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Eileen's Lessons - March 2017

This past weekend, I completed my second half marathon. For those unfamiliar with running races, a half marathon requires you to run 13.1 miles. Running that many miles is a lot for anyone, especially for someone who, less than 4 years ago, couldn't even run a mile. Well I could run one mile; however, it just took me about 14 minutes - which is basically walking. Eventually, I found that I could run one mile and one mile only in 12 minutes, then 11, then 10 and then a little less than that. Awesome! I soon realized that I wanted to run longer distances, and to do so, I needed to slow my pace down to a 12-minute mile pace. After a few months, I was able run a continuous 2.5-mile loop around a local park. Once again, with practice, my multiple mile pace increased to a little faster than an 11-minute mile. What happened next?

Maryland Legislative Updates

Maryland Healthy Working Families Act

This bill would require employers that employ 15 or more employees to provide those employees with earned "sick and safe leave" that is paid at the same wage rate as the employee normally earns. It also requires employers with 14 or fewer employees to provide unpaid earned sick and safe leave.

Even At 35 Weeks - Failing to Hire a Pregnant Women is Pregnancy Discrimination

Minnesota-based gym company Life Time Fitness, Inc. will pay $86,000 and furnish significant relief to resolve a pregnancy discrimination lawsuit filed by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the federal agency announced today.
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