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With deep love and gratitude I offer these powerful new meditation series

for our increased healing, conscious expansion and LOVE for living!

aspiring to meditate with you,


Saturdays 12.30 - 1.45pm

f25 per session

at Island Yoga

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March 6th

Ecstatic Movement

with DJ Solar Plexus

Move from within in this dance meditation. Express and celebrate pure being through movement.


March 13

The Breath Journey

We do not breathe enough!

Explore and balance your breath. Cultivate more breathing power

through breathing poetry, breath meditation and breath art.


March 20

Death Meditation

Engage in the life time preparation for a peaceful death.

Learn how to prepare for death and integrate death awareness in daily living for increased purpose and joy.


March 27

The Dark Night

Emotional Healing Meditation

Embrace your darkness and discover how it is your ultimate guru. Learn the lost artistry of inner journeying and embody greater wisdom and wholeness.

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