March News
It's Women's History Month! We'll be celebrating with rotating displays in our windows and on our table. Scroll down for event information and upcoming new releases - including some staff favorites coming in paperback this month!
June Gervais Event
Saturday, March 11th at 5pm
Come and meet debut author, June Gervais and hear her read from her novel, Jobs for Girls with Artistic Flair.

You may have seen June's book on Andrew's staff recommendation shelf - he's been a huge advocate for this book from day one and says about the book, "In 1985, it isn't easy for a woman to break into the tattoo business, especially not in a small town like Blue Claw. When Gina turns 18, her brother reluctantly lets her apprentice at his tattoo shop, and the next year is filled with unexpected surprises. I was completely wrapped up in Gina's coming-of-age story. A shining gem of a debut from June Gervais." 

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Ballard Art Walk with Julia Kuskin
March 11th, 6-9pm

After our June Gervais event, make sure to stick around for Ballard Art Walk from 6-9pm. We'll be featuring the photography of Julia Kuskin, a long-time customer here at the shop.

Individual prints and both of Julia's photography books will be available for sale during Art Walk!
Ballard Wine Walk
March 25th from 5-8pm
We'll be staying open late on the 25th of March for Ballard Wine Walk with Torii Mor Winery.

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Coming in March...
Birnam Wood
by Eleanor Catton
This book is like a massive punch in the gut. Catton collects characters from different socio-economic backgrounds and we watch as their worlds collide. It's a very readable book, uncomfortable in its honesty, funny and compelling. A total slam dunk. 

Signed copies available
Recommended by Becky
Available March 7th
Hello Beautiful
by Ann Napolitano
A family drama by the author of Dear Edward inspired by Louisa May Alcott's Little Women. William turns his life around after meeting Julia and her three sisters and becoming entwined in their family.

Signed copies available!
Available March 14th
Saving Time
by Jenny Odell
Author of How to do Nothing examines the rhythms of our daily lives and the ways in which profit, not people, drives our choices - even in moments that are all our own. This is ultimately a deeply hopeful book with the power to change the way we interact with time and our world.
Available March 7th
Poverty, by America
by Matthew Desmond
Sociologist, Matthew Desmond, looks at why the richest country in the world has the highest levels of poverty. He examines the systems in which the rich get richer by suppressing the poor and offers creative and exciting new solutions. If you haven't read Desmond's previous book, Evicted, about the housing crisis in Milwaukee, Kevin says that "its narrative style is highly engaging. A must-read for anyone interested in what's happening in Seattle."

Available March 21st
The Adventures of Amina Al-Sirafi
´╗┐by Shannon Chakraborty
Chakraborty's latest has all the elements of a classic adventure story. It's a TON of fun - nonstop action, very cheeky and smart, with a fantastic and colorful cast of characters and a vile, evil villain. Amina is a pirate with a fearsome reputation and she is also a mother, a fact which gives her character emotional depth and intuition. This is escapism at its finest.

Recommended by Becky
by Joy Harjo
Illustrated by Michaela Goade
Caldecott medalist, Michaela Goade, illustrates US Poet Laureate Joy Harjo's iconic poem, Remember, and the result is stunning! This has all the makings of an award-winner.
Available March 21st
You Are Here: Connecting Flights
Edited by Ellen Oh
A collection of short stories by some powerhouse children's book authors including Linda Sue Park, Erin Entrada Kelly, Grace Lin, Traci Chee, Mike Chen, Meredith Ireland, Mike Jung, Minh Le, Randy Ribay, Christina Soontornvat, and Susan Tan and focusing on a group of Asian American kids who are stuck at an airport.

Available March 7th
Staff recs coming in paperback this month...
by Emily St. John Mandel

This is the third book by Mandel that I've read and my favorite so far. A beautiful, wide-reaching story that spans centuries and is expertly executed. The narrative is practically flawless and incredibly compelling.

Available March 28th
Recommended by Becky

by Jennifer Egan

Can you win the Pulitzer twice? In this perfect companion novel to A Visit from the Goon Squad, Egan is certainly worthy! She's done it again with a clever & compelling character-driven commentary of our world. I loved this book!

Available March 7th
Recommended by Mary

by Hanya Yanagihara

A deeply moving and fascinating trip into an alternate past and terrifying future. Yanagihara saves the best for last - part three of the book builds in a heart-pounding crescendo that made the entire reading experience richer.

Available March 21st
Recommended by Becky
by Sosuke Natsukawa

This is a love letter to book lovers, championing the emotional impact that stories have in the hearts and lives of readers. Tiger, the snarky feline sidekick to the main character, adds a charming and Ghibli-esque aesthetic to this thoughtful, tender novel.

Available March 14th
Recommended by Andrew

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