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March 2017

Welcome to the March 2017 edition of the Around Town e-Newsletter from the City of Birmingham. We hope you enjoy this e-newsletter and forward it along to others who may be interested in the City of Birmingham!
Name this Owl!

The City invites Birmingham residents and students in the Birmingham School District to enter a contest to name Barnum Park's Little Free library, which is shaped like an owl. Barnum Park's owl flew away for the winter but shall return to its perch located in the sanctuary of the park near the south east corner this spring. Download the contest rules and entry form here. Entries will be accepted through March 27. Three finalists and the contest winner will be selected by the City of Birmingham Parks & Recreation Board. The new name and contest winner will be announced at the Tuesday, April 11 Parks and Recreation Board meeting. The contest winner's name will be placed on a plaque that will be installed on the Free Little Library. Good luck and have a hoot!
Celebrating 15 Years at the Birmingham Farmers Market 
Save the Date! Opening Day is Sunday, May 7, 9 a.m. - 2 p.m.

Pet Care & Safety Reminders for Walking Around Town

The City of Birmingham has several pet regulations designed to keep pets and people safe. Here are some useful reminders:
  • All dogs must be on a chain or leash and under reasonable control of some person at all times. A dog cannot go beyond the premises of its owner unless restrained by a chain or leash and under reasonable control.
  • All dogs and cats four months old or over must have a license. All dogs and cats shall be immunized against rabies, prior to issuance of a license. Licenses are issued by the City Clerk's Office at City Hall.
  • Owners cannot allow animals to deposit fecal matter in any place other than the premises where the animal is harbored or kept, unless it is immediately collected and removed.
  • If a person is walking an animal on property they do not own, whether public or private, they must have an appropriate device for the collection of fecal matter in their immediate possession and an appropriate depository for the transmission of fecal matter to the premises where the animal is harbored or kept.
  • No person shall harbor or keep any dog which, by loud or frequent or habitual barking, yelping or howling, causes a serious annoyance to the neighborhood, or to people passing on the street.
Also, please remember dog waste should be collected with a bag and disposed of in your garbage container, not your yard waste bin. If you have questions regarding the Animal Ordinance you may call the Police Department at 248.530.1889 or the City Clerk's office at 248.530.1880.
Limited Openings for the Spring Citizens Academy

City residents who are interested in increasing their knowledge about local government operation can apply to be a participant in Birmingham's Citizens Academy by submitting the  Citizens Academy Application . Applications are accepted now through  April 10, 2017  on a first come first served basis. 

This free, interactive 7-week program is open only to Birmingham residents 18 years or older and is designed to provide a fun, informative learning experience for citizens who want to know how the City of Birmingham operates. Classes will be offered on Tuesday nights from  6-8:30 p.m. and on two Thursday nights. Register now; space is limited. The sessions will be limited to a total of 20-30 participants to ensure a quality experience for all participants.

For further information about the Citizens Academy, visit or contact Joellen Haines, Assistant to the City Manager, at or  248-530-1807.
Be Prepared for Tax-Related Scams

With tax season upon us, the Birmingham Police Department is asking the public to be vigilant about tax-related scams.  Birmingham residents have reported being victims of both IRS phone scams and tax-related identity fraud in the past year.
The Birmingham Police Department has taken many reports regarding fraudulent attempts to obtain funds from citizens by criminals posing as representatives of the IRS via phone.  Residents should be aware that the IRS will never contact taxpayers via phone and demand immediate payment nor will they threaten residents with deportation. T he Birmingham Police Department advises that residents should not respond to such phone calls. At no time should an individual provide payment or personal information in response to such a call. Residents receiving these types of calls can report the incident to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration at 1-800-366-4484. 
The Birmingham Police Department also advises that residents can be proactive in preventing identity theft by protecting their social security number (SSN). Residents should consider not carrying their Social Security card or other documents with their SSN on them. Residents should also frequently change passwords for computers and accounts containing their SSN and other personal information.
Register Now for Celebrate Birmingham Hometown Parade

The annual Celebrate Birmingham Hometown Parade will be on Sunday, May 21, 2017.  Come join the festivities by marching in the parade, sponsoring a specialty unit, volunteering, or just watching the parade. Park activities for the kids will be in full swing this year. All activities will be held in Shain Park immediately following the parade.

Route:  The Parade will begin at 1:00 p.m. in downtown Birmingham. View the parade route here.
Please note that parking will not be available along the parade route.  

Participants:  Please complete the  Participation Form by April 29th.  A confirmation letter with your parade position will be sent to you during the second week of May.  Veterans please register here too!

Sponsors:  Please complete the  Sponsorship Form and return it by April 17th.  With the generous support of area businesses and citizens this long-standing family event would not be possible. 

Volunteers:  We are always in need of energetic helpers who want to have a role in this community event.  Duties include but are not limited to assisting in the planning of the parade, public relations, and parade-day fun (actually lining up the parade participants and marching with banners!).  There is something for everyone!  Volunteer Here!
Learn more at or call  248-530-1880.
 Old Woodward & Maple Downtown Infrastructure Project

Over the next several years the City of Birmingham will invest in the City's infrastructure by addressing the needs in the downtown Central Business District with water system, sewer system and streetscape upgrades. This year  efforts will focus on the Central Business District into larger areas involving both Old Woodward and Maple. These areas have some of the oldest water and sewer lines in the City, as well as a streetscape that is on a different grade than the road. Much of this current infrastructure was installed in the 1940s and has exceeded its useful life. Learn about 
the project scope and design at receive regular updates about the project, sign up for the 'Old Woodward Reconstruction General Information' group at . 
Early Sign-Up Golf Incentives this Month!

