Volume 5 | March 2020
March 2 020 News & Updates
News you can use on all things biking in Houston.
Resilient Houston Plan Calls for 500 Miles of New Bikeways by 2025
Resilient Houston is a framework for collective action and links existing efforts with new ones that will work collectively to protect Houston against future disasters—from hurricanes and flooding to extreme heat waves—and chronic stresses such as aging infrastructure, poor air quality, and climate change.

Bayou Greenways 2020 Celebration
The ambitious project to connect 150 miles of trail and linear parks nears substantial completion. Houston Parks Board will shine a light on Houston’s newest green spaces through community events both big and small, including the first-ever Sights & Sounds Festival on April 4 , and Houston’s inaugural Art Bike Parade on May 9 presented in partnership with the Orange Show Center for Visionary Art.
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