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FUNCTION: with Cannupa Hanska Luger!
Letter from Rachel, CEO
Rachel with collection
I'm thrilled to announce our collaboration with internationally renowned artist and activist, Cannupa Hanska Luger , for FUNCTION, an interactive community art experience. Cannupa is in great demand around the globe, as he lectures, participates in residencies and large scale projects. He was the recipient of the Museum of Arts and Design’s 2018 Burke Prize, the inaugural award celebrating ‘highly accomplished work, strong use of materials, innovative processes, and conceptual rigor and relevance’.

The Function experience begins with plate-making, led by Cannupa. The plates will then be used at the August 15 family-style dinner at the Coe. The making of the plates will be mirrored by the collaborative making of dinner, led by local chefs and the young people of Youthworks culinary arts program. At the dinner, we share in the food, and at the end, stand and shatter our dishes on the ground in what Cannupa calls, “an action of rebellion against the preciousness and driving consumption of art today.”

You can sign up for one of the April workshops, which includes admission to the dinner, at
Eventbrite . Tickets are $25 for adults, $10 for students and free for children under 12. You can also make a donation, using the link, so more people from all walks of life can participate in this truly awesome experience.

Also, I hope to see you at the Hands-On Student Curator Exhibition opening, "Recollective Echo" on May 10, starting at 5:30. As always, admission is free, with plenty of parking. I anticipate this to be an intriguing experience, based on the students' selection of objects from our collection for their work. Oh, and let me mention, these creative curators have designed their terrific logo (and you can purchase limited edition t-shirts with it at the opening.) These "kids" are more than alright; they are truly inspiring!

Last but not least, remember we are open the First Friday of every month from 1 to 4 p.m. or call to schedule a private tour. You can be up close with those wonderful masks shown in the above photo. And we have many more unusual objects, with fascinating histories we love to share!

As always, we welcome your ideas and questions—let us know at
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"My practice is rooted in the traditions of generations before me and augmented by the requirements of survival."

April Workshops & August 15 Dinner
Now based in New Mexico, Cannupa was raised on the Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota and is of Mandan, Hidatsa, Arikara, Lakota, Austrian, and Norwegian descent. Using social collaboration and in response to timely and site-specific issues, Luger produces multi-pronged projects that take many forms. Through monumental installations that incorporate ceramics, video, sound, fiber, steel, and cut-paper, Luger interweaves performance and political action to communicate stories about 21st century Indigeneity.

Through a series of ticketed workshops in April, Cannupa will guide participants in the production of simple plates which will be used for the August dinner. Each dish will be stamped with markers of both Cannupa and the individual maker. This simple action of rendering raw clay into a surface for consuming food, will begin a series of communal actions all driving toward the ultimate goal of “turning a table into a bridge,” as Cannupa explains.

The making of the plates will be mirrored by the collaborative making of the final evening's foods, led by leading local chefs and the young people of Youthworks culinary arts program, who all cook through the vehicle of clay whether it is on a comal, a tandoori oven, micaceous clay bean pots, tagines, or French dutch ovens. The act of cooking a meal in a clay medium is a cross-current through time and space, uniting us across history and cultural divides.

The final evening dinner, served family-style on long tables at the Coe Center, will be simultaneously profound and silly, memorable and ephemeral, triumphant and mundane. We will all gather to share the same food, discuss the experience of creating a plate upon which a stranger, friend, or family member is dining, and at the end stand together to shatter these dishes on the ground in an action of rebellion against the preciousness and driving consumption of art today.

Still Time to Reserve Your Seat!
Making A Living With Your Art
Thursday, March 28, 6:00 - 7:30 at the Coe
With Our Partner, The Loan Fund

Register at EventBrite (Free tickets)

In March, we will be hosting a workshop, led by The Loan Fund's Joaquin Amador, with participation of our Coe Board Director, Kenneth Johnson. Joaquin has worked with many arts groups and nonprofits throughout his career, with a realistic approach to art as a business. Kenneth will share his lessons learned in developing his business, while retaining his commitment to his heritage and artistic vision.

Kenneth Johnson is a contemporary Native American designer and accomplished metalsmith working in copper, silver, gold, platinum and palladium. His career spans over two decades and is recognized for bold combinations of stampwork and engraving often incorporating coins and bead set gemstones. Signature techniques include original dates of coins visible in the designs, Seminole patchwork patterns, rocker arm engraving and Southeast style concentric line designs. For more about Kenneth and his award-winning work, please visit his website.

For more about The Loan Fund, New Mexico's oldest and largest community lender, please visit their website.
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