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Make every new hire a slam-dunk!  Hire A-Players who mirror the Massage Envy Vision, Mission, and Values!


Can Your Sales Associates Sell?


Don't waste your time and $$ on sales associates and estheticians who can't or won't meet sales goals.


Hire right the first time.  Use Hiring Solutions employee assessments to select candidates with strong selling skills who mirror your culture and values and are also trustworthy, honest, reliable and smart.   Click here to request the Hiring Solutions Free Trial and learn about the 4-step Hiring Process that will screen out candidates with low morals and no reliability and screen in great candidates.
Key Traits of Highly Successful Sales Associates


Custom Profile for Massage Envy Sales Associates
Retail Sales Associate Custom Profile
Key Traits of Successful Sales Associates
We conducted several studies for different clients to create benchmarks based on the Sales Plus scores of the top performing Sales Associates in that organization.  The advantage of customizing the profiles to each individual job description and company is that it will reflect the job description and the company culture and values.  Because High Performers come in a spectrum, there is no one score that is perfect. Each Top Performer is a combination of the mix of scores within the benchmarks and will be more successful in some job environments than others.  Read more..

Hiring Suite Sales Associate Package
Score this test first to test for integrity, reliability, work ethic and attitudes towards substance abuse.  The Insure survey includes a distortion score (lie scale) which accurately tells you how truthful the candidate is.  The report includes customized interview questions for each candidate.  If the candidate doesn't meet these basic requirements, they are disqualified.
Not all smiling, friendly candidates can ask the closing questions and want to upsell, so test for retail selling skills, customer service skills, marketing skills, motivation, organization and competitiveness.
You don't have time to train dumb people, so measure problem solving skills, math, spelling, and vocabulary and be sure your candidate is smart enough for the job.


"The testing enabled me to identify potential honesty issues that were not readily apparent in the standard interview process. Hiring Solutions helped reveal hidden sides of a few smooth talkers. I recommend them for any small business." 

Renee Toporek- Massage Envy of Orlando, FL


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Spring 2014
Can Your Sales Associates Sell?
Key Traits of Highly Successful Sales Associates
Hiring Suite Sales Associate Test Package
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The Hiring Suite

The Hiring Suite can help you make the right hiring decision while avoiding the trap of gut feelings and the candidate's spinning of abilities. It is a complete employment testing system featuring four stand-alone assessments along with customized team reports and job profiles:




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