March NJSPE Update
The State Board of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors have outlined requirements for continuing education for license renewal for PE’s. For your convenience, NJSPE is offering online trainings and educational resources

NJSPE is committed to providing courses that will cater to those with multiple licenses and differing state requirements.

The learning objective is to expose the seminar participants to various engineering related professional and statutory codes of ethics to indoctrinate ethics awareness and an understanding of ethical standards common to all jurisdictions, including those of the participants, so that the participants understand the boundaries of ethical engineering behavior. The program is broken into several parts. Introduction to common statutory and regulatory ethics rules; review of the National Society of Professional Engineers Code of Ethics with examples of common ethics rules, illustrative case studies to consider, with emphasis on the similarities and difference between governmental and professional society sanctions; practical reasons for ethical practice, how unethical practice can present professional liability, legal, licensure, moral and public health, safety and welfare issues.

This course will review the ways drones are being used in the construction industry, mainly in the engineering and surveying fields. This course will show examples of how drones are being utilized in various different situations to assist Engineers. You will learn the safety benefits of using drones in compromising health situations. You will learn some of the legal requirements for use of drone, applications of drones for specific Engineers needs, benefits of using drones, and you will see some of what the future can hold for drone technology in the engineering field.

This course will provide a general overview of the use and application of regulatory and warning signs, pavement marking and traffic signals. In addition, the course will include a discussion of common traffic engineering studies used to establish speed limits and determine design parameters used in implementing traffic control devices and roadway geometric features. Examples will be presented and concepts will be reinforced through hands-on exercises. Finally, the presentation will provide an overview of roundabouts, including design features, their application and advantages of using roundabouts over other conventional intersection treatments.

This course will review the recently adopted NJ Stormwater Management Rules that will become effective on March 2, 2021. The discussion will focus on the design paradigm shift necessary to successfully and efficiently implement green infrastructure including design team approaches to effectively utilize green infrastructure in stormwater management. The concept of decentralization and utilizing the required tiers of BMPs to accomplish stormwater management in a treatment train will be explained, including examples. The benefits of using green infrastructure from both a stormwater management and development standpoint will be explained.

Construction Quality Assurance and Construction Engineering and Inspection Services for the Goethals Bridge Replacement
Learn how the Goethals Bridge Replacement Project required innovations in monitoring permitting, quality assurance, resource tracking, and Construction Engineering and Inspection scheduling.

NJSPE Member Rate Non-Member Rate
$35 $50

NOTE: Your payment for any of the above courses are only good for ONE person. Sharing the video will NOT result in additional free PDH credits.

PLEASE READ: To successfully purchase and access a course, please purchase on a computer using a Google Chrome web browser. After you purchase a course, you will be taken to a new page to enter your email to receive the course link. Ensure that all popup blockers are disabled on your device
NJSPE Educational Foundation Seeks Candidate(s)

Its Bylaws provide for three At-Large Directors who serve 3-year terms. One At-Large Directoris to be elected each year. The Foundation now is seeking individuals who would be willing to make such a commitment for 2021-2024.

Please provide your name and credentials no later than March 26
to Lisa Jones (

The New Jersey Society of Professional Engineers (NJSPE) is rolling out the 2021 year long sponsorship program.

This is great chance for your company to get in front of hundreds of Professional Engineers.
The NJSPE is offering a menu of services to help you build your brand within the professional community
The NJSPE website gets hundreds of visits per month. The NJSPE is building an online library of training courses that are frequently visited and purchased by not only NJSPE members but Professional Engineers who are interested in our various topics. The NJSPE email database is vast, with a recent list of all licensed PE’s across the state, this is great chance to let the NJSPE market your company with little effort on your part.

We’re allowing any 2021 yearlong sponsor who signs up now to have these sponsorships start immediately! This is extra marketing value for your group!

