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Charles B. Jimerson - A Force That Will Not Be Muted

You've probably noticed that we have experienced some beautiful spring weather in our area recently. Warm sunshine and perfectly blue skies as far as the eye can see. From our office in the Wells Fargo Tower, we have quite a view of this spectacular city north, west, east and south. In the moments of distraction I seem to be experiencing from my own version of “business as usual” these days, as I have looked out into the most picturesque version of our own wonderful world, there is an interesting mix of feelings that well up inside. Though it is difficult to articulate, I am convinced it begins and ends with something we cannot see, like this airborne threat looming right outside our windows that casts no visible shadow and dims no apparent sun. If we didn’t know any better, it would be easy to look out into the beautiful day in disbelief that there’s any impending danger at all.
As the Coronavirus and the various reactions to it threaten our families and our businesses, we have all spent time trying to understand how we can best protect ourselves to weather the storm. This storm, however, is something none of us have seen nor experienced in our lifetimes. We have no memory to lean on, no expertise, and we are surrounded by the voices (and tweets) of others similarly situated who are doing their best to make predictions in an effort to keep us safe; but gracious, are those predictions and the supporting recommendations wildly different. If you are anything like me, you are sifting through the spectrum of advice, warnings and ever-changing statistics looking for agreement in your instinctual human need to get to the truth. In this case, though, the truth is something we cannot see, though we are still called to act – quickly and without solid information.

As unsettling as that is for a guy like me, I continue to hear stories and witness first-hand the innovation and ingenuity that this pandemic seems to have catalyzed. There are auto manufacturers retrofitting their plants to produce the ventilators that people around the world are dying without. Some of our local distilleries have pivoted to begin producing hand sanitizer since commercial supply levels were depleted. School teachers moved their classrooms online so learning doesn’t stop just because buildings are shut down. School buses are instead being used to deliver daily meals to the students along their routes. Restaurant owners are graciously utilizing their kitchens and staff members to provide meals for kids who otherwise may go without. Docked cruise lines are opening their ships’ doors to solve hospital capacity problems. Professional athletes are paying arena staff who are dealing with sudden loss of pay with no end in sight. People are rallying around each other, businesses are finding new ways to serve, and this, we can clearly see.
These things are a great reminder that in the face of adversity, there is one thing we can depend on: the resolve of the American spirit. Times of peril, anguish or resistance in our nation’s history have always led to progress. Why? Because, as the people, we are enterprising, resilient, and have demonstrated the power to endure. We get knocked down, dust ourselves off and figure out how to get up and carry on. As much as we fuss, fight and argue across party lines, during a global, unprecedented health emergency, we take care of each other. We choose to put differences aside for the good of the whole, and we learn new things in the process. We embark on new ways of conducting business, new ways of communicating and staying connected, and recalibrate our focus on what is most important. And, like so many times before, we will come out stronger on the other side.

This is the hope I hold on to for all of us and our businesses as we navigate the uncertainty of this economic climate together. Like always, we are here for you, and will be on the other side. May you all find comfort in the assurance that somehow and some way, we all will come out better and more unified for having been through this; and may all your own paths of reflection lead to the incredible, time-tested infection of the resolute American spirit like mine do. While that spirit cannot be physically seen through my window either, I know it is a force that will not be muted.
Very truly yours, 
Charles B. Jimerson
Managing Shareholder

Jimerson Birr is one of
JBJ's Best Places to Work
We are proud to announce that The Jacksonville Business Journal has recognized Jimerson Birr as one of the Best Places to Work on the First Coast. The award recognizes companies that go above and beyond the norm to foster an enjoyable and meaningful work environment with excellent morale, engagement and retention.

The firm was one of only 10 selected in its size category based on number of employees. Rankings for the list are determined by an independent research firm that specializes in measuring workplace satisfaction. Employees were asked to answer questions regarding company leadership, morale and progress of their professional workplace.

We take great pride in our team and our culture and are thrilled to be among a great group of other employers who made the list, including many of our clients and partners.
"Divorce and Dividing the Business"
at the 2020 Bench & Bar Conference
 Managing Shareholder Charles Jimerson has been protecting business owners and advocating for their interests his entire career. During the Jacksonville Bar Association's 2020 Bench and Bar Conference, he served on a panel with Hon. Karen Cole and Josh Shilts to discuss "Divorce & Dividing the Business" moderated by Heather Quick of Quick Law Group. The firm often provides counsel to family law practitioners and those going through divorce regarding issues within the divorce that may impact the operation or value of a business. Should you find yourself or a contact in that position and wish to learn more, please contact Charles Jimerson for a consultation.

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Firm News
Curiosities, Ruminations and Various Eccentricities of Firm Biz
Before Social Distancing, There Was Team Fun
One of the ways we try to fuel the positive vibe at our firm is through our internal Events Committee. For this #ThrowbackThursday, we are looking back to happier times before we got told to "social distance" and before half of our team started working remotely. There were King Cakes and libations in the Conference Room for Mardi Gras on Fat Tuesday and Girl Scout Cookies in our new breakroom to kick off the selling season for the treats loved by millions.
Educational and Service Offerings for Community Associations
Partner Hans C. Wahl has recently hosted a series of seminars and authored various publications on a myriad of issues related to community associations, including pandemic response and responsibilities of Boards of Directors to the communities they serve.

As part of Jimerson Birr's ongoing commitment to professional development, our free seminars and publications are designed to share our practice-specific expertise with those who can best utilize the information. As a firm, and as individuals, we are stewards of the industries in which we practice, and we take that responsibility very seriously. Please contact Industry Team Leader Hans Wahl should you wish to be included in our educational and service offerings.
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