New York Agriculture in the Classroom | March 2021
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Important Dates:

March 13- Art of Agriculture Student Exhibit

March 15FINYS Applications Due

March 15-19- Agricultural Literacy Week 2021

April 1- NAITCO Conference Scholarship Applications Due

June 28- July 1- National Agriculture in the Classroom Conference
Student Art Exhibition
New York Agriculture in the Classroom and View Arts are excited to invite students, teachers, parents, communities, and the general public to experience the artwork of over thirty New York students 
in "The Art of Agriculture Student Exhibit
virtual exhibition opening on March 13, 2021 via Facebook Live

The virtual event will open at 5:50 and kick-off at 6:00 with View's Board of Directors Chairperson Mrs. Kathy Ruscitto and NYAITC Director Mrs. KatiCarpenter highlighting the importance of art, food, and education

Following the keynote speakers, participants will experience the exhibition virtually as View and NYAITC staff members host a gallery tour of the event space.

The Art of Agriculture Student Exhibit will run from March 13 to May 8, 2021 and 
will display select works from featured artists as well as the complete works of the top artist Sarah Hofmeister and semifinalists Musricul Anwar and Emily Zheng. 
Scholarships Available to Attend National Agriculture in the Classroom Conference
The National Agriculture in the Classroom Organization is excited to announce two scholarship opportunities for teachers who would like to attend the 2021 NAITC Conference "Fields of Dreams" scheduled for June 28-July 1 in Des Moines, Iowa. This conference experience is available in-person, or virtually. 

The Native American Agriculture Fund is offering scholarships to teachers of Native American students or teachers who have Native American affiliations.
The CHS Foundation is offering 50 scholarships to certified Pre-K-12 public and private school teachers who are currently employed in a district.
The deadline for both scholarships is April 1
Call for Applications: 2021-22 NY State Farm to School Institute
Farm to Institution New York State (FINYS) is pleased to announce that the application for the 2021-22 NY State Farm to School Institute is now live

The institute is a year-long professional development opportunity for food service staff, educators, administrators, and community partners who are focused on developing and refining their Farm to School programs.

Applications are due by March 15. To apply to the program, or for more information about the institute, please visit
National Agriculture in the Classroom Hybrid 2021 National    
National Agriculture in the Classroom is excited to announce they will hold the 2021 National Agriculture in the Classroom Conference "Fields of Dreams" as a hybrid conference; offering in-person and virtual options for attendees.

The conference is scheduled for June 28-July 1, 2021 in Des Moines, Iowa.
Attendees who register by June 1 will receive an early registration rate. 
Teacher Resources
Elementary Resources
Farm Animal Match
Students will match farm animals with their young, learn the terminology for males, females, and baby animals, identify the products each farm animal produces, and learn basic facts about how animals are cared for on a farm in this lesson
In this lesson students will recognize how geography and climate allow for the growth of maple trees and the process of making syrup. They will identify the characteristics of maple trees that produce the best sap for making maple syrup and name the steps in the process of creating syrup from sap.
Do You Know GMO?
Students will explore the process of genetic engineering and discover the ten genetically modified crops approved in the United States in this lesson.
Abraham Lincoln Clears a Path: His Agricultural Legacy
Students in grades 3-5 will diagram the life of President Abraham Lincoln, including his childhood, presidency, and role during the Civil War, and describe his agricultural legacy and impact on agriculture today in this lesson
Middle School/ High School Resources
Nutrients to Get Less Of
This lesson introduces sodium and sugar as dietary nutrients we should consume less of. Students will identify the foods and beverages they should limit and recognize how to use the Nutrition Facts label to measure sodium and sugar intake.
This lesson introduces agriculture as a managed system that has environmental impacts, and how farmers employ practices such as growing pulses to minimize these impacts.
Don't Forget the Eggs!
This lesson will help students discover the five culinary functions of eggs by completing a cooking lab comparing recipes with and without eggs. Students will see how eggs leaven, bind, thicken, coat, and emulsify our foods.
Farm-to-Fork in Augmented Reality (Grades 9-12)
In this lesson, students will research the farm-to-fork process for various foods and create augmented reality videos using the HP Reveal app to educate consumers about where their food comes from.
March Book Nook
The Sweetest Season
Celebrate sap season with this new addition to the Matrix! It's early springtime in the forest. The snow is melting, and the sweet maple trees are budding. That can only mean one thing; it's time to collect the sap and make some delicious maple syrup.
My Family's Soybean Farm
Alexander lives on a soybean farm. What's a soybean farm and what's it like to live there? Join Alexander on his family's farm as he shows us how soybeans grow, are harvested, and are used.

A Green, Green Garden
Little Critter learns that planting his own garden is a lot of fun and a lot of work in this book. But the result-a green, green garden-is something he can cherish and enjoy.
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