Now that the SuperConnection website has been running for a good while, I felt it was time to upgrade it, discard the things that haven't worked and to make it more functional for all users.

We are now able to show all practitioners in a free listing, as well as providing facilities and ongoing benefits for our paying members. For example - 5 Executive Consultants are now shown on the home page; when the site reloads the names change and rotate through all EC's - so everyone is fairly treated!

Check it out:

C lients:
Find a SuperConnect practitioner near you who can work with you and help facilitate change so that you understand your issues at a deeper level and feel empowered to move forward.

if you have taken a SuperConnection class and don't want to be shown on the website, please email me.
If you have taken a SuperConnection class, don't appear on the website and would like to, let me know at once and I will add you.

All Consultants:
There have been some changes to the way things work , so please expect an email in the next week which will give you full information about this.

On-line Practitioner Support Group
In mid-March, I will be piloting an on-line support group via ezTalk Meetings. Once I am happy that it is working well, it will be opened up to practitioners at all levels. Its aim is to allow us to discuss any concerns, working practices, charts, new ideas, etc. In essence, an open forum to discuss all matters that relate to SuperConnection! If you feel this is something that would interest you, please email me
or look out for further information in the next newsletter.
Did you miss Susan Fairley's first hugely successful E-CAT class? If you did the next one it's not too late to join the class scheduled for Saturday 23rd March in Detling, Kent.

Things are moving fast in the Universe and E-CAT's follow-on, the ASCENSION PATHWAY, has already been received by Susan and is scheduled for Sunday 24th March.

Don't miss this opportunity to l earn, with loving guidance from Susan, how to move through the Pre-Ascension Stages, the Ascension Portal and the Post-Ascension Integration Process.

Click here to read more about these two very exciting classes.
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Did you download the free chart from the Blog offered in the last newsletter? If not, it's still available and is filled with useful items for general dowsing purposes:

For your free download click here
Also on the Blog was
Susan Fairley's chart entitled "Miscellaneous-Jan.2019" which contains odds and ends that have come into her awareness and need clearing! If you missed it then to
download click here
SuperConnect classes 2019
SuperConnect2 - 28/31 March - Detling
SuperConnect1 - 16-19 May - Detling SuperConnect3 - 22/25 August - Detling
SuperConnect4 - 7/8 September - Detling
SuperConnect 5 - 31 Oct./3 Nov. - Detling
For details please visit our website
Class Report: SC2
21st-24th February
Livingston, Scotland

What's in the offing?
SC2 Livingston Feb 2019

We had a superb class - full of fun, learning and enlightenment. The participants were staggered at the accuracy of the things that came up during research. We resolved some current ongoing issues and some very old ones too. We discovered that we had shared some other life experiences which, quite frankly, caused mass hysteria amongst us - a great way to release undischarged energy!!

The new dowsers became effortlessly proficient. Everyone became "bright eyed and bushy tailed" and all could see the physical transformation that had taken place since the first morning.

Everyone is looking forward to taking the work out to their families, friends and clients - some even had sessions in the diary for their first week.

What a joy and privilege it is to work with the energies of the Universe!!

  • Exploring the possibility of running classes in the Boston area of the States.

  • Hoping very much to run another SuperConnection class in Livingston - not quite sure which one yet! Tentative dates are 27th-30th June.

  • Exploring the possibility of creating an on-line class for SuperConnect1. Very early days yet but this could open up our work to people who are unable to travel for classes.

  • Looking at ways of increasing the benefits available to members.

  • Under development - a specially tailored website for our Asian students.
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