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March 28, 2021
New Tech to Tackle the Climate Crisis
Here are seven emerging technologies that could help us kick the carbon habit

By Tim Dickinson, Rolling Stone, March 25, 2021 

Climate change can make us feel hopeless. From superstorms and megafires to melting ice caps and rising seas, the ravages of global warming are only getting worse. If human activity is driving us to the brink, the good news is that humans are also developing and deploying new technologies that can help the world kick the carbon habit.
We already have affordable, market-ready solutions like solar, wind, and hydropower — the massive deployment of which could make America carbon neutral by 2050. And there are new technologies on the near horizon that could accelerate our trajectory toward a green future. What follows are seven advances — from electric planes to “green” cement to tidal-power generation — that could make modern living more sustainable for our only planet. Read more.
News, Features & Opinion
Elizabeth Warren and AOC lay down climate challenge to Biden
By Jarrell Dillard and Leslie Kaufman, Bloomberg, March 18, 2021

Progressives in the House and Senate are behind a $500 billion proposal to shift US transportation away from fossil fuels.

Senator Elizabeth Warren and Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, two proponents of the Green New Deal, are behind the bill, joined by Senator Edward Markey of Massachusetts and Representative Andy Levin of Michigan.

Their plan aims to accelerate the process of making the US carbon neutral by 2050 — a goal Biden campaigned on — by putting the money in the hands of state, local, and tribal governments or transit authorities to make sweeping investments in public transit systems.
“The climate crisis is an existential threat to our planet,” Warren said. “But it’s also a once-in-a-generation opportunity to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure, create a million good new jobs, and unleash the best of American innovation.” Read more.
The Commonwealth
What You Need To Know About The New Mass. Climate Law
By Miriam Wasser, WBUR, March 26, 2021

Gov. Charlie Baker signed a sweeping climate bill into law on Friday, signaling a new era in Massachusetts’ plans to cut greenhouse gas emissions, build a greener economy and prioritize equity and environmental justice.
Report: State primed to add wind projects
By Doug Fraser, Cape Cod Times USA TODAY NETWORK

Environmental organizations from Massachusetts, Maine and Rhode Island released a report Thursday outlining what they see as the enormous potential for offshore wind power to help the region and the nation reach carbon reduction goals in the energy sector.

“We know we can go big on offshore wind, and we are positioned really uniquely in New England,” said Hannah Read, offshore wind associate for Environment America at a press conference Thursday. The report, Offshore Wind for America, called for policymakers to remove barriers to industry growth and promote clean energy. Read more.
Towns & Region
Arctic Meltdown and Why It Matters
A public forum with Dr. Jennifer Frances of the Woodwell Climate Research Center, presented by the Eastham Climate Action Network* and the Eastham Public Library

Thursday, April 1
7:00 - 8:15PM

Although the Arctic seems very far away, the momentous changes occurring there affect us all. Global warming, sea-level rise, tropical storms, and extreme weather events are all connected to the rapidly melting and warming Arctic. Dr. Jennifer Francis of the Woodwell Climate Research Center in Falmouth and an expert in Arctic climate systems will present the latest research on this “hot” topic and discuss what you can do to slow the climate crisis. Questions? Contact:

*The Eastham Climate Action Network (Eastham CAN) is a group of local citizens formed in March 2020 to promote local green energy alternatives and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions from town, personal, and business activities.
Solarize Plus Yarmouth Launches!

Solarize Plus Yarmouth is coming this spring, offering Yarmouth residents the opportunity to purchase rooftop Solar PV systems and/or Air Source Heat Pumps (also known as mini-splits) at reduced prices through a group purchasing model. Save hundreds of dollars per year on electricity bills, ensure efficient all-in-one heating and cooling, and help improve the environment.  Learn more at, or email at This initiative has changed the way communities save, grow, make their mark AND leave less of one on their town today and in the future! Read more.
Cape Air Is Soaring Toward Electric Flight
By Judith Holt, The Sandwich Enterprise, March 19, 2021

Imagine lifting off for a silent, carbon-free flight to Nantucket in an airplane powered by sunlight and/or wind. Cape Air hopes to make this possible within this decade. By 2025, some flights out of Hyannis will be all-electric, thanks to the extensive efforts by Cape Air.

“It opens up a lot of doors for us,” according to Cape Air founder and CEO Dan Wolf, who says the nine-passenger, all-electric plane—with a range of 500 miles—could mean more-frequent flights, to more places, and potentially more-affordable tickets.

“The preliminary numbers look like the direct operating costs are going to be about 40 percent of what we’re currently spending,” Mr. Wolf said. “The maintenance will be lower because you’re dealing with a very simple electric motor versus a very complex carbon fuel-burning engine. And you’re dealing with electricity, made from renewable energy which ultimately should be cheaper than fuel.” Read more.
The Dirty Truth about Combustion Engine Vehicles

This fantastic new animation seeks to expose the dirty truth about combustion engine vehicle pollution. Robert was delighted to be asked to do the voiceover for this incredible animation by Mark Linthicum looking at the truth behind which pollutes more – combustion engine vehicles or electric vehicles? Spoiler alert: It’s not EVs! Watch the video.
Getting Down to Business (& Finance)
Four Questions CEOs Must Answer This Year to Achieve Net Zero
CEOs have a particular responsibility in the shift to net-zero - and they must act with urgency. Here are four questions CEOs should ask of their businesses as they set out on this path.

By Jules Kortenhorst, Rocky Mountain Institute, March 22, 2021  

During this decisive decade for the climate crisis, all CEOs must act with urgency to align their business with net-zero targets. As leaders of organizations with significant impact on emissions, CEOs have a particular responsibility to ensure rapid progress towards net zero. Those that fail to act will find themselves facing increasing risk, while those that do take the lead will discover significant opportunities in the net-zero global economy. Read more.
Corporate climate pledges earn failing grades from investors
Investors managing $54 trillion are turning up the pressure on top emitters

By Emily Pontecorvo, The Grist, March 22, 2021

A group of more than 500 investors is shining a spotlight on the companies most responsible for climate change — and least prepared to change course.