NJSPE wants to hear about your company achievements!
Has your company made any great achievements, won awards, or been recognized for a job well done? We want to hear about it!
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National Engineering Society Announces
New Executive Director and CEO 

Big news from MATHCOUNTS!! 
Do you know a 6, 7 or 8th grader who loves math or possibly needs to improve his or her math skills? Maybe MATHCOUNTS is the answer. MATHCOUNTS has a free National Math Club that give students an opportunity to play fun math games in a non-competitive social environment. MATHCOUNTS also has a nationwide competition series. All of the competitions through the State level will be online for the 2020-2021 year. This and other changes will expand access to a larger group of potential participants.  
Who can register? Any type of school, of any size, can register—public, private, religious, charter, virtual or home school can register up to 15 students (up from the traditional 10 students). If a mathlete’s school is not planning to register, an individual can register as a non-school competitor. To also expand the fun, four practice competitions and an additional competition level have been added this year.  
Registered schools and non-school competitors will have access to the 4 practice competitions on October 15, November 15, December 15 and January 22.  
Chapter Competition will be from 1pm (EST) February 5 through 1pm (EST) February 6 
Chapter Invitational Competition will be held at 7pm (EST) on February 25 
State Competition will be held at 7pm (EST) on March 25 
Click here to learn more about the National Math Club 
Click here for the Official Rules and Procedures for the MATHCOUNTS Competition Series 
Click here to register for the Competition Series 

In a letter to the Biden administration, NSPE urged the development of common-sense climate change mitigation policies and swift investment in the nation’s infrastructure, among other recommendations. When responding to climate change, the letter said, the administration should be cautious of overreach that could trigger unintended consequences, especially for the economy.

New Report: Valuing Professional Licensing

For years, professional associations and regulatory boards lacked hard data that demonstrated the value of licensing. In 2020, the Alliance for Responsible Professional Licensing (ARPL) sought to fill that information gap by commissioning Oxford Economics to help better understand the nuanced impacts of licensing on professions and trade and vocational occupations. NSPE is a founding member of ARPL.
The report Valuing Professional Licensing in the United States, includes several key findings:
  • Across all professions and occupations, licensing is associated with a 6.5% average increase in hourly earnings, even after accounting for the job holder’s educational attainment, gender, and racial demographics.
  • Among professionals in technical fields requiring significant education and training, a license narrows the gender-driven wage gap by about one third and the race-driven wage gap by about half.
  • Those in trade and vocational occupations can expect a 7.1% hourly wage increase after becoming licensed, while those in a profession requiring advanced education and training can expect a 3.6% wage increase after becoming licensed.

NJSPE Would Like to Welcome Its Newest Members and
Welcome Back Rejoins – Thank you for your membership!
Christopher Ayala-Bellido (Student)
Boston University
Louis R. Colangelo, PE
Charles P. Cuyulis, PE
Engineered Solutions Corp
Elizabeth DeFazio (Student)
Rutgers University
Diana Donohue (Student)
Stevens Institute of Technology
Bahram Farzaneh, PE
French & Parrello Associates PA
Matthew Brent Furnell (Student)
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
James Giurintano, PE
Bowman Consulting Group
Robert Goncalves, PE
Michael Henry, EI/EIT    
Turner Construction
Yee Huang, PE
Wang Technology
Patrick James Jeffery, PE
T&M Associates
Richard Keller, PE
Casey & Keller, Inc.
Jianna Nieves (Student)
The College of New Jersey
Sonja Ommundsen, PE
Stonefield Engineering & Design
Douglas C. Pelikan, PE
Douglas C Pelikan,PE
Max Rodriguez, PE
Ronald Rocco   Rotunno, PE
Michael St Pierre, PE     
SESI Consulting Engineers
Rostyslav L. Vasyliv (Student)
Stevens Institute of Technology
Richard S. Williams, PE
Township of Hamilton

Reduced Cost Ethics Training for Professional Engineers
To help our members meet their requirements, the New Jersey Society of Professional Engineers has launched a new online ethics training for professional engineers at a reduced cost. 
This two-hour online video, presented by the NJSPE counsel Larry Powers, will provide you with the two credits required for the ethics portion of your professional engineer license. Once the video is viewed in its entirety, you will be e-mailed a certificate proving you have met this licensing requirement. READ MORE
NJSPE Member Renewals
If you have received your renewal and are paying by Purchase Order or Voucher, please send all paper work to NJSPE for a signature. You can mail it to NJSPE, 414 River View Plaza, Trenton, NJ 08611 or you can fax it to 609-393-9891. Thank you for your membership!
Job Opportunities

