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MARCH 2014




5:00 - 7:00 pm

Note this meeting is on TUESDAY, not our regular Thursday!


Blue Room

Fairbanks Arts Association


  Mary Transfer Text B    



Creating an Artist Book: Focus on TEXT


Including TEXT in your artist book presents important questions, some of which we will address at this month's Guild meeting. Topics of discussion will include:
  • Copyright questions: what are the general rules for using TEXTS that are not your own?
  • Selection of TEXTS that avoid copyright issues: Susan Campbell will offer up some poetry texts for which permission has already been granted.
  • Margo Klass will talk about using Dateline digital copy services to print TEXT on fine art papers. Attendees will receive a sample packet of readily available art papers printed by Dateline.
  • Mary Maisch will teach us a transfer technique she uses for both TEXTS and images.
  • Chris Pastro will share a book in progress; we will brainstorm with her about whether or not TEXT would enhance her vision of the book as a whole. How and where would she add TEXT?
  • Susan Campbell will share a book in progress which includes a poem she has written.
Do you have a book in progress to share? Bring it to the meeting! 
More topics of discussion:
Supporting Northwoods: become a member, become a patron!
Introducing "If Only Paper" - a great new, local resource
Workshops coming in June - get ready!   

Program fee: $5 (non-members)

Guild members: no charge




It's still early in the year - it's the best time to join Northwoods Book Arts Guild. Memberships are $25 per calendar year, and include program fees for attending meetings throughout the year AND entry in the exhibition BOOKS AS ART: Structure, Image. Text. Checks and cash accepted at the meeting, or join on line: 



BOOKS AS ART: Structure, Image, Text

Northwood's Exhibition in June 2014

Bear Gallery, Fairbanks Arts Association


You are invited to enter the show....   

Download a Prospectus from the website

NOTE: In-Take for the show is May 23-24 


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 Need bookmaking tools?

Visit If Only at 215 Cushman Street in downtown Fairbanks - there you will find teflon bone folders, bookmakers paste brushes, 

metal measuring edges, and more!



April Meeting:

Thursday, April 24, 2014, 5:00 to 7:00pm

Blue Room, Arts Association



See you at the meeting next TUESDAY -

Everyone is welcome!  

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