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March 2014 - Issue 108 
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Feature Article: Strategies for Dealing with Overexcitabilities
Talking Circles: Welcome Dr. Donna Y. Ford
SMPGs: The Heart of SENG: Motivation: Recapturing the Joy of Learning
Director's Corner: The Power in Sensitivity
100 Words of Wisdom: Evelyn King Metcalf
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March 18, 2014
Presenter: Dan Peters, PhD

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March 27, 2014 (new date)
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March 27-28, 2014

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- Access to experts in the field
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- Great keynote speakers
- Networking, friendships, and
  much more!

Keynote Speakers:

Dr.  Dan Peters
2e 360: Lessons Learned From Working With 2e Youth, Raising 2e Kids, and Living 2e


Marc Yu 

Sharing the triumphs and difficulties growing up as a world famous child prodigy

Rose Blackett
Conceptualizing Global Giftedness



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Dear SENG Friends,    

Liz Campbell


Spring is always a busy--and exciting--time at SENG, as planning kicks into high gear for our annual conference. This year's conference, to be held in San Jose, CA, from July 18-20, promises to be another wonderful event. 


Our conference will feature sessions for parents, grandparents, and teachers of gifted children; gifted adults; and health professionals. We have made some changes to this year's conference based on feedback from past attendees. The 2014 conference will feature more opportunities for networking, and our children/teen program has added an extra half-day of programming to allow parents to more easily attend Sunday workshop sessions.


To learn more about our conference, please visit our website. Our early bird registration rates end May 31, so register today and join us for an experience that is sure to positively impact your life!


Looking forward to meeting you in San Jose!


Best wishes,

Liz Campbell

Liz Campbell

Executive Director   

Feature Article

Strategies for Dealing with Overexcitabilities

by  Regina Hellinger

Editor's Note: Want to learn more? The author will present a SENGinar (SENG webinar) on this topic on Thursday, May 15. You can sign up here.  


Recently I wrote an article for the SENGvine, "The Gift of Emotional Overexcitabilities." The article received a lot of attention on Facebook and other social media sources. Many expressed their relief at being seen and understood. Others were concerned about what this reality would look like for children; would highly sensitive children be perceived as mentally unstable or would they be bullied for their sensitivities? Read More... 

Talking Circles 

Welcome Dr. Donna Y. Ford to SENG's Professional Advisory Committee 


by Tiombe Bisa Kendrick

With every passing day, the United States becomes more ethnically and racially diverse. Still, gifted and talented individuals from racially and ethnically diverse populations continue to be underserved and disenfranchised on a number of levels in the U.S. Keeping this in mind, over the past few years, SENG has committed to addressing the social and emotional needs of our constituents from a variety of backgrounds, including ethnic and racial backgrounds. Read More... 


Molly McLeod

Motivation: Recapturing the Joy of Learning

by Molly Isaacs-McLeod

I frequently field concerns expressed by parents of gifted children and teens regarding motivation and underachievement. There are common threads in the many stories I have heard. At one time their child was fully engaged, joyous, and nearly insatiable about learning. Over time they notice that the child is less excited to learn. The child who at one time made weekly trips to the library to check out "literally every book" about one topic and then another seemingly loses interest. Eventually the child, or teen, is doing the minimum to get by; sometimes the minimum is a good day! Read More...

The Power in Sensitivity 


by Kate Bachtel, MEd


True power that liberates is born from sensitivity; strength cannot exist independent of vulnerability. Mabel, a kindergarten student, illustrates this beautifully. Mabel has soulful eyes that pierce, framed by innocent ringlets that bounce like she does between intense curiosity and playfulness. At recess one day, Mabel let out a panic-filled scream that sent me into calm, emergency assessment mode; I thought for certain Mabel had been seriously injured. When our eyes met, Mabel shared through tears and pain-laced sobs that her brussel sprouts had touched her mac n' cheese. The tragedy was foods mixing; for Mabel, this was truly devastating. Read More... 

100 Words of Wisdom: Evelyn King Metcalf   
In approximately 100 words, experts from around the world offer their perspective on some aspect of giftedness. View and share the online version. 

Kahlil Gibran's poem, On Children, frequently comes to my mind when I speak to gifted parents of gifted children: "Your children are not your children. They are the sons and the daughters of a life longing for itself." When I was in India several years ago making a cross-cultural metaphor quilt, a young boy drew a kite. When I asked him to explain, he said simply: "I am a kite. I want to go high, but my parents are holding me down." Listen to your children! Be in the present! Living for "academic potential" oftentimes misses the mark of emotions now. Emotional well-being is the foundation for all growth!


Evelyn King Metcalf, MAT, currently teaches second grade at the Barringer Academic Center, Charlotte, NC. She has taught in regular and gifted education for the past 20 years in both Ohio and NC. Evelyn is a facilitator for SENG Model Parent  Groups and represented SENG as NC's state liaison. She has presented at OAGC and NCAGT conferences, in addition to the New Hanover County School system in Wilmington, NC. For the previous four years she taught third grade at a charter school for highly gifted in Charlotte, NC and served on its Vision Committee. Evelyn earned her master's degree and gifted license at Kent State University. She is a SENG board member.

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