March 2020 - Special Edition
Resources: Toolbox Talks, OSHA Guidelines, Policy Template, Etc.
These resources have been gathered by NUCA to provide our members a central online place for information about protecting your employee's health, legal advice on business continuity, workplace reguations, and many other vital topics. Start with these pages if you are looking to ramp up your response during this national emergency.
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Pandemic Flu Policy Template
Members can download NUCA's sample written Pandemic Flu Policy to create their own best practices or to use as a template to create your company's program. Click Here
USDOL Coronavirus Resources   - Workplace safety, wage & hour, unemployment insurance, USDOL temporary rules, and other useful business management information from the US Dept. of Labor.

USDOL Wage & Hour Division -  Pandemics and the effects on employer wage & hour requirements, and FLSA and FMLA regulation

OSHA: Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19  - Employee absenteeism, response planning, disease prevention, employee communications, safe work practices, PPE, and many more basic details are covered in this OSHA document for companies seeking first information. (PDF)

OSHA Information Pages  - A wealth of COVID-19 information for employers and employees covering many topics.

Centers for Disease Control & Prevention  - What employers and employees need to know about COVID-19 and Latest U.S. updates on this disease

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Coronavirus Tookit :  Includes workplace graphics on staying healthy, what to do if employees get sick, information on keeping businesses and homes safe, and much more.

National Law Review Coronavirus News : A comprehensive and growing resource for labor and employment laws and regulations affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Answers on OSHA regs, contracts, telecommuting, pending legislation, etc.

Coronavirus/COVID-19 Task Force Legal Resource Center  - This Pennsylvania law firm has assembled some useful answers to labor and employment, real estate & finance, force majeure & contracts, credit/debtor issues, and some U.S. state specific issues for the pandemic.
LEGISLATIVE Call to Action Contact Your Senator on H.R. 6201
NUCA of Colorado has issued a CALL TO ACTION  to our members to contact your Senator to Improve the Coronavirus Response Act (H.R. 6201) for construction and tell them how critical the impact of this bill will be to small business and our industry.  Please contact Senator Gardner and Senator Bennet immediately as they may be voting on this bill at any moment and our voices need to be heard. Read More and Contact Here
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NEW: Toolbox Talks on COVID-19