“All are welcome in the Church,
but on Christ’s terms, not their own.” 
Our committee chairman, Bishop Barron, wrote two articles about inclusivity in the Church, especially regarding LGBT-related issues and the call to love.

Those articles contributed to the ongoing discussion in Catholic circles about synodality and the various, sometimes conflicting, ways the notion is defined.
The Fallout of the Sexual Revolution
Mary Eberstadt's new book, Adam and Eve after the Pill Revisited, tracks the unfolding impact of the Sexual Revolution, especially on its isolating effects and its distortion of individuality. She discussed that and more on the latest episode of the podcast.

Before that, we talked to Sr. Alicia Torres about her living out a vocation sustained by the Eucharist, and then attempted to wrap our minds around Everything Everywhere All at Once.

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The USCCB is Hiring!
Applications are open for the Associate Director for Policy position, which serves the Committee on Laity, Marriage, Family Life, and Youth. Based in Washington, DC, the role involves collaboration with the Office of Government Relations and other USCCB offices in the protection and promotion of marriage, the response to gender ideology, and the prioritization of family life in society.
Legal/Policy Updates
The Dangers of "Gender Affirming Care" (GAC) – A whistleblower who worked for years at a St. Louis clinic which provided GAC, spoke out about the harmful nature of its practices. This prompted an investigation by three Missouri agencies, though this did not prompt the clinic to halt those practices.

Diocesan Policies on Gender Theory – The Archdiocese of Portland added to the growing number of dioceses who have issued teachings in response to gender theory. You can find its new document and those of many other dioceses on our Resource page, under Gender Theory.

Impartiality and Transgenderism – Controversy embroiled the New York Times for its coverage of transgender issues. Journalists joined advocacy groups (in violation of impartiality) to call for change in the paper's factual reporting on the potential harms of GAC. The paper defended its commitment to independent reporting, even in the face of heated protest.

Slowing Demographic Trend – A Gallup Poll showed the smallest increase in LGBT-identifying people in almost a decade, as the total percentage rose from 7.1% of the population in 2021, to 7.2% in 2022.

State Battles Over GAC – Numerous states passed or advanced restrictions on GAC, including Utah, South Dakota, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, and Tennessee, along with related measures in Mississippi and North Carolina.

International – A South Korean court ruled in favor of a same-sex couple seeking health benefits, overturning a lower court ruling. Amid significant criticism, Scotland's government paused its practice of placing female-identifying male inmates in female prisons, even if they have violent histories.