From Ann Vaughn, President


Happy spring!

You've probably seen plenty of mentions of Women's History Month in the past few weeks. It's always inspiring to see new women's voices get lifted up or to learn more about historical figures that fought for social change. But it can be easy to feel a little disconnected from "Women's History Month." Either you feel that history is something that already happened, before your time, and you already know the major plot points of social change. Or you feel that the history that is being made right now only has to do with sweeping, grand movements-in-progress, and little to do with you, personally.

But you don't need to be a woman with a microphone on a podium to be part of history. You don't need a power suit, or thousands of followers on Twitter. You just need to take steps. Whether it's learning about something new, helping out a neighbor, joining an organization, or volunteering your time. Some days, all it requires is being kind.

History isn't always big and dramatic. It's a lot of people like you and me, having a vision, and working towards it together. Thank you for being part of the Impact100 DC community. That's how I'm celebrating Women's History this month!



Grants Update: Finance Committee Review

is Underway!

Our Focus Area Committees have narrowed applications down to our semifinalists, and so we are now in the next phase of our grant review.

  • March 10 to April 9: Finance Committee review for the semifinalists
  • April 10 to May 9: Site visits and final review to narrow semifinalists to finalists
  • June 5: Finalists publicly announced at our Meet the Finalists event
  • June 20: $100,000 grant recipient announced at The Big Give event

On the Calendar: Upcoming Events

Online Cooking Class

Members are invited to sign up for a virtual group cooking class with Cozymeal on Sunday, April 16. Thanks to a gift from a member, we have 20 free seats for our members to take and enjoy as we head into the spring. If you are interested in attending, please contact [email protected] to sign up.

Meet the Finalists

Mark your calendars for a virtual event on June 5 to meet our four finalists for our 2023 grant cycle. Zoom link and other details to follow.

The Big Give

Our annual celebration, including the announcement of our $100,000 grant recipient, will take place on the evening of June 20. Details to follow, but mark your calendars now!

Details for other spring events to follow next month.

Volunteer Opportunities for Our Network

Every year, we are thrilled to support our finalist organizations through our grants program—but as a community, we can support them with our time and effort all year round.

Stay tuned for details around an upcoming Supply Drive for Bridges to Independence, one of our 2021 finalists.

In the meantime, we have compiled a few other upcoming volunteer opportunities with Bridges to Independence, Free Minds Book Club, and GALA Theatre this spring. Click to learn more!


Spotted: Impact100 DC Members at Supra!

A huge thanks from Impact100 DC to Supra DC owners Jonathan and Laura Nelms for opening their restaurant bar to our members for a late Saturday afternoon get-together.

We had absolutely delicious Georgian appetizers (the Michelin Guide states that Supra “is a gem for Georgian cuisine”) and wonderful wines to choose from. We also had a terrific crowd, and the most wonderful thing was that everyone was there to make new acquaintances within the Impact100 DC community. Adding to their already generous donation of space and gracious hospitality, Jonathan and Laura will donate 20% of all proceeds from the afternoon to Impact100 DC. Thanks to Nino Japaridze, a 2023 Impact100 DC member, for creating this connection between Supra and Impact100 DC. It is one on which we would love to continue to build.

Members: Join our LinkedIn Group!

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Want to network with other members and get to know this dynamic group of women?

Members are invited to join our LinkedIn group to accomplish all of the above! Don't miss out!

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Speaking of Meeting our Members...

During our founding year, many members submitted short quotes, along with your picture, on what attracted you to Impact100 DC.

Those quotes remain powerful testaments to the collective work we are doing, and we’d like to refresh that project. 

For those of you who did not participate previously, or who did and would like to send a new thought, we would love to hear from you as to what aspect(s) of your experience with Impact100 DC you have found to be especially valuable - or what attracted you to Impact100 DC.

Please send your quote and high resolution pic to [email protected].

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