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March-May ENewsletter 

Dear Colleagues,


I hope you are enjoying the Spring! I am excited to share with you highlights from a powerful workshop I attended led by Douglas Braun-Harvey, LMFT, CGP, CST, an expert on sexual health. I have a lot on the calendar over the next several months which I am glad to share with you in this Newsletter. I'm including a preview for an upcoming workshop I'll be co-facilitating with Greg Millard, Ph.D. at the Northern California Group Society Conference at the end of May. Many attendees of my free group workshops have expressed interest in a longer format.  I'll be leading a daylong presentation in June all about the basics of starting and running groups.  My group schedule and free workshop offerings are detailed as well. Thanks for your interest in reading about my work.


Warm Regards,

Jamie Moran


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Sexual Health in Group

Sexual health is defined by the World Health Organization (2000) as "A state of physical, emotional, mental, and social well-being related to sexuality; it is not merely the absence of disease, dysfunction, or infirmity. Sexual health requires a positive and respectful approach to sexuality and sexual relationships, as well as the possibility of having pleasurable and safe sexual experiences, free of coercion, discrimination, and violence. For sexual health to be attained and maintained, the sexual right of all persons must be respected, protected and fulfilled."


Over the years it has been a pleasure to have met, worked with and be influenced by group colleagues. This article will focus on some components of the work of Doug Braun-HarveyLMFTCGP, CST, whom I feel fortunate to have known for the past fourteen years. Recently I attended Doug's excellent workshop on sexual health and out of control sexual behavior in men, co-presented with his long term colleague Michael Vigorito, LMFT, LCPC, CGP. The following brief summary highlights some key components to therapeutic issues in working with sexual health. 


As one might expect, sexual concerns are underrepresented in mental health in contrast to the great need. Much of what has been historically written about group and sexuality is focused on pathology and risk behaviors.  Doug's work addresses sexual issues through a sex positive lens.


In Doug's group work he places education and emphasis on what he identifies as six principles of sexual health1


1.  Consent

2.  Non-Exploitive

3.  Honest

4.  Mutual Pleasure

5.  Shared Values

6.  Protected


These principles are integrated into the therapeutic treatment framework. In Doug's observations of individuals in group he has noticed that misalignment of one or more of these sexual health principles deregulates sexual behavior and sexual health. He observes that when clients are actively working with the six principles they are more likely to exhibit behaviors that are inline with their best hopes for themselves. Working with these sexual health principles allows potential judgment to be set aside in a clinical interaction.  For example, replacing the term "pornography" with "sexual imagery" is underscored in this question: "What is your relationship with sexual imagery?"


Doug references an important dictionary of sexual terms to be utilized as a resource for therapists, The Magnus Hirschfeld Archive for Sexology. The value of such a resource is helping to ensure a more honest, rational, sex positive and clear discussion to replace vagueness, judgment and sex negativity.  It contains an alphabetical listing that explicates inappropriate scientific and professional terms.  Doug comments:  "This is an extremely valuable resource for group psychotherapists looking for a source of understanding distinctions between sex negative, biased and value laden language that may unconsciously reinforce existing sex negative ideas and perceptions within the fiber of the group."


Whether you lead groups or not, I am hoping this article has promoted additional exploration about the topic of sexual health in mental health.  


Books by Douglas Braun-Harvey, MFT, CGP, Certified Sex Therapist:
Treating Out of Control Sexual Behavior (Fall 2014)

Sexual Health in Recovery: Professional Counselor's Manual

Sexual Health in Drug and Alcohol Treatment: Group Facilitator's Manual




1. Doug Braun-Harvey, LMFTCGP, CST, 2013, from presentation, October 25 & 26, 2013, San Diego.


Men Connecting Authentically at NCGPS Annual Conference

The Northern California Group Psychotherapy Society (NCGPS) is offering its 46th Clinical Conference on May 30 - June 1, 2014 in Pacific Grove, California. Greg Millard, Ph.D. and I will be co-leading a six-hour experiential workshop titled Men Connecting Authentically. Below is the workshop explanation.


Men experience multiple life stressors in today's hectic world. We struggle with competition, envy, anger, fear and blame as well as intimacy, connection and authenticity. This workshop will explore what improves and dissuades these important connections. Interaction will emphasize the vulnerability of the here and now. 

Link to conference information: http://ncgps.org/pages/news.html

Practical Issues in Forming, Maintaining & Facilitating Groups

I am pleased to be leading this daylong workshop at the Western Institute of Social Research (WISR) in Berkeley.


Date: Friday, June 13th

Time: 9:30 - 5:00 (lunch 12:30 - 2:00)

Cost: $150

Six CEUs


Therapists are often drawn to creating groups in their work settings. Many also struggle with some or all aspects of group implementation. This workshop will offer practical, salient ideas and concepts reflecting group formation, preparation and leadership.  


We will focus on initial efforts to create a meaningful and viable topic, marketing aspects, effective screening and assessment tools and how to work with clients who are waiting for the initial start date. Additional emphasis will be on therapist interventions, how to work with group conflict, challenging clients, countertransference issues and effective termination.  


Format will include didactic presentations, dyads, small and large group discussions, handouts, role plays/experiential exercises, a demonstration group (fishbowl) and questions/answers.  A primary goal for this workshop is to give participants a clear and concise list of next steps to have a group up and running, as well as to receive additional input regarding how current groups are functioning.


Registration:  To register please complete and mail in the registration form by June 6th. My website provides a link to an attachment of the registration form: http://www.jamiemoran.com/calendar.html 

Payment can be mailed in with your form or made through Paypal (instructions on form). Any questions about the workshop or registration process can be directed to Jamie Moran at jammoran@aol.com.


   Everything You Want To Know About Groups But Are Afraid To Ask!

I continue to offer an ongoing free workshop series pertaining to group issues for clinicians. Therapists, interns and students are welcome to attend. Workshops take place in San Francisco and on the Peninsula. Course meets the qualifications for continuing education credits for MFTs, LCSWs, LPCCs and LEPs as required by the BBS. Number of credits is equal to workshop length. A $10 fee applies for those seeking certification. 


Upcoming workshop schedule:

June 7th | Practical Matters: Group FAQs for Facilitators
Time: 3:45-5:30pm
San Francisco LGBT Center
1800 Market Street San Francisco, CA 94102
Please RSVP by Thursday, June 5th.

Group leaders attend to a variety of details about how their group is run. Issues pertaining to format, style, boundaries and member agreements are amongst a myriad of topics. This workshop will offer an open forum to address how some of these issues are subjectively held as well as covering pros and cons.

July 19th 

Topic to be announced

Time: 1:30-3:30

Redwood Shores Library

399 Marine Pkwy, Redwood City, CA 94065



Group circle  

  Group Schedule


Monday 6:15-7:45pm  Gay & Bisexual Men's Psychotherapy Group | FULL

Monday 8:00-9:30pm  Men's Psychotherapy Group | OPENINGS

New Group


SAN FRANCISCO | Gay Men's Psychotherapy Groups
*All Hayes Valley unless stated otherwise
Tuesday 5:50-7:20pm FULL
Tuesday 7:30-9:00pm FULL
Wednesday 5:45-7:15pm OPENINGS
Wednesday 7:25-8:55pm FULL
Thursday 6:30-8:00pm FULL*
*Co-facilitated with 
Greg Millard, Ph.D., in the Financial District


Participation in groups involves an interview and screening process. Please contact Jamie Moran at jammoran@aol.com or 415.552.9408.



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