Consulting Careers for AI and Optimization Specialists
Posted: March 5, 2021
Location: Princeton, New Jersey
Type: Full Time
Work Function: AI, Consultants, Data Science/Mining, Forecasting, Operations Research Professionals, Programming, Project Management/Analysis

Site/Civil Project Manager - Senior Level
Posted: January 22, 2021
Location: Cape May Court House, New Jersey
Salary: Wages commensurate with experience
Type: Full Time
Years of Experience: 11+
Categories: Civil - Coastal / Oceans / Ports / Rivers, Civil - Design, Civil - Water / Wastewater, Civil Engineering
Required Education: 4 Year Degree

Has Hydrogen's Time Finally Come?

Global conditions to harness the potential of hydrogen to fuel the developing clean energy transformation—particularly technology innovation, political investment and growing acceptance that climate change is a reality—finally appear to be lining up.

Microfluidic Chip Simplifies COVID-19 Testing, Delivers Results on a Phone in 55 Minutes or Less

Programmed magnetic nanobeads paired with an off-the-shelf cellphone and plug-in diagnostic tool can diagnose COVID-19 in 55 minutes or less, according to Rice University engineers. Credit: Jeff Fitlow/Rice University

Rapid 3D printing method moves toward 3D-printed organs

A research team is a 3D printing method called stereolithography and jelly-like materials known as hydrogels to develop a 3D printing method that's 10-50 times faster than the industry standard. The team says its progress toward 3D-printed human tissue and organs -- biotechnology that could eventually save countless lives lost due to the shortage of donor organs.

New Metamaterial Features Mechanical Properties That Can Be Reprogrammed

Over the past 20 years, scientists have been developing metamaterials, or materials that don’t occur naturally and whose mechanical properties result from their designed structure rather than their chemical composition. They allow researchers to create materials with specific properties and shapes. Metamaterials are still not widely used in everyday objects, but that could soon change.

NSPE Delivers Policy Priorities to White House

In a letter to the Biden administration, NSPE urged the development of common-sense climate change mitigation policies and swift investment in the nation’s infrastructure, among other recommendations. When responding to climate change, the letter said, the administration should be cautious of overreach that could trigger unintended consequences, especially for the economy. Regarding infrastructure, NSPE highlighted its vital role in society and the value of having professional engineers “play a lead role in creating, maintaining, and renewing infrastructure.”

Report: Tesla is secretly building a giant 100 MW battery in Texas

Tesla is best known as an electric car company, but the firm also has a thriving business in battery storage — including utility-scale battery installations to support the electric grid. Bloomberg reports that Tesla is currently building a battery installation in Tesla CEO Elon Musk's new home state of Texas. The project is in Angleton, about an hour south of Houston.

Construction momentum posts strong gain in February

The Dodge Momentum Index rose 7.1% in February to 149.0 from the revised January reading of 139.1. The institutional component of the Momentum Index jumped 26.3% during the month, while the commercial component was essentially flat. February's Momentum Index marked the highest levels in nearly three years as a result of a surge in large projects that entered planning. It remains to be seen if this level of activity, especially in the institutional sector, is sustainable given the tenuous economic recovery and rising material prices.

Fifteen Free Courses

These courses are available for free to NSPE members to conveniently view from the comfort of your home or office. Viewers may earn credits by viewing the webinars and passing a quiz. Upon successful completion of each session quiz with a passing score of 70% or higher, the quiz taker will receive an attendance certificate with the appropriate credits (PDHs) earned for that session. PDHs from the NSPE free courses are recognized by most U.S. states
Joseph A. Mancini, PE
Robert V. Kiser, PE
William Delisky, PE
Erica Vigliorolo, EIT
Tejal Patel, PE
Jeffrey Laux, PE
Brian Van Nortwick, PE
Mark Shourds, PE, F.NSPE
Lawrence Powers, Esq.
Joe Simonetta, CAE
Past President
Vice President
NJSPE Director at Large
NSPE Delegate
Executive Director