MARCH 2020

We would like to give a special thank you to Grace’s dad, Ryne, for coming to speak to the children during the preschool’s “Building Study”. Ryne is a project manager for an electrical contractor and spoke to the children, showing them safety gear including hard hats and reflective vests with his company’s name on them. He told the children that there are a lot of different workers on job sites and everyone needs to be safe and know who works on what project at a job site. That’s why they have safety gear with their company’s name on it. He also showed different colored bulbs and the children picked their favorite. Ryne’s favorite part of his job is seeing buildings built from start to finish. Thanks again, Ryne, for coming to visit our preschool classroom! 
We would like to continue to invite parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles into our classrooms to come and read to the children. We will post sign-up sheets in the toddler and preschool classrooms. You can bring a favorite children’s book of your own or your child’s or we can provide one for you. If the sign-up times don’t work with your schedule, please talk to the teachers so we can accommodate a time that will work. Thanks in advance for participating! 
On Wednesday, March 11 , Merlajean and her Parading Puppets will be here to put on a puppet show for the children. She will perform a 15-minute toddler show at 10:00 and a 30-minute preschool show. This should be a fun event for all!
MINNESOTA SPRING                               
Mud, slush and water… Oh My. The first day of spring is March 20, and with that comes the thaw (hopefully). With this thaw, comes lots of puddles and wet snow. The children are getting wet all the way through their snow pants and sometimes through boots too! Please make sure your child has at least two changes of clothing at school, including extra socks, and mittens. We want to make sure that the children can play outside every day and still come in and be able to learn and play in comfort. Thank you.
By Alli Zomer, Director of Operations

There is a truly momentous thing happening in America in 2020, something that is sure to shape our government for many years to come. An event filled with door knocking, ad campaigns and witty slogans. No, I am not talking about the election…I am talking about the census!

Every ten years, the federal government is required to count us, all of us. That may seem like a simple task, but it is a far cry from counting the green and speckled frogs my kids are so fond of (for the record, there are 5 of them). The census is a massive, complicated task. A huge team of people (called enumerators) hit the streets and literally knock on doors to try to understand how many people live in the US. In addition to those face to face counters, people can submit their census forms in the mail and, for the first time in history, online.

Census geeks will spend hours talking about the process, the methods and the data. But for most of us, there is a much simpler question that comes to mind: why does it matter? The results of the census are a pretty big deal for all of us, and especially for our children, for a few reasons:

Representation: The census determines how many seats each state has in the US House of Representatives, as well as the voting districts for state and local government. For Minnesotans to have our voices heard, this representation is vital.

Funding: Census data is what lawmakers use to decide how much money is spent in local communities. And when it comes to our children, everything from school lunch to healthcare to food assistance to childcare subsidy support relies on census data. We know that children and families in our community rely on these resources, and an accurate census helps to ensure that children get the support they deserve.

Planning: The government relies on census data to plan roads, schools, hospitals and more. By knowing who is in our community, lawmakers can create better plans that meet their needs.

Knowing that all these important things are tied to the results of the census (and stay in place for 10 years until the next count), it is important to make sure everyone is counted. Unfortunately, children are one of the most undercounted groups across the country. They often get missed, which means that we lose out on the representation and the resources our children and families need. So, as we head into the spring, think of it as census season, and make sure that your family is counted!

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Now-3/8  Tropical Beach Party , MN Zoo, Apple Valley
3/1 Kid’s Dance Party , Can Can Wonderland, St. Paul
3/7  First Free Saturday: Kids' Film Fair , Walker Art, Mpls
3/7 & 3/14  Irish Day Running Races , Various Locations
3/10-4/5 The Rainbow Fish , Children’s Theatre, Mpls
3/12-3/14 Disney on Ice , Target Center, Mpls
3/17 St. Patrick's Day Parade , St. Paul
3/17 Irish Celebration , Landmark Center, St. Paul
3/21 Kids at the Castle; Mini Makers , Swedish Institute
3/27-3/29 Peace 4 the Ages , Stages Theatre, Hopkins
3/27-4/30 Farm Babies , MN Zoo, Apple Valley 

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