March 2018
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America Saves Week Inspiring Savers
Win up to $750!
Get inspired to save more and help inspire others by taking a snapshot of your savings goal during America Saves Week #ImSavingForSweepstakes

Step 1:
Take the  America Saves Pledge  and tell America Saves what you're saving for and make a simple savings plan to reach your goal

Step 2:
Take a picture illustrating your savings goal

Step 3:
Share your picture on America Saves Facebook or on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag
February 2018 Graduates

Congratulations to our most recent graduates!!!! These graduates took the challenge to grow their savings, reduce their debt, and improve their credit over the course of 10 months with BankOn Hampton Roads.

Crisis Mode Class:
TCC Portsmouth
120 Campus D r .
3/12/18 6:30 pm

New Jerusalem COGIC
118 Bishop Thoroughgood Ave
3/10/18  9:30 am

Norfolk Fitness and Wellness Ctr
7300 Newport Ave #100
3/20 /18  6:00 pm

Bow Creek Rec Center
3427 Club House Rd.
3/15/18  6:30 pm

Foodbank of Southeastern VA
800 Tidewater Dr.
3/26/18 6:30 pm

TCC Virginia Beach Joint Use Library
1700 College Cres.
3/22/18 6:30 pm

Credit Next Steps Class:
Williams Farm Rec Center
5252 Learning Circle
3/6/18 6:30 pm

Southside Aquatics Center
1750 Campostella Rd.
3/7/18 6:00 pm

TCC Portsmouth
120 Campus Dr.
3/13/18 6:30 pm

Virginia Beach Human Services
3432 Virginia Beach Blvd
3/8/18 6:30 pm

Oceanfront Library
700 Virginia Beach Blvd
3/17/18  1:00 pm

Norfolk Social Services
741 Monticello Ave. #106
3/26/18  12:00 pm

Virtual Class
3/28/18  6:00 pm

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30-40-30 Refund Savings
Take care of your past, present and future by using the 30-40-30 plan for take refund savings.

Use 30% to catch up on past due bills or debts to take care of the past.  

Use 40% for things you need right now like car repairs or a special treat for the family.

Use 30% to save for the future.  You know unexpected happens.  Use your refund to protect yourself by establishing a cushion.

Buy a Home!
Is home ownership one of your goals?  

VHDA offers free home ownership classes each month.  Prepare yourself for all the details of the home buying process and understand the risks and rewards of owning your own home.  


Free Online Learning
Take your financial assessment and get a free financial courses customized for your interests and needs.  With LifeCents you can come back again and again to grow your knowledge and skills!
More Information
Credit Score Quiz
How much do you know about credit scores?  Take the credit score quiz to test your knowledge!

Save Your Refund
Launching your savings plan could not be easier than saving your tax refund to win $100! offers 100 chances to win $100.  The earlier you file the greater your chances of winning!  All you need to do is split your refund between your savings and checking accounts and enter!  Easy peasy! 

What could you do with an extra $100?  This could be your chance to both saves AND win!

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Help inspire others to save win a little extra money for your own savings! It's really easy to get in on the action! America Saves Week is February 26 - March 3.  Lots of great events and incentives to inspire you to make that commitment to savings, make it automatic and see your goals become reality.  America Saves is offering a #IMSAVINGFORSWEEPSTAKES (see article left).

Virginia Saves will begin some saver's promotions next week to continue on the theme of savings.  Next week (March 5 - 12) share your creative ways to save money at tax time or how you can get more results from your refund.  All you have to do is a pledge with Virginia Saves  get creative with savings tips on their Facebook page. Share  your tax refund savings tips for getting more bang for your buck.  All submissions are eligible for $50 drawing!!!

During March 12-18 post ideas for saving for a vacation to the Virginia Saves Facebook page and your name will be automatically entered  in a drawing to win $50

If you are a Bank On participant and need assistance to find a coach or to match a class with your schedule, give us a call!  We are here for you. Send us an email at or Call Lori Irwin at 757-943-9652.


Bank On Twitter: @Bank_on 

Virginia Saves Twitter: @_VASaver_ 
Bank On Launches New Classes
Benefits of Merging Money After Marriage
You've probably heard that there are financial advantages of marriage. From better options for retirement and other benefits, to savings on expenses and marriage tax breaks, tying the knot can have big payoffs.

Click below for a list of things you'll want to do right away to make your marriage official. 

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In Person Tax Assistance
The Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program offers free tax help to people who generally make $54,000 or less, persons with disabilities and limited English speaking taxpayers who need assistance in preparing their own tax returns. IRS-certified volunteers provide free basic income tax return preparation with electronic filing to qualified individuals.

In addition to VITA, the Tax Counseling for the Elderly (TCE) program offers free tax help for all taxpayers, particularly those who are 60 years of age and older, specializing in questions about pensions and retirement-related issues unique to seniors.

Hampton Roads has a number of free locations to file taxes.  Search for a tax site near you!  

Car Loan Amortization
Even though your car payment is the same amount each month, you actually pay more interest at the beginning of your loan then at the end. Want to see how car loan amortization works?

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Credit Score Quiz
How much do you know about credit scores?  Take the credit score quiz to test your knowledge!

Art of Debt Management
Free workshop, 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month.
Learn about basic financial planning, building a spending plan, understanding your credit report and options for getting out of debt.

Class hosted by The UpCenter at 222 W. 19th St., Norfolk, VA.  To register or for more information contact Erica Ramjohn at 757-965-8640.
Bank On in Hampton Roads is dedicated to equipping citizens with resources and skills to strengthen their financial condition.  We are here for you.  Give us a call 757-943-9652.

Lori Irwin
Bank On Hampton Roads