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March 11, 2021

Manufacturing Industry News
Spring Apprentice Cohort: Enrollment Fees Waived Through 4/16
The Manufacturers Intermediary Apprenticeship Program (MIAP) is a New York State Department of Labor approved manufacturing apprentice program. MIAP is administered in the Hudson Valley by the Council of Industry.

Our first cohort of apprentices have earned their trade certificates or are well on their way towards completion - becoming the valuable skilled workers their employers need.

To encourage participation and spread the word about apprenticeship opportunities, we will waive all registration fees for our Introductory Trade, Industrial Manufacturing Technician to companies who commit before 4/16.

Apprenticeship consists of two stages: On-the-Job Training (OJT) and Related Instruction (RI). OJT allows an apprentice to learn firsthand from a skilled craftsperson who will demonstrate and share their experience in the field. In RI, apprentices will learn the theory - and knowledge - based components of the craft. They must complete 144 hours of classroom or online training each year.
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FuzeHub Accepting Applications for Manufacturing Grants Through March 31st
The Manufacturing Grants are designed to encourage collaboration between not-for-profit organizations in New York State and companies that work within the manufacturing industry. The grants serve as a resource to help small to medium-size manufacturing and technology companies achieve success from early stage, proof of concept through maturity. The partnership created by the not-for-profit organization and the industry partner serves as a pathway to technology transfer, adoption and implementation of new manufacturing processes, as well as the creation of enhanced products and services. The Innovation Fund has a new preliminary eligibility check for the grant programs. FuzeHub staff can work with applicants to initiate the process.

Be a Talent Focused Leader: 3 Ways Managers Can Attract and Keep Top Talent
Never before have companies relied so heavily on their human assets for their competitive advantage.You need your best people to stay, regardless of economic ups and downs. By stay, we mean that your talented people have not just checked in but are tuned in and turned on, as well. They are engaged in the business of the business. Successful talent-focused leaders select great people who fit well with the organization’s culture,mission, and values. They also ensure that people they select possess the leadership attributes, competencies, skills and personal traits needed to succeed in the position. Selecting the “right” person for the job, one who fits with the organization and the position, increases the likelihood they will stay longer.

Has the Employee-Employer Relationship Changed?
It’s often said that a person’s true nature is revealed by the way they handle a crisis. The same could be said of a company. Trust, empathy, transparency and strong communication skills are sought-after personal traits and important building blocks of company culture. When the pandemic hit, those building blocks became even more important, setting the stage for a new relationship between employees and employer.

National Skills Coalition Forms Workforce Panels to Advise Biden on Recovery Policies
One of the administrations’ key programs is the “Made in America” policy which calls for the government to: “whenever possible, procure goods, products, materials, and services from sources that will help American businesses compete in strategic industries and help America’s workers thrive."

While the NSC favors this policy, CEO Andy Van Kleunen said “President Biden's Made in all of America’ initiative will only be as successful as his commitment to making generation-defining workforce investments that are equitably allocated to support every worker in the manufacturing sector, particularly workers of color, immigrants, and workers with a high school diploma or less. In the coming months, the Manufacturing Recovery Panel will release a set of recommendations to help drive an inclusive recovery for the manufacturing workforce and industry. We can’t train our way out of this crisis. But meaningful investments in our workforce system must be part of the path forward.”

How to Stem the Rise in COVID-19 Employment Suits
The steady trickle of COVID-19-related lawsuits filed against manufacturing employers could turn into a flood this year, but companies can take steps to stem the tide before it reaches their shores, employment lawyers say.

“Nationwide, manufacturers have seen one to seven new COVID-19-related employment complaint filings a week since the beginning of April 2020. Such litigation is likely to continue to rise given the volume of filings,” offer attorneys Stephanie E. Lewis and Laura A. Ahrens of the Jackson Lewis law firm. “Keeping up with recent trends in COVID-19-related litigation can help manufacturers ensure compliance with the common bases of alleged violations.”

China Sets 2021 GDP Growth Target at Over 6%
Chinese leaders said they would target gross domestic product growth of 6% or more this year, a relatively modest goal that nonetheless signals continued optimism after a year in which the coronavirus eviscerated the global economy. The target, announced Friday in Beijing by Premier Li Keqiang, is comfortably lower than most economists’ expectations that the world’s second-largest economy will grow by 8% or more this year.

