Strong Tower Ministries Newsletter                              Volume 12, Issue 147

"The name of the LORD is a strong tower; The righteous run to it and are safe." Proverbs 18:10
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March 31st, Saturday
Siloé Wellness Center Build

April 7th & 14th, Saturdays
Santa Ana Outreach

April 7th & 28th, Saturdays 
Siloé Wellness Center Build
May 5th, Saturday
Rosarito/Ensenada 50 Mile Bike Ride Fundraiser 
May 26th-28th, Saturday-Monday
Memorial Day Weekend Trip
August 11th, Saturday
WetNWild5K Run/Walk Fundraiser 
What Does Serving Look Like?

Brandon Maldenado (left} with Family 2006
From time to time we like to highlight some of the ordinary people out there doing extraordinary things...take Brandon for example...
His testimony starts way back as a teenager when he started selling drugs with his dad. That led him down a road he admits, "he was lucky to make it out alive." During those years, he married, got divorced, and then remarried his wife. When asked what led him to Jesus he replied, "I had come to a place where I had tried everything else in life and always ended up empty inside. So I decided to give Jesus a try since I hadn't done that yet, and ever since my life has had meaning and a purpose. A purpose to live being a better husband, a better father, and someone that seeks to serve Him over anything else."
It was that sense of service that caused him to bring his son to Baja in 2006 to serve at our first building project, the Purple Palace. Brandon had established a very successful marble/granite/tile business in Orange County, so he and his son came down to see if they could lend a hand laying some tile. That first serving trip turned into multiple others where not only did Brandon bring his whole family down to serve, but donated most of the tile materials needed to complete the 15,000 sq. ft. orphanage remodel. From there, Brandon continued to bring his family down for other building projects and was the first guy to raise his hand to provide material donations for the Door of Faith Nursery, Rancho Sordo Mudo Auditorium, and Puerta Hermosa projects. 
March 2018
Twelve years later Brandon is still focusing on being a better husband, father, and available to answer the call wherever God calls him to serve. Just a couple weeks ago, Brandon was back with his family (all grown up now), laying bathroom tile and brick work at the Siloé Wellness Center. His commitment never wavering, he plans to be back again in the weeks that follow until the tile portion of the project is completed. 
So on your next Baja serving trip to Siloé, if you happen to see the man we affectionately refer to as the "tile king", take a moment to say hi and tell him your story...Brandon loves a good story.   
Siloe Wellness Center Updates

Playground Area Underway!
Thanks to all of you that donated funds and volunteered your time towards the purchase and installation of the playground unit on March 8-11. The weekend ended on Sunday afternoon with several families enjoying pizza, and prayer dedicating the area that is sure to be a gathering place for children and adults for many years to come. We continue to work on other play features, a bbq area, and community gardens.  To date, we've received $2,500 towards the overall cost of $13,500, so there are financial giving opportunities remaining!  
"Tile King" Brandon Maldenado at work in community center kitchen
Southwest Bible College at work in Event Lawn/Stage Area
Thanks to all the groups spending their spring breaks in Baja this year! Goals for the month of March/April are to complete the interiors of Phase 2 & 3 which include the community center kitchen, bathrooms, staff lounge, prayer and counseling room, and director's office. Walkways and planters are going in around the main building and casitas areas. The work continues on the park casitas in the hopes of framing that home the beginning of May. With only a few months remaining before the grand opening, your help is needed!  
July 7th, Saturday
Siloé Wellness Center Dedication Grand Opening!     
Ride for A Reason!

Team Strong Tower is joining Team Siloé to ride the famous Rosarito-Ensenada bike race on Saturday, May 5! Just like last year, a group of friends and supporters will complete the 50-mile course to raise funds for the Wellness Center project.  We are hoping to recruit a larger group of riders this year for a fun event that will include a barbecue at the Siloé Wellness Center build site after the race. Transportation to and from the race is included.
Register To Ride Here: Click Here
Then Sign up Here to Fundraise: Click Here
To Book your trip spot: (949) 212-8071
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