March 2020
Culinary Club Is a Success!!
Culinary club started in January and has been a popular club to attend after school on Thursdays. If you have a love for cooking new recipes or just want to learn the art of cooking healthy foods, please see Mrs. Clark to sign up for the upcoming months. Twenty students can sign up each month.
OST Testing April 6- May 1, 2020
Log into the Student Practice Site:
  • Visit the Students and Families section of the portal
  • Click on the "Student Practice Site" button to enter the practice site.
  • “Guest Session” will appear; you do not need to enter information here.
  • Select “sign in.”
  • Select a grade level, then click on “yes.”
  • Select a specific test or sample item. 
*Students will need headphones/earbuds for the upcoming Ohio State Test

Click on the link below for more resources from The Ohio Department of Education

Bowling Math (+, -, x, /)
Mrs. Gaines and Mrs. Giannetti's scholars went on a fun bowling field trip on February 17, 2020. Bowling while learning math was a fun and adventerous way to have scholars keep score of their bowling points and math skills. There are more ways to learn rather than being buried in a book or a computer. Thank you Mrs. Gaines and Mrs. Giannetti for thinking outside of the box when it comes to teaching and learning!!

Ask a family member to attend Career Day...
Warrensville Middle School will be holding a career day on
Wednesday, May 6, 2020.  Career day is to help students explore and get information about a variety of careers. We feel that early exploration of careers helps students develop healthy aspirations for the future.

Please have your family member contact Mrs. Clark to sign up- 216-336-6635