Prayers for God’s Healing:
Blasch Family
Karen Starry
Gordon Swenson
Helen Gregory's Family
Mary Groth- Donna Groth's daughter-in-law
Jim Cambron
Tim Pfankuch, Son of Paul & Bonita Pfankuch.
Louise Moore
Marge Holmquist
Bob Applequist
David Fredrich, nephew of Mark Drew

Prayers for Marty Palmer
Prayers for Juliet Petersen 
Prayers for Augustine Taigam
Prayers for the Severson Family.
Prayers for Justin Boinde and Family.

Prayers for the loss and devastation experienced in Ukraine and Eastern Europe
Prayers for Unspoken Needs and requests, those whose hurts are too deep to be spoken.
Prayers for Discernment for the Council as they form goals for the new year.
Prayers for all Healthcare Workers, Military, and the family that surrounds them.