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March Madness

You know who never says "running is bad for your joints"? People who actually run.
Upcoming Events
Local Races & BSE clinics

Blue Sky clinics :
3/11- Basic Bike Maintenance Clinic, 9:00am

BSE Events:
3/25 -  Information session for She Tris Super-Sprint Training Program
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  Looking Ahead:
4/1 - Cooper River Bridge Run
4/13 - Run for MJ, @BSE 6pm
4/15 - Kiawah Kids Triathlon
4/15 - TryCharleston (Olympic & Sprint triathlon)

Group Ride - Tuesday  4:00pm -check Meetup and FB for additional changes as needed
Group Run - Every Thursday 6:00pm -  Bring your blinky light 

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Monthly Spotlight
The madness of deciding whether to go long or go fast

Go Long or Go Fast, What's an Athlete to Do?

A decision many athletes have to make is whether to train for short, fast races or long, slow races. Often training for both is impossible. You might be saying--no it's not silly, I am a-ok fitting in speed work and long runs, but I'm here to say nay-nay.  You can't have your speed cake and eat it too --without risk of injury. Athletes are faced with the tough decision of whether to go fast or go long.

Say it aint so! Why is it hard to fit in enough speed work to be fast in a 5k while still reserving enough energy, muscle fitness, and time to fit in long runs for a marathon or beyond?

1. The type of speed work needed for a fast 5k or 10k is very different from the speed work need for a marathon or longer.  Training for a 5k typically involves 200's, 400's, 800's at 5k or faster pace, check out Hal Higdon's Advance 5k Training program here.  However, training for a marathon involves 800's, mile repeats, hill work, and longer tempo runs at a lessor intensity.  Check out Hal Higdon's Advanced Marathon Training Program here.

2. You can't get in the mileage needed to train properly for a marathon while training for a 5k. Doing really short and fast speed work requires lowering your overall run volume. A training cycle typically follows a Base, Build, Peak, Race schedule. The Peak phase is when you focus on race specific speed as you reduce volume thereby increasing rest. Yes, napping is really part of proper training! Tell your boss we said so. 

3. Overall the risk of injury from doing both short and very fast AND long runs is really high. Both speed work and long distance running puts a lot of strain on your body. Combining the two is a recipe for disaster, not the fun cake recipe your were hoping for.

What should I do??

Plan your year race calendar so that you can fit in a 5k training cycle AND a marathon training cycle. In fact I recommend training for short and fast stuff first so that you go in to your marathon training with some speed in your legs. You can also do a 10k race as part of your marathon training to sub in for a speed work/tempo day. If you have speed in your legs, then your marathon pace will feel even easier! Win. Win. 

The Athletes' Plate 
Rungry (Run-Gree) adjective - When you're so hungry from your long run that you must eat everything


Most endurance athletes will need to have at least one snack throughout the day in order to meet calorie and nutrient needs. Snack time is a great time to fit in fruits and vegetables (read: healthy carbohydrates) that you may struggle fitting in during the rest of the day.   --no, chocolate is not a vegetable

Content byJanet Carter, dietitian and sports nutritionist, at or 774-400-7566-- added jokes by Siobhan Maize
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