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March 2017
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The flag flying in Fred's picture above is the flag of Acadia, marking the 400th anniversary of the French settlement in the St. Croix River in 1604.  We picked up the banner when we visited New Brunswick in 2007. There was also commemorative wine. We still have the flag.
 Cruise News

   There's lots to do on our upcoming season:  a schooner gam, races, a folk music cruise, a trip to the Swan's Island Music Festival, ten day adventures in June and July, and four night adventures from May into mid-October. I wouldn't mention them if there weren't still space left for you and a friend!

Crew's News

The pulling boat rebuild.
You're probably getting a bit tired of seeing this winter project now dragging into spring but it does keep Sarah and Tyler indoors and busy for more time than I'd like. Maybe the boat will be ready next month.
New rails inside and out. Not all of us get to lie down on the job.
Not to be outdone. Tyl;er took up the windlass motor plate
Pictures From Not Near Here

(Is this how the crew feels after lunch as they work aboard the schooner 
under the cover on a sunny day?)

courtesy of Su Wood


  Cards From Away


SS Forceful built on the Clyde in 1924

I took this picture at Little Creek, Virginia in 1971. The schooner is the Lister, a Canadian swordfisherman, on her way south and facing an uncertain future. She still had her dories aboard and codfishing gear right down to the nippers. A schooner hat goes to the first person to figure out where and when she was built, because I don't know.

and this picture I took yesterday on our road up at the house just in case you suspect as do I, 
that the postcard images are photoshopped.

Mrs. Bullwinkle

Bonds Bros. photo

We're due to haul out the schooner April first, no fooling.


      John and the crew

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