Spring is just around the corner!

We invite you to Lincoln Hills Golf Course during the last two weeks of March for our "Early Sign-Up" for your 2017 Golf Membership. Those who come in will receive a complimentary round on us, valid through May.

March 20th - 24th, Monday - Friday,  10 am - 6 pm
March 27th - 31st, Monday - Friday,  10 am - 6 pm

We look forward to seeing you then!
Support the In the Park Summer Concert Series

The 37th season of In the Park Summer Concerts will be held in Shain Park this summer. The concert series is offered to the community thanks in part to our very generous sponsors.  Download the  2017 In the Park Summer Concerts Sponsor Letter & Form  to view various levels of sponsorship opportunities that fit all budgets. Thank you in advance for your support!
Learn Proper Tree, Shrub & Plant Care

As the City of Birmingham is known for its many amenities and beautiful scenery, the Department of Public Services offers helpful hints for proper tree, shrub, and plant care.
  • Per city ordinance any privately owned tree, shrub, or plant overhanging the streets or highways in the city shall be trimmed so that its branches shall not obstruct the light from any street lamp and so there shall be a clear space of 14 feet above the surface of such street or highway.
  • Any privately owned tree, shrub or plant overhanging a sidewalk of the city shall be trimmed so that there shall be a clear space of eight feet above the surface of such sidewalk.
  • No privately owned tree, shrub or plant shall be allowed to encroach upon, under or over any sidewalk in a manner to interfere with the free passage of persons using such sidewalk
  • All privately owned dead, diseased or dangerous trees, or broken or decayed limbs that constitute a menace to the safety of the public shall be removed.
Thank you for doing your part in keeping the city looking fresh, clean, and walkable! Follow these tips to ensure ordinances are not violated: 
  1. Stay Proactive; always look for ways to make sure your property is maintained and looking in tip top shape!
  2. It's almost always best to trim or prune a tree during its dormant season.
  3. Dead or broken branches and limbs can fall off at any time, which is a serious safety hazard. If the branches of a tree obstruct your vision while driving, they should be trimmed away.
  4. Tree limbs and branches occasionally grow too close to utility lines. Contact the utility company to handle such issues.
  5. Thinning the crown of a tree improves airflow, which can be very beneficial. If branches are crossing or rubbing together, they should be trimmed so that they don't fall unexpectedly.
For more information, contact the Department of Public Services at 248-530-1700.
Set Out Yard Waste Week of April 3rd

Please note you may start putting your yard waste bags curbside for pick-up on your refuse day during the week of April 3rd. Only the kraft-style paper bags are acceptable, or trash containers with a "Yard Waste" decal sticker attached (no plastic bags). 

If you have yard waste bags during the period of December 16-April 1st you can either hold onto the yard waste until the curbside yard waste pick up begins again in April, or take up to 10 paper yard waste bags to SOCRRA, located at 995 Coolidage, Troy MI.  The City's contractor will not pick up yard waste during that time frame, as it is prohibited by state law during the winter months. For more information, view yard waste guidelines on the City's website or  contact the Department of Public Services at (248) 530-1700.
Don't be Alarmed by Special Siren Test Wednesday, April 19

In an effort to promote severe weather safety preparedness, the County will conduct a special test of the Outdoor Warning System on Wednesday, April 19 at 1:00 p.m. The purpose of this test is to raise the awareness level of our citizens and offer schools and businesses an opportunity to test their internal disaster plans during normal business hours. View future  siren testing dates online here .
March News from the Birmingham Museum    

As part of the museum's latest exhibit, "Birmingham Image Maker Victor Pytko: Art, Science and Light", we have on display one of Pytko's most provocative works.  "MAD Men" is a ½ scale model of "Fat Man" and "Little Boy". Everyday objects attached to the shell invite the viewer closer and also asks them to create their own narratives to explain why those objects are there. As part of our show, Pytko has also created a short film that contextualizes how he felt while creating the piece.

The museum is open Wednesday through Saturday, 1 PM to 4 PM   and located at 556 W. Maple Rd. Parking is available in the Chester St. structure on the south side of Maple. Admission is $7.00 for adults, $5.00 for students and seniors, children 5 and under are free. Please visit us on the web at or
March News from the Baldwin Library    

Blackthorn: An All Ages Concert
Monday, March 6 at 7:00 p.m. Registration required.
Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with a Celtic music performance by the popular local band, Blackthorn. All ages are welcome.
Long Road to Hard Truth, with Judge Robert L. Wilkins
Wednesday, March 15 at 7:00 p.m.
Hear U.S. Circuit Court Wilkins share the history behind the creation of the National Museum of African American History and Culture as he discusses his new book Long Road to Hard Truth.

10 Steps for a Successful Home Sale
Tuesday, March 21 at 7:00 p.m.
Stuart Jeffares, a Birmingham area real estate agent, will share how to prepare your home to sell and tips to ensure a successful sale in this informative workshop.
The Baldwin Public Library is located at 300 W. Merrill Street in Birmingham. For more information visit or call (248) 647-1700.  
Thank you for reading Around Town, a monthly e-newsletter from the City of Birmingham.  We hope you find the information timely and useful. Please feel free to forward this e-mail to friends and neighbors who may be interested in Birmingham.