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Our mission is to inspire educators so adults succeed and communities thrive. 
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Date: Thursday, March 14, 2019
Time: 2:00 p.m. EST  
Presented by: Johan Uvin, Alicia Bolton, & Sharon Bonney 

COABE, the Institute for Educational Leadership (IEL), and the National Association for State Directors of Adult Education (NASDAE) are pleased to present a special  "Minds that Move US" update webinar.


Distance Learning in Adult Education: How We Built and Scaled a Fully Online Program

Delgado Community College was selected as the recipient of COABE'S prestigious national-level State Innovation of the Year Award. You can attend a special session by Joey Lehrman of Delgado Community College, entitled "Distance Learning in Adult Education: How We Built and Scaled a Fully Online Program." Download the app for more details! 
State Innovator of the Year Session Abstract: 
Distance learning and educational technologies are quickly changing the educational process for teachers and students alike. The promise of online learning is both real and challenging. In this presentation, we will share our experience building the first fully online adult education program in Louisiana with a view towards how to start small and get online now. We will also discuss trends that are shaping classrooms in the 21st century. Our eLearn distance learning program started in 2014 with a pilot cohort of one teacher and 30 students. We've since grown to a statewide initiative with over 1,000 students served by 40 teachers/coaches at eight partner community colleges. Participants will walk away with an overview of how we build and deliver the classes, how coaching supports the online experience, what the statewide partnership looks like, and lessons we've learned from the past 4 years to help teachers get started online now and administrators consider how to add fully online or hybrid elements to any adult education setting.

Behind and Beyond the Walls 
Inaugural Meeting

We look forward to meeting the new members and the authors of the upcoming COABE Journal, Prison Literacy Edition, at our National Conference.  
  • Meeting Date: Tuesday, April 2, 2019
  • Meeting Time: 10:00-11:00 a.m.
  • Meeting Location: Galvez Room, 5th Floor of New Orleans Marriott


ACE of Florida Adult Education Champions: Creating the Infrastructure to Systemic State-Wide Advocacy and Promotion

Join Brevard Adult Education for a special half day of professional development at the COABE National pre-conference on Sunday, March 31, 2019 from 12:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. Don't miss out; register for this session today!

Have you ever wanted to take a more active role in advocating for and promoting your adult education programs and your students? If so, this is the session for you! Adult and Community Educators of Florida (ACE of Florida), in partnership with COABE, is developing a multi-year, grass-roots advocacy network initiative called the ACE of Florida Adult Education Champions.

This "hands-on" session will show you the do's and don'ts of advocacy and how Florida is leveraging the resources of COABE's Educate and Elevate advocacy system, as well as organizing professionals and students across the state to maximize Florida's adult education advocacy potential and establish the foundation of an advocacy network for the future. In this electronically-interactive session, participants will hear how to establish an advocacy network, avoid the "growing pains" Florida has encountered, and learn to more fully utilize the resources of COABE's Educate and Elevate advocacy system.
Brevard Adult Education is a Strand Partner of COABE.

Adult Literacy Survey
Nora   Weber is a former adult l iteracy tutor and current sociology Ph.D. student at Indiana University in Bloomington. She is currently conducting a study about adult literacy education and would greatly appreciate your participation in a brief survey. This is an opportunity to share how you got involved in adult literacy and your experiences as an adult educator. Learn more  HERE .

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As a member of COABE, you have a say in the future of our organization. Cast your vote for the leadership of the organization. You will have the opportunity to meet each of the candidates at COABE 2019 in New Orleans, LA! Click ( HERE) to view the slate and vote today!   
Top view of the beautifully decorated table with white plates crystal glasses linen napkin cutlery and white flower on luxurious tablecloths with space for text Did you know that there are more than 100 newly elected legislators in office? And did you know that most of the committee chair positions are filled by new members of congress? We need to speak up and tell these new legislators that adult education matters! Will you raise your voice with us? Here are some easy ways to engage:
  1. Contact your legislator with our quick fire, 3-click software. It will take just 5 minutes of your time, and every response is calculated by your legislator's offices.
  2. Consider joining us for our 6th Capitol Hill Day on May 7th in Washington D.C. Contact for more details.
  3. Access all the wonderful resources offered in our award-winning Educate and Elevate public awareness campaign (HERE).
COABE's Award-Winning Student Ambassador Training: 
Michigan Roll-Out
"It was the most phenomenal experience I've ever had." This was just one of the many positive student comments on our evaluations after  we,  Michigan Association of Community and Adult Education - MACAE, completed our first Student Ambassador Training (SAT) on January 25, 2019 in Lansing, Michigan. 
Our very first SAT program, trained 14 students and 16 program staff, representing five counties in our state. Justine Geiger, a COABE trained student ambassador, and I (Vice President of MACAE) led the training, with assistance from our association president.
The training Justine and I received at the 2018 COABE Conference in Phoenix, Arizona, last year provided a solid foundation of information, a training outline, and slides so that we were able to conduct our training back in our home state of Michigan. We marketed the program in December by sending out a one-page flyer and Q & A information sheet to help students and program providers understand what an Ambassador is and what the training would entail. We also stressed the importance of our students' voices in advocating for adult education. One of my fellow board members, Bob Steeh, conducted the training, and student engagement co chair, Laura Profirio provid ed long distance support and answered questions in a way that made learning fun and emphasized the areas to focus on. During the training, we were live streaming on Facebook and tweeted out to COABE showing collaborative efforts in the direction of student advocacy through Michigan's roll-out of the student ambassador program. You can see photos from the training on our website HERE .
We now have 14 trained student ambassadors who are in the high school completion and ESL programs in our state. The transformation that came over the students from the beginning of the tr aining until the end of the day was amazing. The group not only bonded but also felt empowered and inspired. The ability to hear o ther students' stories and to realize that they are not alone and that others have had similar, if not more challenging, situations that have been overcome in their pursuit of a credential was powerful. They know the significance of their achievement, but more importantly they realized that the unification of this group is critical in order to promote adult education successes. They willingly embraced the responsibility to work with programs and our state associations to help increase awareness locally and at the state and national levels.
I was so proud that six students came up to us after the training and said they want to advocate not only in their local programs, but for MAC AE too. The key for us now is to keep our am bassadors engaged by developing opportunities at our annual conference, professional development offerings , and legislative advocacy events . We are currently in the process of identifying a second SAT date.

Linda Cianferra 
MACAE Vice President
The award-winning COABE Student Ambassador Program has been rolled-out in 19 states with thanks to COABE Student Engagement Chair, Regina Suitt  and Co Chair, Laura Porforio. Is your state on board? COABE will be holding another Student Ambassador preconference in New Orleans, LA, on March 31. Funding is available for attendance for one adult learner in states that are not currently participating in this initiative. Contact us at for more details. 
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