"Keep on keeping on" might be the new slogan for this decade. We've learned a lot from hindsight in 2020. One such learning is that resilience is a valuable skill. It helps us cope, adapt and manage through adversity. For most, the challenges have been COVID and all that it has wrought. Illness. Death. Working from home. Schooling from home. Masks. Social distancing. And income. Will it be enough to honor financial obligations? Will it be enough to cover increasing expenses like long-term care insurance premiums? We offer an explanation for premium increases along with our method to reduce cost and coverage.
Do you know what I hate? Even more than you do? Rate increases! Why they happen and what you can do!
With 2020 in the rearview mirror, what did we learn? For us, there were many lessons - but planning ahead tops the list!
Long-term care costs are on the rise! Learn what they cost now and in the future!
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Did You Know?
Long-term care insurance is not a “one size fits all” risk management strategy. It is highly customized. At Gurley LTCI we review four key factors with clients as each factor plays a part in determining the best funding strategy for a specific client. These include:

Health – Long-term care insurance is medically underwritten. Health history will determine insurability and point to carrier(s), product(s) and ultimately determine the cost of the insurance.

Wealth/Income – Long-term care insurance protects assets and income. We want to understand the assets to be protected as well as overall income to determine a comfortably affordable premium.

Asset Location – Provisions of the Pension Protection Act allow for tax-advantaged funding of long-term care insurance policies. We want to know if clients have cash value in life insurance or annuities as this may be a very attractive way to fund a policy.

Financial Goals – As we customize coverage it is important for us to know if clients want to preserve assets to transfer wealth to the next generation or simply want to be sure they can afford quality care.
Nicole Gurley, CLTC
Gurley Long-Term Care Insurance