MARCH 2023


Pacific Institute Makes Waves at Historic UN 2023 Water Conference

The historic United Nations 2023 Water Conference last week created new momentum for water to rise on the global agenda. The Pacific Institute's thought leadership was front and center throughout the week and resulted in a number of new pivotal commitments to build water resilience. Look for a special edition blog and newsletter coming soon that will outline key learnings and next steps.

Until then, read more about the importance of the UN Water Conference, the first since 1977, in Part 1 and Part 2 of a compelling blog series authored by Dr. Amanda Bielawski, Jason Morrison, Mai-Lan Ha, Dr. Peter Gleick, and Heather Cooley. Dive into the insights and perspectives they share to gain a deeper understanding of the critical issues surrounding water resilience and security.


Pacific Institute Project Reaches New Milestone with LA Sensor Installation

A Pacific Institute project reached a new milestone this month. Pacific Institute Researchers Cora Snyder and Christine DeMyers oversaw the deployment of water efficiency upgrades in affordable apartment buildings owned by the Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles (HACLA).

These upgrades include the installation of an innovative remote leak detection system that allows for the real-time identification of toilet leaks. By fixing these leaks, we estimate HACLA could save 10 million gallons of water per year.



Pacific Institute, DigDeep Water, and the Center for Water Security and Cooperation Join Voices to Discuss Water Risks in United States

Climate change is increasing the risks faced by communities with unreliable or limited water and wastewater access in the United States. A new blog authored by Morgan Shimabuku and Dr. Shannon McNeeley from the Pacific Institute, Nora Nelson and Kimberly Slinde Lemme from DigDeep Water, and Alexandra Campbell-Ferrari from The Center for Water Security and Cooperation dives into these issues. The authors also discuss the need for comprehensive analysis and better governance.

This blog precedes upcoming collaborative research with DigDeep Water and The Center for Water Security and Cooperation. Stay tuned.



Pacific Institute Launches into the Next 35 Years

For 35 years, the Pacific Institute has been a water solutions pioneer. What began in 1987 has grown into a global effort—researching the most pressing water issues, advancing innovative water solutions, and mobilizing levers of change to take bold action.

On the occasion of the Pacific Institute’s 35th anniversary, we are proud to share our new look that embodies this commitment to build water resilience for communities, ecosystems, and economies. We invite you to envision what we can achieve—together—in the next 35 years.


Business Leaders' Open Call for Accelerating Action on Water

We are proud to announce the launch of the Business Leaders’ Open Call for Accelerating Action on Water, launched at the historic UN 2023 Water Conference to engage the corporate sector on building water resilience in their own operations and supply chains and across 100 basins by 2030. An initiative of the UN Global Compact, CEO Water Mandate, Pacific Institute, AquaFed, Alliance for Water Stewardship, Ceres, and the International Chamber of Commerce, the open call aims to mobilize businesses to advance water stewardship and achieve the Sustainable Development Goal 6 for clean water and sanitation. Look for more details in the upcoming special edition newsletter devoted to outcomes of the UN Water Conference.



Cora Snyder, Pacific Institute Senior Researcher, to address California’s Water and Climate Outlook at the US Green Alliance Lunch and Learn Webinar

Cora Snyder, Pacific Institute Senior Researcher, will be speaking at the US Green Alliance Lunch and Learn Webinar on April 5.

In this webinar, she will be discussing California's water & climate outlook, the mismatch between water supply and demand in California, alternative water supplies like water efficiency, reuse, and stormwater capture, and practical applications.


Pacific Institute Senior Researchers at the 2023 WateReuse Symposium

Pacific Institute Senior Researchers Cora Snyder and Shannon Spurlock recently shared their insights and recommendations on water reuse, collaboration, and regional water resilience at the 2023 WateReuse Symposium in Atlanta, Georgia.

From expanding water reuse to small and underserved communities to developing onsite water systems, their sessions covered various topics related to water challenges and sustainability.



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