Volume 8.05 | March 9, 2020
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Congratulations, Jubilarians!

Easton Assembly

Mission Society Easter Cards

IASJ Fair Food Program Visit

Catholic Sisters Week

Laudato Si Week
Congratulations, Golden Jubilarians!

Sisters Maria Pereira dos Santos (Tampa), Teresinha de Jesus Santos (Brazil), and Maria Miranda (Bolivia) are celebrating 50 years as Allegany Franciscans in 2020.

Congratulations, Jubilarians!

To view all of our milestone sisters, click here.
Easton Assembly
Sisters and Associates gathered on Saturday and Sunday, March 7-8, in Easton, PA for the first of the Congregational Spring Assemblies.

Attendees gathered at St. Francis Retreat Center for the day on Saturday and until noon on Sunday. Discussion focused on Chapter 2020 (which begins in July), and the first calling of names for Leadership. Sisters celebrating Jubilees were recognized before dinner on Saturday.

Assemblies will continue later this month in Tampa, FL, March 28-29; Brazil, April 18-19; Allegany, April 25-26; and Jamaica, May 2-3.
Mission Society Easter Cards
By: Laura Whitford, President, St. Elizabeth Mission Society
Send your special prayer blessings to friends or loved ones this Easter with special Mass enrollment cards from St. Elizabeth Mission Society. As members of the Mission Society, their intentions will be remembered at Easter Sunday Mass and in other Masses celebrated throughout the Easter season and the year in the Motherhouse Chapel. They will also share in the prayers and good works of our Sisters in Brazil, Bolivia, Jamaica, and the United States.
All Sisters will receive an order form in the mail the first week of March or can simply click HERE to access and review the available cards.
As a sponsored ministry of the Franciscan Sisters of Allegany, the St. Elizabeth Mission Society shares in its spiritual aims, one of which is to advance the awareness of God's love. Donations given for the cards are used to support the ministries of the Franciscan Sisters of Allegany and their partners in ministry who work to educate, heal, clothe, and feed those who are desperately poor in Jamaica, Bolivia, Brazil, and the United States.
Easter (as well as various other enrollment cards) may be ordered online at www.FranciscanHope.org . Others may wish to call the St. Elizabeth Mission Society office at (716) 373-1130 or e-mail the staff at StElizMission@fsallegany.org for more information about ordering the enrollment cards.
IASJ Fair Food Program Visit
Taken from the IASJ Newsletter
In January, Mary Beth Gallagher traveled to Immokalee, FL with a delegation of other ICCR and IAHR members to observe the Worker-Driven Social Responsibility paradigm pioneered by the Fair Food Program (FFP), which was built by rights-holders and works to advance human rights for farm workers in the agricultural supply chain. The investor delegation spent three days gaining a holistic understanding of the program by meeting with farmworkers, founders of the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW), the Fair Food Standards Council, lawyers working on human trafficking cases, and visiting a participating farm to observe working conditions and hear from rights-holders. It was a powerful experience to witness the worker-driven model which has created real change and improved the livelihoods and conditions of workers. 
Mary Beth traveled to Immokalee on behalf of the Investor Advocates for Social Justice (IASJ) Affiliate Franciscan Sisters of Allegany, representing their interest to engage Wendy's, a restaurant brand that has refused to join the FFP. Human rights abuses that frequently arise in agricultural supply chains like forced labor, sexual violence, wage theft, and other labor abuses present material risks to companies like Wendy's. The FFP stands apart as a compliance and risk mitigation tool as it has a proven track record of addressing and preventing modern slavery, sexual assault, wage theft, and other human rights abuses. Following the visit, IASJ and the other participating investor groups sent a letter to Wendy's urging the company to join FFP and requesting a meeting to discuss their findings. IASJ will continue engaging with Wendy's and what we learned from observing the worker-driven model will inform all of our engagements moving forward. The transformative program taking place in Florida informs our approach to shareholder advocacy and affirms our commitment to working in solidarity with workers and communities impacted by business activities. 
Happy Catholic Sisters Week!
March 8-14 marks Catholic Sisters Week, which recognizes the spirituality, mission, and community building of women religious, in the United States and beyond.

Originally named National Catholic Sisters Week (2015-2019), the event has expanded internationally, leading to a name change. It is now recognized as an official component of Women's History Month (March of each year) and is overseen by the group Communicators for Women Religious (CWR).

To learn more, find an event, or download sharable resources, visit the CSW website, www.catholicsistersweek.org.

Doing something to recognize CSW? Let us know. Email Denise Bunk-Hatch, Communications Director, at denise.bunk-hatch@fsallegany.org.
Pope Francis Announces Laudato Si Week
In recognition of the Fifth Anniversary of his encyclical Laudato Si, Pope Francis has designated the week of May 16-24 as "Laudato Si Week".

The following information was taken from the Laudato Si Week website.

This year marks the fifth anniversary of Laudato Si’ , which was signed on May 24, 2015.

In the five years since its publication, thousands of people in dioceses, parishes, religious communities, lay networks, schools, and healthcare centers have taken its teaching to heart.

Catholic institutions and Catholic individuals have embraced Laudato Si’ as a contemporary expression of ancient values. The encyclical teaches us how to answer the call to love one another in the midst of an ecological catastrophe.

Laudato Si’ has been welcomed as a document of deep and abiding beauty, and it has prompted people around the world to reflect more deeply on Creator and creation. Its vision of integral ecology, which sees connections between how we treat God, nature, and each other, offers simple but profound truths about the conversion that is needed to overcome ecological sin.

Laudato Si’ Week celebrates the progress we’ve made together and accelerates our ambition for the future.
Laudato Si’ Week draws not only on the encyclical, but also on other teachings that have been published in the past five years. These include “Querida Amazonía”, the apostolic exhortation on the synod for the Amazon, the intercontinental bishops’ statement on climate change, and others.