Going beyond legal services to help society
"Our ultimate north star is the the case that goes from helping one client to helping thousands in Illinois. "

- Attorney Howard Ankin
Back in January, I dedicated this column to how uninsured or under-insured motorist coverage works in Illinois and a case we won at the Illinois Appellate Court. The example I gave regarded a woman who was struck by a car in a hit and run accident in a retail store parking lot. Despite decades of Illinois public policy, her insurance company refused to pay.
ABC 7 News has since reported on it, as well as, WGN’s Day Time Chicago.

Whenever I speak to clients, or anyone for that matter, and explain that the car insurance card in your wallet will also protect you when walking, running, or biking if you are involved in a hit and run accident, it usually turns out they were not aware of it. It’s news like this that takes a legal issue and transforms it into a social one.

Last fall we spread the word about another case involving a workers’ compensation injury that took place in a home office. Many people who work from home aren’t aware that they can file for workers’ comp if they’re working at the time of the accident. This case also resonates with our changing society.

For all of us at Ankin Law, job one is maximizing the recovery for our clients. We do everything in our power to make them whole and help them heal physically and mentally. But the ultimate north star is when the work we do can make a positive impact on society in general. When we can positively affect thousands, injury law made personal takes on a whole new meaning.

An op-ed from Ankin Law appeared recently in the Chicago Sun Times regarding the increase in pedestrian accidents and how auto insurance can help pay medical bills.
Car insurance, pedestrians, and cyclists

One client. Three cases: workers' comp, personal injury, and Social Security Disability

"Our client, Ken, was young and
in his forties. His injuries were severe and he was not going to work again. By the time he got to me, Scott and Matt had both been able to provide a recovery for him. I was not going to be the one to not deliver.”

Darrell Johnson,
Social Security Disability Representative
Ken Rickard was a semi truck driver delivering steel to a site when the straps holding the aluminum sheeting he was hauling snapped, slid off the truck, and onto his legs and feet. What began as a workers’ compensation case with Attorney Scott Goldstein expanded to a 3rd party liability case handled by Attorney Matt Friedman. Lastly, because of the severity
of his injuries, Darrell Johnson was able
to obtain Social Security Disability for Mr. Rickard as well.

Given the number of talented attorneys and support staff, Ankin Law was able to handle all three cases in-house. A trifecta.

Introducing our new 0:06 commercials
Have you ever watched a show on broadcast TV when the station cuts to a station identification? It goes something like “You’re watching Chicago’s own WGN Channel 9.”

These short, station ID breaks, until recently, have not been made available to buy for ad time. Ankin Law was one of the first Chicago brands to take advantage of this opportunity.
Stickman, our brand mascot, is well suited for these short, animated messages.

In each situation we seen an accident occur, followed by a dust cloud, our logo and phone number. It's simple, memorable, and grabs your attention. Click to see what we mean.

Mass Torts
Ankin Law is investigating a cause
of action against a number of products linked to illiness and death in Illinois such as Zantac, Round Up, NEC, Camp Lejeune, and PFAS.
If you have questions about a mass tort, call Ankin Law 312.600.0000.