On Monday, the initiative, known as Climate Action 100+, released scorecards for the top carbon-emitting companies, spanning sectors like oil and gas, electric utilities, cement, airlines, steel, and chemicals. The group, which manages more than $50 trillion in assets, found that despite the barrage of corporate climate plans in the past year, most of those promises are still largely hollow. Read more.
Hearth & Home
Cape Light Compact Offers Potpourri of Spring Energy Savings

Spring has finally arrived! If you're a homeowner, renter, or business owner looking to make energy-saving upgrades, read on to learn about Cape Light Compact's incentives for home renovations and additions, high-efficiency commercial equipment, and demand response:
Save on Your Spring Renovation or Addition - Considering a home renovation or addition? Work with the Compact from project launch, and you'll be eligible for up to $10,000 in incentives to create an energy-efficient space. Our team will help you identify the best equipment, including HVAC, insulation, lighting, and more, to optimize comfort and performance. Learn more.

Prep Your Business for Re-Opening - As warmer weather brings more visitors to the Cape and Vineyard, many businesses are gearing up to re-open. If you're looking to optimize your operations, explore our incentives on HVAC, lighting, and commercial kitchen equipment designed to deliver greater performance, efficiency, and savings. Explore Incentives.

Don't Miss Our Summer Demand Response Season - Sign up by May 31, 2021 for our Commercial ConnectedSolutions program to receive incentives for reducing energy use during peak demand events from June-September. You'll receive $35 to $200 per average kW reduction across the season's events, plus help create a more sustainable energy system. Sign up here.
Cape Light Compact is a nationally recognized award-winning energy services organization operated by the 21 towns on Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard and Dukes County. The Compact’s mission is to serve its 200,000 customers through the delivery of proven energy efficiency programs, effective consumer advocacy and renewable competitive electricity supply. Sign up for their newsletter here.
The Power of Us: Confronting Our Climate Crisis
The climate crisis is a problem affecting people of all ages — and it needs an intergenerational, collaborative movement to fight it.

82-year-old retired Chicago land engineer Jim Goodman and his wife Annie are alarmed about the ever more severe climate change crisis, and know their generation has failed to adequately address it. With the environmental clock ticking, the Goodmans enlist the aid of some equally concerned young people to unleash their creativity and usher in a new generation of climate change problem-solvers. The Power of Us underscores the urgency of the climate crisis and shows the power of an intergenerational, collaborative movement to fight climate change, with youth leading the charge into the future. Watch the film.
TED Ed 7-Part Educational Series
How to Avoid a Climate Disaster
A 7-episode series introducing some of the biggest obstacles to avoiding a climate disaster--and how to overcome them.

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges we face today, and the stakes could not be higher. The world has become keenly aware of the problem, and around the world, people are setting goals to solve it. To avoid the worst effects of a warming world - which will be catastrophic - humans need to stop adding greenhouse gases to the atmosphere.

This video series is a plan to meet those goals - one that grasps the problem and cuts through the complexity to explain the science in a clear way. Avoiding a climate disaster won’t be easy, but it’s possible. Let’s get started and watch the videos here.
Events & Webinars
The Cape Cod Climate Emergency and Eco-Justice Seminar Series

Wed., March 30
7:00 - 8:15PM
The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Falmouth, St. Barnabas Episcopal Church, and Faith Communities Environmental Network invite you to join them for this month forum and learn about the Cape Cod Climate Emergency, issues of Eco-Justice and best practices for reducing your carbon footprint. For more information, contact Lew Stern at 617-759-7060 or at
Spotlight On: Don’t Be Fooled - 10 Key Facts on Climate and Justice

Thursday, April 1
12 PM ET
The Climate Reality team presents the facts needed to be effective advocates for climate solutions based in science, equity, and justice. This presentation will distinguish between fact and fiction and dispel misconceptions about climate science, environmental and climate justice, and policy.
Artic Meltdown and Why It Matters

Thursday, April 1
7-8:15 PM
The Eastham Climate Action Network and the Eastham Public Library present a public forum with Dr. Jennifer Francis of the Woodwell Climate Research Center, and an internationally renowned expert on climate change. Dr. Francis will present the latest research on this “hot” topic and discuss what you can do to slow the climate crisis.

MCAN Monthly Chapter Call

Monday, April 5
5:00 PM
The Massachusetts Climate Action Network (MCAN) is inviting you to its monthly chapter meeting. If you have topics of interest to place on the agenda, please contact Monthly meetings will be held at 5PM on the first Monday of each month on the following dates: April 5, May 3, and June 7 so mark your calendars!
Global Just Recovery Gathering

April 9 -11
Three-day virtual gathering
The Global Just Recovery Gathering will assemble more than 5,000 people from all corners of the globe to reconnect, recharge, rebuild, and raise the agenda to build back fossil free. Twenty-five global leaders including Greta Thunberg, Naomi Klein, and Chibeze Ezekiel will speak at this historic gathering, which is designed as an immersive, interactive experience to connect you with climate organizers in real time.
The Environmental Business Council of New England (EBC) Climate Change webinar will explore how Massachusetts municipalities are using their delegated legislative and regulatory authorities to become more resilient to climate change. Municipal officials will share examples of bylaws, ordinances, and regulations enacted and lessons learned. Case studies will highlight zoning overlays, design guidelines, wetlands regulations, and administrative and funding ordinances.
Check out the session recordings below.

Watch 30+ videos and learn from experts around the region, state and country.
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