Friday’s gathering also unveiled a draft blueprint of China’s 14th five-year plan, covering 2021-25, as well as broad guidelines that would shape China’s growth model over the next decade and a half. In their five-year plan, Chinese leaders broke with convention in not giving an average numerical growth target, saying only that they would plan to keep the economy running “within a reasonable range.” In the 2016-20 plan, the target was “more than 6.5%.”

Can Technology Help Solve the Skills Gap Training Challenge?
Can technology help solve the training challenge that society faces in the age of artificial intelligence? Anousheh Ansari, CEO of XPRIZE, thinks it might. “The future of work is one of the most critical puzzles that we need to solve in our societies,” she told me. “In the midst of the pandemic, as we saw millions lose their jobs, disproportionately in lower paying employment, we saw a window of opportunity to tackle the immediate problem and give people new options.” In June, Ansari launched a $5 million “Rapid Reskilling” competition. And this week, she announced 10 finalists from four countries. Their challenge is to leverage novel solutions that will rapidly train 350 individuals in 90 days at no up-front cost, and place them in good jobs within 60 days. The winner needs to demonstrate their solution is scalable, deployed for 5,000 individuals in three industries.

Council News
What's Happening in Your Association
Additional Online Training Opportunities for Council Members
The Council of Industry is partnering with its sister organization, the Manufacturers Association of Central New York (MACNY), to provide expanded training opportunities to our members. One change the pandemic has accelerated is the broad acceptance of remote and online learning. This newfound acceptance has created an opportunity for the Council of Industry to partner with other manufacturers associations to broaden the manufacturing centered training offerings we deliver to our members.

Beginning this month Council members can access several offerings from MACNY including Project Management, OSHA 10 and 30 Hour, ISO internal Auditor and many more. Watch your inbox for our weekly calendar which will begin to include these offerings alongside our own.
Upcoming Events
Trade Show Opportunities For Manufacturers Through GlobalNY

Empire State Development’s Global NY Division works in partnership with the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) to increase both the number of small businesses exporting and value of exports for those currently exporting through the State Trade Expansion Program (STEP). The events below are eligible for STEP funding.
For more information on the program contact us at

Hannover Messe All-Digital Trade Show

April 12-16, 2021
Registration Deadline: March 31, 2021
Multi-Sector Virtual Trade Mission to Mexico

June 21–July 2, 2021
Registration Deadline: April 23, 2021
Hosted by Great Lakes St. Lawrence Governors' & Premiers' (GSGP)
OSHA Emergency Temporary Standard for COVID-19

When: Friday, March, 26, 2021, 01:00pm - 02:30pm
Where: Zoom Webinar
Cost: Free for Members
To register: click here

President Joe Biden on Jan. 21 signed an Executive Order directing OSHA and the Mine Safety and Health Administration to consider issuing ETSs related to COVID-19. That standard is expected before March 15th It was part of a larger movement to up enforcement of all safety and health regulations, not just those related to COVID 19.

This webinar, presented by Council of Industry Associate member Walden Engineering, will provide answers to these questions and more. 

Presented by Joe Heaney, President, Walden Environmental Engineering
The Manufacturing Matters Podcast
Manufacturing Matters Podcast: Manufacturers Apprenticeship Program
In this episode, Harold King and Johnnieanne Hansen discuss how the MIAP apprentice program works, why it works, and how you can enroll your employees. 

Apprenticeship consists of two stages: On-the-Job Training (OJT) and Related Instruction (RI). OJT allows an apprentice to learn firsthand from a skilled craftsperson who will demonstrate and share their experience in the field. In RI, apprentices will learn the theory – and knowledge – based components of the craft. They must complete 144 hours of classroom or online training each year.
Be a Guest on the Podcast!
The Council of Industry extends thanks to all Manufacturing Matters guests and listeners for their support. With more than 40 episodes released, we've documented countless conversations with local manufacturers.

In 2021, we're looking to introduce new faces to the podcast. If you or someone you know is involved in the Hudson Valley manufacturing sector and would like to be a guest on Manufacturing Matters, please contact Johnnieanne Hansen at