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Car Show Season is Upon Us!
We're ready to hit the highway this summer, are you? If we're coming to a town near you, come and visit us! We'll also be heading to SEMA, although we will be there to network and we won't have a display. However, there will be plenty of cars on display that are SST equipped!
April 4-7, 2019

Charlotte AutoFair
Charlotte Motor Speedway
TREMEC SHOW - We'll be at the TREMEC display

May 16-19, 2019

Cruising Ocean City
Ocean City, Maryland
June 8-14, 2019

Hot Rod Power Tour
June 9: Martinsville Speedway - Martinsville, VA
June 10: Bristol Motor Speedway - Bristol, TN
June 11: Kentucky Speedway - Sparta, KY
June 12: Lucas Oil Raceway - Indianapolis, IN
June 13: Allen County War Memorial Coliseum - Fort Wayne, IN
June 14: Summit Motorsports Park - Norwalk, OH
June 12-14, 2019

Carlisle Chrysler Nationals
Carlisle, PA
TREMEC SHOW - We'll be at the TREMEC display

August 6-11, 2019

Hot August Nights
Reno, NV
August 22-25, 2019

Corvettes at Carlisle
Carlisle, PA
September 6-8, 2019

LS Fest
Bowling Green, KY
September 27-28, 2019

Smoky Mountain Autofest
Smokies Stadium - Kodak, TN
TREMEC SHOW - We'll be at the TREMEC display

November 27 - December 1, 2019

Houston, TX

(Their website isn't updated for 2019 yet, we'll post the website at a later date.)
Tech Corner
Clutch Chatter / Improper Installation
Irregular Lever (or Clutch Fingers) Height
The installation procedure for clutches seems a little picky, but not following it could damage your clutch. We've posted a few photos of damage and some helpful hints for the proper installation of a clutch to prevent clutch chatter.
A clutch unit can experience chatter due to the misalignment of the pressure plate to the flywheel during installation. The fingers can become unparalleled when the proper bolt tightening sequence is not used, causing one side of the diaphragm to drop lower while the other side says in place.
One sign your clutch was improperly installed is irregular wear on the clutch fingers. If the wear isn't consistent on all the clutch fingers, the clutch wasn't properly seated on the flywheel or bolted down securely.
You may also find excessive hot spots on the pressure plate.

So how do you make sure the clutch is properly seated? Follow these tips:
  • Make sure the pressure plate is properly seated before securing.
  • Tighten the pressure plate bolts in a cross corner pattern to finger tight BEFORE using a torque wrench (in a cross corner pattern) to secure the pressure plate to the flywheel.
  • NEVER use an impact wrench to torque down pressure plate bolts.
  • Check to make sure the plate fingers are parallel after installation
  • You can use a 0.0015" feeler gauge to ensure the cover is seated against the flywheel after being properly torqued down to spec.
The Tech Behind TREMEC
TREMEC transmissions are produced in a state of the art facility to very high standards. This video is a little dated, but it is an excellent look at how TREMEC takes raw materials and transforms them into quality controlled, heavily tested, and durably built transmissions.
Project Cars
Petty's Garage
Petty's Garage just completed a 1981 Buick Regal replica which is SST Equipped with a TREMEC Magnum 6-Speed and our STX shifter. If you hop onto Hot Rod Power Tour, you'll find the Buick making the trek and on display with Petty's Garage. You can read more about the build and see a gallery of photos on Hot Rod Magazine's website.
Customer Testimonials
Cover Cars - Two SST Equipped Fords
Jack Serota's Fords
Jack shared a photo of his two SST Equipped Fords, the 1967 Fairlane has a TREMEC TKO 500 5-Speed and the 1968 Mustang has a T-5 5-Speed. Beautiful collection, Jack!
Gotta have great customer service!
Jason Rodgers' 1969 Camaro
We know that even if we have the best products, it's all for naught if we don't also have the best customer service. Thanks for telling your friends, Jason!

Hi Cheryl,
Thank you for the update.
It's very rare anymore to find a company that has not only a great product but outstanding customer service that y'all have given to go with it!

Keep up the good work and I look forward to doing business with y'all in the future!

I am a member of a couple online first generation Camaro forums and every chance I get when someone asks where to get their transmission, I always mention you guys. Here's a picture of your company's decal on the back window of my 69 Camaro!

Take care,
Jason Rodgers
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