ICS Statements on Strengthening 4K in South Carolina
letter from ICS President

Dear Friends of ICS:


Recent bills filed in the South Carolina House and South Carolina Senate seeking to expand publicly-funded 4K and the President's recent State of the Union remarks calling for strengthened and expanded pre-kindergarten programs have placed 4K in the spotlight both in South Carolina and across the nation.


ICS views strengthening and expanding publicly-funded 4K as an important part of a larger conversation that needs to take place in our state - how we create a comprehensive early childhood system in South Carolina that fosters the success of all children and recognizes that our future prosperity is tied to how well we work to promote the health, well-being, and education of our youngest citizens, prenatal to age five.


To both inform and help frame the ongoing dialogue surrounding publicly-funded 4K in our state, the ICS Board of Directors recently adopted the following statements outlining ICS's views on this important issue:

  • The Institute for Child Success (ICS) supports strengthening the 4K system in South Carolina.
  • ICS believes that efforts to strengthen and expand the 4K system in South Carolina should be considered within the context of strengthening and supporting other important early childhood interventions including home visiting, maternal-child health, early literacy, and family support programs.
  • ICS believes that efforts to strengthen and expand the 4K system in South Carolina should be accompanied by comprehensive and transparent dialogue among all stakeholders, including all existing 4K providers.
  • ICS believes that efforts to expand the publicly funded 4K system in South Carolina should be accompanied by a thoughtful consideration of multiple factors including:
    • Financial Sustainability
    • Teacher qualifications
    • Class size
    • Eligibility
    • Duration of program
    • Program schedule
    • Curriculum
    • Family support components
  • ICS supports a deliberate and incremental scaling-up of 4K in South Carolina that includes the rigorous inclusion of best-practices, fidelity to best-practices, and prioritizing South Carolina's most at-risk children for participation.

We welcome your input, ideas, and involvement in this ongoing and important dialogue. Thank you for your support of ICS and for your continued dedication to early childhood.




Jamie Moon


Presentation of the JCLCC 2013  Annual Report and Data Reference Book 
Senator Mike Fair presented opening remarks..   

On March 25th at the Hyatt Regency in Greenville, ICS and The Children's Law Center at the University of South Carolina co-hosted a panel discussion and presentation surrounding the release of the 2013 Join Citizens and Legislative Committee on Children's (JCLCC) Annual Report and Data Reference Book . 


The Committee's Chair, Senator Mike Fair, presented the chief findings and recommendations of the Children's Committee's 2013 report to the Governor and General Assembly.


The Committee's staff from the USC Children's Law Center discussed the implications of the Committee's findings and recommendations. 


In addition to Senator Fair, other panel presenters included:


Judith Aughtry, SC First Steps Board Member

Keith Frazier, County Director of the Greenville County  Department of Social Services

Dr. Bill Schmidt, Medical Director of the GHS Children's Hospital.


The panel was moderated by Gwynne Goodlett of the Children's Law Center.


To download the complete report please click on the image below. 



ICS Welcomes New Intern

ICS is leading a project to determine the feasibility of using Social Impact Bonds (SIBs) to scale and sustain home visiting interventions in South Carolina. SIBs present new opportunities for financing and sustaining high-quality, early childhood interventions.


The SIB feasibility project is being facilitated by ICS with the assistance of Megan Golden, a fellow at New York University's Wagner Graduate School of Public Service and a consultant on SIB and performance measurement in the public and nonprofit sectors. 


ICS is pleased to announce that Kevin Mun, from New York University, is now interning with NYU and ICS to assist Megan in the SIB feasibility study.

ICS Facts on Social Impact Bonds

ICS recently released a short overview providing basic information about Social Impact Bonds and their potential to benefit the early childhood sector in South Carolina.  Please click here for a downloadable file.

4.22 EVite
Featured Partner: Parents as Teachers

Parents as Teachers

Parents as Teachers (PAT) is an international leader in providing evidence-based home visiting and parent engagement programs that have demonstrated successful results in school readiness, literacy, health, and the development of young children.    


Headquartered in St. Louis, their network of affiliates supports hundreds of thousands of families in all 50 U.S. states and seven other countries. Through a proven parent education model that centers on in-home visits with parents and their children, Parents as Teachers affiliates equip parents with knowledge and resources to prepare their children for a stronger start in life and greater success in school. Parents as Teachers is one of only nine home visiting models approved by the federal government through the Maternal, Infant and Early Childhood Home Visiting Program.


Certified parent educators emphasize parent-child interaction, development-centered parenting and overall family well-being in their work with families. There are four interrelated components integrated in the model: personal visits, group connections, screening and resource network. Together these form a dynamic package of services.


The four primary goals are: 1) increasing parent knowledge of early child development and improving parenting practices; 2) providing early detection of developmental delays and health issues; 3) preventing child abuse and neglect; and 4) increasing children's school readiness and school success.


In South Carolina, there were 3,136 children and 2,726 families served through Parents as Teachers in 2012. It is the largest home visiting model in South Carolina and was recognized in October 2012 as a national model of fidelity and accountability by Parent as Teachers' CEO Scott Hippert.   As PAT's state lead, South Carolina First Steps to School Readiness provides technical assistance, training and support to each of the state's 63 affiliates. For more information, please visit www.ParentsAsTeachers.org or contact Mary Anne Mathews at  mmathews@scfirststeps.org.


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