournament to be played in Indianapolis with Selection Sunday March 14th, play starting on March 18 and the tournament ending on April 5.

In order to enter our pool fill out the attached ENTIRE entry sheet (attached below). That means all of the brackets as well as your name, email, phone number and a guess as to the total points scored in the championship game (to use as a tiebreaker, if necessary). There are a total of four "play in games" on 3/16 and 3/17. For these games you can have both of the teams entered (no selection need be made) and pick them to win or lose as a pair in the brackets.

Once your sheet is filled out, make a copy of your entry form for yourself so that you can follow how you are doing and double check my arithmetic. Then, email or postal mail a copy to me (postmarked before tip off on March 18th at 10am Eastern Time) along with your entry fee.

Entry is $25 with checks made out to PJTC MENS CLUB (Put "MM" or "basketball" in the memo section of the check) or click here to use an online payment form. Ten percent ($2.50) of each entry will be a donation to the Men's Club for our support of youth programs.

Ninety percent of the entry fees will be divided into 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes...prize sizes will depend on the number of participants and will be publicized to the participants no later than the Monday after the first weekend of play.

Scoring will be one point for every correct game predicted. I will keep all participants updated as to how they are doing by email each Monday following play.

If you have friends interested in participating please forward this email and encourage them to join us. They need not be PJTC members.

Hope you will join us in this fun event.

Steven Roth

Entry Mailing Address:
Steven Roth
520 Orange Grove Circle
Unit 130
Pasadena,Ca 91105

Contact Me With Questions:
Phone: 912-658-6135 or 626-460-6062

Entry Form:
Click on the below image to download & print.