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Credit Card Surcharges and Changes coming in 2024 for Business Owners

In 2022, a change was made to Oklahoma law regarding credit card service fees that allowed businesses to disclose any surcharges or additional fees associated with credit card transactions to consumers. This aimed at promoting transparency in financial transactions and ensuring consumers were aware of any extra costs incurred when using credit cards for purchases.

In the future, the Oklahoma 2024 HB 3507 bill(which will be voted on later this year) proposes additional provisions regarding credit card service fees. Specifically, it allows businesses to disclose these fees upfront to consumers, especially in regards to internet transactions, giving them clearer information about the costs associated with credit card transactions before making a purchase. This legislation aims to enhance transparency in financial transactions and empower consumers to make more informed decisions about their payment methods.

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MEPO Monthly Meetings

March. 13 OKC

Charleston's Restaurant


2000 S. Meridian Ave.

Oklahoma City , OK 73108


Jenni Stevens is an accomplished Human Resources Leader and owner of Engage HR Business Solutions.

Topic: Managing Everyday Conflict

March 14 Tulsa

Stone Mill BBQ


2000 West Reno

Broken Arrow, OK 74012


Jenni Stevens is an accomplished Human Resources Leader and owner of Engage HR Business Solution.

Topic: Managing Everyday Conflict

* MAR. 7 Monthly Board Meeting at Stone Mill BBQ 11:30-1:00 *

Electrical News:

Underground Installations: Armored clad cable Type AC code requirements

Underground installations of armored clad cable Type AC for electrical purposes involve the use of cables designed to withstand environmental challenges and provide reliable power transmission. These cables are encased in metal armor for protection against physical damage and moisture, making them suitable for burial underground. Compliance with electrical codes and regulations is essential to ensure safety and proper functionality. Adherence to codes dictates factors such as burial depth, insulation requirements, grounding, and installation techniques to mitigate risks such as corrosion and electrical faults. Proper installation and compliance with codes are critical for ensuring the durability, safety, and effectiveness of underground electrical systems employing armored clad cable Type AC.

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Mechanical News:

Homeowners, Contractors Mutually Support Maintenance Agreements and Why your Company should offer it!

A study on homeowners and HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) contractors mutually supporting maintenance agreements reveals the significant benefits for both parties. Homeowners who invest in maintenance agreements with HVAC contractors enjoy several advantages, including improved system efficiency, reduced energy costs, extended equipment lifespan, and enhanced indoor air quality. These agreements typically involve regular inspections, cleaning, and tune-ups of HVAC systems. For HVAC contractors, offering maintenance agreements ensures a steady stream of revenue and customer loyalty. It also allows contractors to identify and address potential issues before they escalate into costly repairs, thus saving both homeowners and contractors time and money in the long run. In essence, the study underscores the mutual benefits of maintenance agreements for homeowners and HVAC contractors, highlighting why businesses in the HVAC industry should offer such agreements to their customers.

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Plumbing News:

Navigating the Legal Pitfalls of Workers’ Comp

Navigating the legal pitfalls of workers’ compensation, particularly in a plumbing business, requires a comprehensive understanding of the system. In the event of an employee accident or injury, workers’ compensation is a crucial aspect of legal obligations. Key points to consider include understanding the coverage requirements, promptly reporting incidents, and ensuring compliance with state regulations. It's essential to maintain accurate records, communicate effectively with insurance providers, and facilitate the employee's recovery process. Additionally, staying informed about potential legal challenges, such as fraudulent claims or disputes over coverage, is vital for protecting the business's interests. By proactively addressing these issues, plumbing businesses can mitigate risks and fulfill their obligations under workers’ compensation law.

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Risk Management:: "Hiring the Right Person for Your Business"

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