Industry Update ~  Issue 36 ~  March 2019
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Plenty happening with Australian Mushrooms!

As reported earlier Australian Mushrooms is back on television this month. Starting on 24 March and running through until 20 April the "chop chop" television campaign will appear in major metropolitan centres, and with the addition of northern and southern New South Wales, regional Queensland and Tasmania.

The campaign will be further reinforced with messages carried through digital media, in-store sampling and out of home advertising. The campaign timing is:
  • 3 March - 6 July - Advertising through digital media including YouTube and Spotify;
  • 3 March - 11 May - Billboard style advertising in shopping centres; and
  • 3 March - 11 May - Out-of-home advertising including streetside bus shelters (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, northern and southern New South Wales).
To view the ad, just click on the image above.

"Married at First Sight" delivers to consumers

The placement of Australian Mushrooms advertising on television is a carefully considered choice, designed to deliver the mushroom message to targeted consumer audiences. Top rating shows like "Married at First Sight" form part of the package of placements for the current phase of television advertising.

So, how does the show perform? To  date the show has averaged about 1.1 - 1.2 million viewers per episode, and is easily the most viewed general entertainment program for 2019. On 24 March the show reached a massive 1.685 million Metro Total People viewers, which is a record for the show (outside of Premieres/Finales). All of which adds up to more consumers than ever before seeing the "chop chop" mushroom messaging - a good outcome for Australian Mushrooms.
AMGA under new stewardship

The AMGA Board has approved the appointment of Dr Geoff Martin as the interim General Manager of the AMGA. Geoff has resigned his position as AMGA Treasurer to take up the position. His appointment follows the resignation of Sally Heukers. 

Geoff will act temporarily in this new capacity while the Association undertakes a recruitment process for the position. 

AMGA Contact Details: Email: / Telephone: 02 4577 6877

Permit Issued: PER87515 - Vectobac WG Biological Larvicide) / Mushrooms / Sciarids

The following permit has been issued by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA):

Permit ID Description Date Issued Expiry Date Permit holder
(replaced PER14350) 
Bacillus Thuringiensis Subsp. Israelensis Serotype H14 (Vectobac WG Biological Larvicide) / Mushrooms / Sciarids 15-Mar-19  30-Jun-24  Hort Innovation 

A copy of the permit can be downloaded HERE.  
Please Note: PER87515 will replace PER14350, and PER14350 will now be surrendered.

Strategic Investment Advisory Panel

The next SIAP will be held in Sydney on 28 March 2019. 

To stay up to date with SIAP activities, please use this  LINK  to view a full list of meeting summaries.  If you have any questions related to the operations of the SIAP please contact Hort Innovation Industry Relationship Manager, John Vatikiotis - 0429 022 637 or  via email .  

Time running out to attend NZ mushroom conference 

Time is running out for anyone wishing to attend the New Zealand Commercial Mushroom Growers Federation conference from 5-7 April in Hamilton, NZ. To attend please download, complete and return the Registration form. Attendees are required to book their own accommodation using the following LINK.

Applications open for Churchill Fellowships

Hort Innovation partners with the Churchill Trust each year to offer the opportunity to three applicants to travel overseas to investigate a topic of choice, with funding through the Hort Frontiers Leadership Fund. The fellowships are open to any industry participants who have an idea for a research project that can benefit the horticulture sector. Applications are open now until 30 April, 2019.   For more information on the fellowships and to apply, click here. 

New Hort Stats Handbook hot off the press!

The 2017/18 Horticultural Statistics Handbook has been released by Hort Innovation, featuring data on more than 70 horticultural products and key information from across the supply chain.  The handbook delivers insights into the year ending June 2018, such as:
  • Mushroom production for the year ending June 2018 was 70,463 t, worth $456.6m.
  • Australia exported $2.15 billion of fresh horticultural products during 2017/18 - fresh fruit was the largest contributor and accounted for 50 per cent of fresh export value.
  •  6.54 million tonnes of horticultural products were grown across the country - that's 161 kilograms of supply per capita!
To find out more or download a copy please use the following LINK.
A snapshot of mushroom news

Mushrooms in the News is a quick snapshot of news relevant to mushrooms. It could be a great recipe, a healthy reference, some research findings or some mushroom industry coverage. When we find it we will post it to the site and include it in the Monthly Update. If you have any comments or find anything that has been missed, please email and let us know.

Mushrooms may reduce risk of cognitive decline In a story that has been widely reported mushrooms have been shown to be associated with reduced levels of mild cognitive impairment. The study found that seniors who consume more than two standard portions of mushrooms weekly may have 50 per cent reduced odds of having mild cognitive impairment (MCI). Lead author of the study, Assistant Professor Feng Lei, said the correlation between mushrooms and reduced cognitive impairment was both surprising and encouraging. If you want to see how much coverage this story has, just search the terms "mushrooms and cognitive decline" and just look at the number of links!

Gourmet Mushroom introducing two items US company, Gourmet Mushroom has highlighted two new innovative retail offerings - the first an 8-ounce crumble combination with a portabella, cremini and a white button mushroom, diced and mixed in a cup for retail, and the second a thick steak-cut in an eight-ounce container and an eight-ounce button mushroom. The company says the items are unique and is looking for impact at a retail level, with the 8-ounce cup packaging offering a stand out from other comparable products.
The Best Foods For Your Immune System Another mushrooms and health story, and while true mushroom lovers have heard it before, it is great to see the story repeated on social media. This article on a health site focuses on foods for the immune system and topping the list at No1 is everyone's favourite - mushrooms. The story cites Australian research that showed white button mushrooms to be a good source of bioactives , including beta-glucan, an immune-stimulating dietary fibre .

Vegan expansion: Australia's Woolworths and Coles striving to meet soaring consumer demand With a Euromonitor report placing Australia as the third fastest growing vegan market globally, it should come as no surprise that Australian supermarket giants Woolworths and Coles both have an eye on expansion into the vegan market this year to cope with increasing demand. Woolworths Senior Nutritionist Natalie Chong said an increasing number of customers were embracing meat alternatives and adding more vegetables and plant-based foods into their diet. Coles said it had also seen significant increase in demand for vegan and vegetarian food products, with its chilled health range seeing growth in the double-digit zone.

What are the different types of mushrooms? Australian Mushrooms regularly works with MyFoodBook, so it should come as no surprise that this story was front and centre on its regular blog. The site is popular with home cooks and foodies alike, making it another fantastic way to spread the news about Australian Mushrooms. This article features a handy information sheet designed to let consumers know more about the different types of mushrooms available in Australia.

The three most popular break-out sessions at evokeAG. 2019 - Victorian organic mushroom grower Chris McLoghlin is in the news again following his participation in the recent evokeAG (a two-day agrifood tech) event. The 2018 Hort Connections Young Grower of the Year was a speaker in one of the three most popular breakout sessions at the event - Internet of Things (IoT) and big data analysis - driving efficiencies from farm to plate. Mr McLoghlin spoke on how he is looking to fix issues in the fresh food supply chain. His company is using IoT technology and dynamic data to improve processes, save waste and enhance quality and value propositions for farmers.

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